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Is there any plugin or program you recommend to track the podcast downloads or listens?

Can’t think of any WordPress plugins to recommend at the moment, sorry, but I’ll keep my eyes open.


I recently bought this theme, and have enjoyed working with it so far.

One problem I’ve encountered is that my posts display two audio players…one in the header, and one below the post text. Perhaps this has something to do with me uploading my audio files directly, rather than embedding them?

Is there any way to remove the audio player that shows up beneath the post text?

Happy to hear you’re enjoying the theme. What version of the theme and what plugins are you using to manage the podcast?


I am using v1.4.9. Not using any plugins to manage the podcast thus far.

Here’s a screenshot of the problem…

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with this. Are you using Theme Station Podcasting Feed? Make sure you’re running the newest version. If you are using PowerPress, deactivate the player in the plugin settings. This should stop the player from appearing below.

Hello, I need to put a right sidebar in front page, how can I do?

Hi there! I’m sorry to say, the front page does not support any sidebars unfortunately.

Hey Guys, trying to get the podcast player to display over top of the header image (as is displayed on this theme’s screenshots) but I can’t seem to find where to do it. Any suggestions? Thc

Hi there, please make sure you have a featured audio file when creating your podcast post.

hiya – I’m having the issue of two players coming up on a podcast page – any ideas on how to fix? – my client has purchased this theme through another account. Thanks!

Hi there, please make sure the newest version of Theme Station Feed Plugin is running.

Hi! After using the Podcaster half a year, a Website-redesign is planned. Here is the question: Is it possible to use the (awesome) Episodes-View from the frontpage to replace the (boring) Podcast-Archive-View?

The front page is a page templete, so you can create another page, apply the front page template and see if it get’s you what you had in mind :)

Exactly!! Thanks a lot!!! :)

Hello. I’m a novice at this but love your theme. Any advice after installation on how to make my theme look remotely like the one displayed on theme forest. Please help.

Please take a look at these two points to get started on setting up Podcaster:, I hope this helps!

I bought this theme because of the inference that it was simple to use – but i’m having major problems getting my page to look anything remotely like the screenshots and live preview that I’ve seen. Is anyone available to help me get started. I’m pretty adept in loading content – but i need help with setup. Any kind soul willing to HELP me? Please!

Hi there, we don’t offer any installation services, but if you take a look at the documentation ( you can follow the video that shows how to set up your front page. After that add posts to your blog, then set up your podcast archive ( I hope this helps!

I really really love this theme. It’s been really great to work with. I have a suggestion: a great feature would be if the “Read More” section of the front page, I believe the setting is called the “Type of Excepts” if we could set that to use the Audio Subtitle from an Audio post. That would really help clean up my front page. Thanks for a great theme!

Thanks for the feedback! This will be looked into.


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Hi there!

How can I setup a separate blog page? This used to be a feature on older versions and I assumed that, since there is a tab that says “blog” on the Theme Options, that this was still a thing. I know I could use the Category page for that, but I’m pretty sure there used to be a proper “Blog” page before.

Sorry if I’m being a noob. This theme is absolutely amazing. Keep up the great work.

Thanks a lot!


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Never mind! Just rewatched the fornt page setup video. I was being a n00b.

@Wethemus check out podtrac for tracking downloads and listens

Hi There! The “readmore” links for past posts on my home page are all linking to my first ever post. Can you please tell me what I’m doing wrong? Thanks, Rohan

Hii there! Sorry about that. Could you create a dummy account for me and send the login info to I’ll take a look, thanks!


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I have a few custom thumbnails. Is there anyway the theme can pick them up on the frontpage blog excerpts? So far, I haven’t had much luck.



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Hello, I cannot get the required plugin, Theme Station Podcasting Feed to install. I receive the error message: The plugin does not have a valid header.