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Hi there, I really love your theme, and i really want to buy it !

one question if i may, will it support RTL languages?


The next update is due within the next 3-4 weeks. Can’t say an exact date at the moment, though. Sorry about that.

Appreciate it so much ! will come back in 1 month to buy it :) Thanks

Thank you for the response, for a while there I thought I was on my own. Please take a look at my site to see what I might be doing wrong.

Thank you, Cliff

If you need to go into the back end to see how I have everything set up please let me know where to go to send you that information. I really need to get this site up and running as soon as possible.

Thank you

Thanks for the link, I just took a look at your site and here are some things you could take a look at.

1. Make sure that all your podcast episodes are filed into one category. Let’s call that category “Podcast” for now. If you create a podcast post and don’t file it into the “Podcast” category, it will be treated like a regular post and will not appear on the front page or the archive.

2. When creating a podcast post, please select the right post format (audio or video) and set your featured audio or video. This makes sure that your podcast posts are styled accordingly, with audio/video players. This also makes sure your audio player appears on the front page. You can paste a URL, embed or upload. (I don’t know what or if you are using a plugin to manage your podcast, this might change from plugin to plugin, but Blubrry PowerPress and Seriously Simple Podcasting are both supported. )

3. Set your Podcast category by going to Theme Options > Podcast > Archive Category. Selected “Podcast” from the drop-down list and save.

4. To create your podcast archive page, please go to Pages > Add New and create a new page. Make sure you select the “Podcast Archive” template in the page attributes. At the moment you’re displaying your podcast archive with a regular category page.

These are a couple of things that seem to be causing issues, but covering them should solve the issue. Let me know if it worked!

Plugin – Theme Station Podcasting Feed Error – The plugin does not have a valid header. Help

Hi there, could you try activating the plugin by going to Plugins > Installed Plugins and activating it from within the list? Please make sure you’re running the latest version of the plugin, version 1.2.

What are the exact image sizes for the logo, header & background images ?

Hi there, logo: not larger than 260px110px. Header: 1920px450px. More can be found in the documentation:


Thank you for the help, I was able to get a few things going but I still have some issues. If you can help me with that, it would be great.

1. Make sure that all your podcast episodes are filed into one category. Let’s call that category “Podcast” for now. If you create a podcast post and don’t file it into the “Podcast” category, it will be treated like a regular post and will not appear on the front page or the archive.

I created a podcast post and set it to the right category and you still can’t see it on the front page. In the Theme Options, when I set the Podcast Archive to Podcast Episodes, all of the other posts I make don’t show so I leave it blank. I must have missed something because my last post is only showing in the header.

Also, I selected the correct radio button for the audio. I can see the pod file now, but it shows up twice in the blog post. Is there a way to have it looking like the demo. and for the admin image, what is the correct size for that because it’s not uploading from Gravitar?

Thank you, Cliff

And is there a way to add Affiliates to this theme, if so can you please inform me on how to do that?

I think the easiest way of solving this, is if you made me a dummy account so I could take a look. Just send it to

As for the affiliates, you should be supplied with a kind of link or embed code from the website you’re trying to link. You should be able to paste it in the sidebar or within posts. You could also try the footer area (set within the theme options). I don’t know what kind of affiliates you’re working with, but it should work that way.

The audio player in the header is not working on my site. Also the itunes feed button and RSS feed buttons show up as white blocks. Emailed for support a few days ago and haven’t heard anything. Please advise. I need to get my site running properly. The site is

Already did that. Did not resolve the issue.

Got it working! There must have been a conflict having entries in two fields.

Happy to hear! The conflict will be looked into.

Hey guys!

Any podcast episode page actually shows links to posts from the blog section in the “previous / next” zone. It’d be better if it only showed podcast episodes. Any easy way to change this via the child theme? Or to remove the “previous / next” section all together on any podcast episode page. Thanks!

Thanks for pointing this out! It will be looked into.

Have been using Podcaster theme for the last year on my wordpress blog, but yesterday it crashed with the following message:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_avatar_url() (previously declared in /home/iwork2/public_html/wp-includes/link-template.php:3414) in /home/iwork2/public_html/wp-content/themes/podcaster/functions.php on line 424

I am not able to access my admin page either and my server has not found the source of the problem yet. Any insight on to how to remedy this issue? I love the theme and would hate to have to change it.

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with our theme. And update to fix this bug has been out for some weeks now, so please update. If you can’t access your back-end to do the theme update, please upload a newer version of the theme and install it through FTP. That should do the trick.

Thanks! Is there a way to access a newer version without re-purchasing it again? When I go to access my previous purchases on Theme forest, I don’t see it listed as having been downloaded.

If you can’t find it among your purchased themes on Theme Forest, try contacting their support. I wish I could do anything about that from my end, but I can’t as it is. Normally you should be able to download the newest version from your purchased themes or update on the back-end if you’ve set up Envato Toolkit.

Hi, I sent a direct email to the email you gave me. By any chance did you get it? In the email you can get to the back end.

Thanks Cliff

Answered your email :)

So, I was able to re-download my site but it is now coming up with all sorts of fun error messages that keep me from making the modifications needed to make it work:

Warning: scandir(/home/iwork2/public_html/wp-content/themes/podcaster) [function.scandir]: failed to open dir: Permission denied in /home/iwork2/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-theme.php on line 1011

Warning: scandir() [function.scandir]: (errno 13): Permission denied in /home/iwork2/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-theme.php on line 1011

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/iwork2/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-theme.php on line 1014

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/iwork2/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-theme.php:1011) in /home/iwork2/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1196

At this point should I just start my site all over again?

The email bounced back, is that definitely the right address? Sorry about that. Emails and support are currently under going a change. Must have gotten them mixed up.

Got it. I’ll pass that all along

Hello. I would like the latest post to display on the front page (I think it came this way), but I have had it set to a particular post during our launch. Not I would like to change it back to the latest post… and can’t figure out where the setting is. Can you help? I’m very happy with how the page turned out. Still only 50% complete… but live.

Hey there, happy to hear you’re enjoying the theme! The best advise I can give right now, would be to download a new copy and compare the default code with your edited code. I’m not sure if you used a child theme for your customizations, in that case you could experiment with the code there or deactivate it. Depending on how much code you edited, why not install a fresh copy? In any case be sure to make a backup before overwriting. Hope this helps.


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Hello! Love the theme. One question – is there an option to set a particular podcast to the front page rather than the most recent podcast? Thank you for your time! Sorry if I’ve missed that option :s

Happy to hear you love the theme. Sorry, at the moment there is no way of featuring specific posts, but we’ll keep this in mind for future features.


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Love this theme! It is working well for us but I did find it a little un-intuitive to setup until I got the hang of what setting did what.

Stitcher – is there support coming for it in this theme or do we need to code our own buttons in?


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On the main page there are two nice buttons that display Subscribe with iTunes and Subscribe with RSS – these are displayed in the header area which shows your upcoming show – It would be cool to have a third button option available for that area that would allow us to add Stitcher or other networks that we broadcast from

Thanks for the feedback! Working on a way to implement this, so keep your eyes open for the next couple of updates.


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Is it possible to post affiliate banner code into pages? Thanks.

This is just a suggestion: try by pasting your code into the page you would like to display your code. Make sure you switch from “Visual” to “Text” before pasting your code. This should do the trick.

Hello- Thank you for all of the help you’ve given us. I was wondering what is the URL I need to put in the front page Theme Opinion to send people to subscribe pages? What would that URL link be?

Thank you again,

Happy to hear that! Do you mean an external link such as an iTunes link or do you mean your RSS feed? What plugin are you using to manage your podcast?

Thank you for the prompt reply, Yes, I tried pasting in the feed link in the field that reads: Subscribe Button 2 URL How many podcast posts would you like to display?

So I went into the Feeds tab in PowerPress and copy / pasted the Podcast Feeds link. Obviously that was the wrong thing to do because when you click on the homepage subscribe button, it took me to a large page of just code.

What am I doing wrong? I appreciate all the help you can give me and I would not be surprised if it was the simplest fix.

I’ve set up my podcast feed but when I submit to iTunes I get an error. “Podcast cover art must be between 1400×1400 and 3000×3000 pixels, JPG, or PNG, in RGB color space, and hosted on a server that allows HTTP head request. “

This is my podcast—>

My image is 1400×1400 in RGB color space. Do you know why I’m encountering this problem?

Could you send me the link to your RSS feed? Also, what plugin are you using to manage your podcast?

How can I add an <enclosure> tag? I was thinking of trying that to get it to work for iTunes submission.

I tried resubmitting to iTunes and now I am getting an error saying:

“We had difficulty reading this feed. Circular redirect to ‘’”

How do I monitor the audio listens without it submitted to iTunes yet?

What WordPress plugin are you using to manage your podcast? I jusr ran your feed through the Feed Validator ( and it seems like you have not submitted the correct predefined iTunes categories. Make sure that the categories and sub-categories you use for your podcast are supported. Scroll to the bottom of this page to find the list of supported categories.


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How do I exclude my podcast posts from my blog page? I only want the podcasts to show up on the podcast archive page, and only want regular blog posts in the blog page.

In the theme options, please set your podcast category (Theme Options > Podcast Archive). Also make sure to leave the “Podcast Display in Blog” box unchecked. This should do the trick!