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Hi. I’ve installed the new 1.5 version and though it looks great I’ve detected small bugs.

1 – When you select post type “audio” the “featured audio” box does not appear anymore. This means I can’t add the explicit tag or the download button. Actually the only post type working fine is “Gallery”.

2 – The podcast player shows an ugly box around it ONLY on podcast single pages. In the front page the player is fine. See image:

3 – I’m not sure if it’s a bug or if I’m doing something wrong but the featured post also appear listed on the front page (before it didn’t until I’ve launched a new post).

Any idea how to fix this?

Yes I am. I’m using PowerPress and tried the settings but couldn’t find it. Any idea of what box should I check?

And I tried disabling PowerPress and it worked! Any idea how to use them together. I have another podcast and it works fine with PowerPress.

When you activate PowerPress, Podcaster overrides the default audio meta boxes and replaces it with the PP one, in order to prevent conflict. So unfortunately there is no way of using both boxes at the same time. I just took a closer look at the PP metabox and it seems like they do not offer a way of marking posts as explicit. We’ll look into how this can be solved on this end of things, but can’t vouch for 3rd party plugins. Do keep in mind that if you are using a third party plugin that doesn’t support explicit posts, this might not be reflected in your RSS feed either (and thus not in iTunes or Stitcher).


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I updated to 1.5 and have a couple issues with the podcast single pages. As already posted, the player has an ugly box around it. I want it to be transparent like the main page. The text color in the header for the title episode is also too dark and hard to see. I want it to be the same color as the front page too.


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Any word on this?

Update is on it’s way, has just been submitted. Sorry for the delay!


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No worries. Just got it. Exactly what I was looking for.Thank you. As a side note, I had the same issue as ITLGuy. 1.5 didn’t recognize my previous version and gave the same error. I manually updated it instead of using the Toolkit. This recent update to 1.5 worked fine after that though.


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Since the new version of the theme release this theme no longer shows as being installed in my Envanto Toolkit and when I try to upgrade to the latest version the error I get is the folder already exists. Anyone else see this? I would like to update my site!

This is currently being looked into, since this is an Envato plugin there is nothing much I can do at the moment. In any case, if the automatic update doesn’t work after generating a new API key, simply download a fresh copy of the theme and re-install it manually via FTP. Sorry about that.


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No worries – Its not your template that is causing the issues. I am seeing this on other sites I oversee as well. I am worried that I will loose my customization if I update via FTP though

The customizations you did with with the theme options, will not be reset by re-installing. To be on the safe side you could always export them (Theme Options > Export) and keep them as a backup. If you made changes to the code, you might want to create a backup of your customized version.

What is the recommended pixel resolution for the image on front page headers?

1920px in width and the height depends on the settings you’ve selected for your front page headers. 500px is a good start. Add another 100 – 200 px in height if you’re displaying excerpts and the scheduled posts. If you’re using parallax, add another 150px. I hope this helps!

Hi, when I go into the Dashboard, theme options, and upload an image for the ‘header background’ no header image appears. How do I get a header image to appear?

This is an image of it not displaying correctly (sorry I’m a newbie, if I have to edit some .css files etc can you please be quite specific? Cheers

Sorry this is driving me a little mad, I’ve played around but still cannot get it to work < this image is significantly smaller than the recommended size, too but still looks too big?

Hi there! Sorry to hear you’re having issues with this. Make sure you have set up your front page and blog page and set your podcast category. You can find more about this in the documentation under “Getting Started” and “Set Up Podcast Archive”.


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Hello. I selected one of the available templates to check it out, but would prefer to return back to the original default look/feel when the theme is first installed. Unfortunately, none of the presets are the original default styles/colors, etc. I have tried deleting/reinstalling the theme, but the preset template selection seems to be permanent. Is there a way to undo the preset?

Answered your email :)


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Just installed this theme. Awesome.

Is there a way to hide the word Downloads: if you allow downloads of your podcasts showing on a podcast single page?

Kind Regards


Hi there,

At the moment this is only possible by adding a bit of customization to your child theme style.css. Add this:

.single-post #mediainfo .download-heading {
    display: none;

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Hi are you any closer to implementing featured images for categories. My categories look so bland next all the the beautifully featured content in this great theme.


Hi there,

thanks for the feedback! It will be looked into, unfortunately I can’t say how or if it will be implemented at this point.

Hi, Team! Thanks for the development of Podcaster!!! I updated to 1.51 and love it! The Google-Fonts-Section is a great start, please extend it, so that each Headline can be adjusted. Three things I want to mention: 1) Once the header is sticky and only shown half: Can it then be transparent, too? Now the header starts transparent end becomes grey, once onde scrolls down. 2) In the Section Podcast – Single Header Display there is no default-setting, what cause empty headers in the Podcast-Pages. 3) In the Social-Section Skype still doesn’t work (“skype://MySkypeName?call”

Great stuff, keep on Rockin’! OLAF

Thank for your feed back, Olaf! Could you explain what you mean in point 2 exactly? Either way, these points will be looked into.

Point 2: Once I updated, no post had a headerpicture any more. The mentioned section in the settings wasn’t set at all. once set, the headerpictures came back. To me this was a bit disturbing, so I beleive a default-setting would reduce the stresslevel after the update.

Thanks for your reply! Fix is on the way!

Hello, I love the theme so far! I have one issue that I can’t figure out. I can’t see my logo on the header. I uploaded it but I still can’t see it. Is there an option where by clicking on it it goes to the home page?

thank you, veronica.

Hey I just took a look at your link, and the logo is displayed. Did you manage to resolve this issue? Could it be something that’s only happening on your end? What browser are you using?

Hello, Yes, the website changed, yet I find that the changes take a long time to take place. Is that normal? I use google chrome as a browser. I am also on two computers every day so sometimes changes that I see on my mac, I can not see on my PC.

Normally changes should be immediate. However, if you are running a caching plugin changes can take minutes or even hours to appear, depending on how you’ve set your caching. That’s the only thing I can think of that might be causing this. If it is, I’d advise turning off the caching plugin while you’re doing all your edits and then turning it one when your website goes live.


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when i try to import demo content it’s showing internal server error – is this something that you’ve seen before?

Hi there, sorry to hear you’re having issues with the imports. Haven’t seen this error before. Could it be that your server has security settings that might be causing the error? Try getting in touch with your host to find this out.


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Hi I’ve sent a few emails to over the last 3 weeks but I haven’t heard anything back from anyone so not sure if I’m messaging the wrong place?? Rather than send multiple emails back and forth I will just ask all of my questions in one go to hopefully make it easier for you. Thanks so much in advance. (The first question is quite time sensitive)

1) On the podcaster theme, how is it possible to have a thumbnail/featured image for a blog post so that it appears on the podcast archive or on social media when sharing a blog post but that is it. I don’t want a massive image appearing right at the top of each post or on the blog post at all, I just want it as a thumbnail/featured image without it being inserted into my blog post.

2) How can I upload the new updated Podcaster theme without it overriding all of the customisation and options currently selected on the current Podcaster theme?

3) When Blurbrry tries to embed it’s plain black audio player into my blog posts this gets overridden and it uses the ThemeStation bigger audio player instead. How can I not have this happen and just use the smaller more discreet Blurbrry player?

4) I have just removed my comments option on my blog as I don’t currently want these enabled. It now says at the bottom of every page: ‘comments section has been closed’. How do I get rid of this as I don’t want to draw attention to this fact?

5) On podcast library/archive page it only displays the first few words of each podcast title, can I get rid of the bit that displays the category ‘podcast’ to allow me more room to show the whole title?

thank you so much in advance,

best wishes,


Hey there Duncan,

Sorry about that, support is currently undergoing some changes so your emails might have gotten buried. On to your questions:

1) Unfortunately, there is no way of doing this without going into the code. This sounds like a good idea for a new feature. I’ll try to see how this can be included in a future update.

2) Your settings will be kept, when you delete the theme and install the theme afresh. If you want to be sure, you can create a backup of your settings by going to Theme Options > Import/Export and create an export file. This file can be imported back just in case your settings do get lost.

3) There is no way of doing this without editing a lot of code. But this sounds like a good idea for a feature, too. I’ll get back to you about this.

4) You can hide it by using a bit of CSS:

.single .post .nocomments { display:none }

5) The title is truncated to keep the grid layout intact. Changing this would mess with the grid, which I would advise against. If you really want to change it use:

.page-template-pagepage-podcastarchive-php .entries.grid .podpost .entry-footer ul li, 
 .post-type-archive-podcast .entries.grid .podpost .entry-footer ul li {
white-space: normal; }

Another word of advice: use your child theme when making customizations, so they are not overwritten when updates are made to the parent theme. I hope this answers all your questions :)

Hello, My home page will not display featured posts, or any posts at all, for that matter. It will only display the “Blog” section header/title.

I have selected the “Featured Post” box on my posts, set to “Audio” post type with “Featured Audio” added underneath the text/HTML box. I have also set my Podcast Archive category to be Podcast.

My URL is

Many thanks! Robin