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gimbha Purchased

I have recently updated the theme, and when I go to change options on the main theme section I keep getting the message “invalid security credentials. Please reload the page and try again.” - which I do, but it continues to come up, and won’t save my changes :( What’s happening here?

Hi there, sorry about that. Could you create a dummy account for me so I could take a closer look at what might be happening. Please use the email: Thanks!

Hi there, thanks for creating the account for me. I just took a look and you are running an old version of the Podcasting Feed plugin. Please update the plugin, that should resolve the issue.


aariops Purchased

Envato API doesn’t work and I can’t install updates. I have been waiting since they were updating the plugin. I have Version: 1.4.9 installed. Trying the “install automatically” gives me the following error: Downloading install package from the Envato API…

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

Destination folder already exists. /home/whitemarketpodcast/

Theme install failed.”

The iframe when I click “View version 1.5.5 details” is completely blank.Tried this on both firefox and chrome. Any suggestions?

Hi there, sorry for the late reply. If you still haven’t resolved this, could you send a screenshot of your Envato Market settings as well and your settings on the Envato API page to I’ll take a look and check what might be wrong. Thanks!


aariops Purchased

Done! Thanks a lot, guys!

Answered your email :)

Greetings, I received an email saying that there is an update for podcaster, but in Wordpress nothing shows that this happened. How can I do the update if wordpress doesn’t says so? Thanks in advance.

Hi there, sorry about that. Please download the newer Envato Market plugin ( and follow the instructions here ( on how to set it up. You should be able to access the updates after that.

Thanks it solved my issue and the new update also solved the issue from the image in the front page.


I’ve just sent you an e-mail regarding my archive-page question. Made this posting as legitimation for my support question.



Answered your email :)


rbl047 Purchased

Hello there! I’ve just updated the “podcaster” theme to version 1.5.7. But it seems to have a layout problem. When I go to the “Podcast list page” some of the imagens (from the audio files posts) are unaligned. I could send you a printscreen, but there’s no option here.

Best regards,


I’m closing this question, since I already answered your email. :)


I work on this site: Currently, the “Subscribe with iTunes button is not working. I have entered the correct URL under Theme Options > Front Page Header > Subscribe Buttons. The link to the RSS feed (button 2) seems to work, but not the ITunes one. Halp!

Thanks so much in advance, Robin McDowell

I answered your email and take it your issue was resolved :)

Hey, I’ve got a fresh install of WP v.4.4.2 and no plugins installed. Totally blank canvas. when I try to upload this theme ( I get an error message “are you sure you want to do that? Try again.”

Is this theme compatible with 4.4.2?

Hi there, yes Podcaster is compatible with the newest WordPress. If you are getting that type of an error message, it’s usually something to do with your session. Try logging out and in again, clear your browser cache, that should help.

Hi – What exactly is custom about the custom 404 page?

Hi there, the 404 message is located in a separate custom 404 php file instead of being nested into the main loop for example, that is all really.

Hi there. For some reason, the ‘read more’ button on the frontpage won’t go away. Can you help out? is the site’s URL.

Hi there, the read more link is there because an excerpt is being displayed. At the moment there is no way of hiding the link aside from using additional CSS to hide the link. An update with an option to hide the read more link is on the way, however. It should be out within the week.

Thanks for your kind reply, I send you an email through the contacts form with another support request!

Hello, I am considering purchasing this theme but wanted to know if it fully supports the Blubrry plugin. I saw in previous comments that with this plugin it did not show the player on the main page but rather just a button. Has that issue been fixed or does it still remain? Thank You

Yes, the Blubrry plugin is supported and displays a player on the front page as well, when it’s active.

Hello- I love the theme however I would like my Front page to be like the Dark Paralax Demo and my home is almost there but not quite. I want the featured podcast with the additional ones with the image next to it underneath. just like the demo. What am I doing wrong? Here is the link.

Hi there, I just took a look at the link you sent me and there are posts displayed below the featured player, so it seems you figured it out. :) Just make sure to post all your podcast posts in your podcast category and they’ll appear below the featured section.

Does the theme still need redux plugin installed?

Answered your email :)

I’m uploading my header and it keeps getting cropped. I cannot have the image cut off at the bottom. How do I change the dimensions so that either the cropping does not occur, or I set the space to the height of my header?

this is the page. I need to have the whole image shown and for it to show up on everypage, other wise I cannot use the theme.

Answered your email :)

Hi, I’m having some trouble getting the slider to display even though I’ve completed all of the settings on the “Front Page Header.” Is there something I’m missing?

Hi there, changed the page template and it looks like it’s working now. Thanks!

Happy to hear! I’ll mark this as resolved. :)

I have changed the header image in theme options>front page header>Header Background, but the image does not change after i save and reload the page.

Hi there, could you send me your URL so I can take a closer look? Thanks!

I fixed the problem after reading the instructions. Sorry to bother you. Thank you for responding.

Happy to hear you figured it out :)

I am trying to set up the theme, and it prompts me to install the Envato Market plugin. When I attempt to install it I receive a failure message because there is no valid URL. How can I install this, and how pertinent is it to the function of the theme?

Hi there, that is a bug that will be fixed in the next update. Unfortunately that means that for now, you’d have to install the plugin manually? You should find the zip file in the plugin directory among your theme files. After installing it, you should be fine. Sorry for the inconvenience.


artfors Purchased

My blog posts has been showing up on my main stream among the podcasts, how do I get rid of it? I want it too be like before, no blog posts only podcasts.

Answered your email :)

I’m trying to install the theme. I’ve uploaded it to /wp-content/themes and extracted it, but when I try to install it in Wordpress I keep getting an error staying that the theme is broken because a Stylesheet is missing. Any ideas?

**Update: Sorry, I’m an idiot and just saw the documentation for this fix. I’ll give it a shot. Sorry about that.

I’ll close this comment for now :)


juspow Purchased

How do I add an image gallery to a podcast post? Like the one you have on this page:

Hi there :)

To create a gallery within your post, please go to Add Media > Create Gallery (on the left menu) then add the images you want and add it to your post. You can change the style of the gallery (slideshow or gird) within the theme options under “Blog”.


juspow Purchased

Thanks! Got it :)

Where in the css code needs to be modified to turn off the Responsive feature of my website?

Hi there,

you will have to comment out everything within the style.css file, beginning at line 5850. As well as anything within style.php and dark.css and light.css that begins with @media screen. Those control the responsive settings. Unfortunately there is no simpler way of doing this at the moment.