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Hi there, I really love your theme, and i really want to buy it !

one question if i may, will it support RTL languages?



Hi there, thanks for showing interest in our theme. At the moment, Podcaster does not support rtl settings, but we will be adding it in the next update.


Thanks you for the info, Do you know when ?

Thank you for the response, for a while there I thought I was on my own. Please take a look at my site to see what I might be doing wrong.

Thank you, Cliff



If you need to go into the back end to see how I have everything set up please let me know where to go to send you that information. I really need to get this site up and running as soon as possible.

Thank you


Thanks for the link, I just took a look at your site and here are some things you could take a look at.

1. Make sure that all your podcast episodes are filed into one category. Let’s call that category “Podcast” for now. If you create a podcast post and don’t file it into the “Podcast” category, it will be treated like a regular post and will not appear on the front page or the archive.

2. When creating a podcast post, please select the right post format (audio or video) and set your featured audio or video. This makes sure that your podcast posts are styled accordingly, with audio/video players. This also makes sure your audio player appears on the front page. You can paste a URL, embed or upload. (I don’t know what or if you are using a plugin to manage your podcast, this might change from plugin to plugin, but Blubrry PowerPress and Seriously Simple Podcasting are both supported. )

3. Set your Podcast category by going to Theme Options > Podcast > Archive Category. Selected “Podcast” from the drop-down list and save.

4. To create your podcast archive page, please go to Pages > Add New and create a new page. Make sure you select the “Podcast Archive” template in the page attributes. At the moment you’re displaying your podcast archive with a regular category page.

These are a couple of things that seem to be causing issues, but covering them should solve the issue. Let me know if it worked!