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I add the links to my social media profiles, and I have the “show social media” toggle turned on in the theme settings panel, but the social media icons don’t show up anywhere (navigation or footer).

any help? Thanks.

Hi there, I can see the social media buttons in the footer, not the header however. Please do make sure you have activated them in the navigation bar as well and are using dark icons so they’re visible on your white navigation bar.

Yeah, it works now, thanks! However, the copyright text is in white. I can edit CSS no problem, I just need to know where it is, or the hook so I can add it with a custom CSS plugin.

Nevermind, I just added it to the footer. Thanks!

How do I make my Podcast posts look like the Demo? It looks like this now. Also when I post in my Blog at the bottom of the page it also posts in one of my Podcast posts on the same page. Is there a way to fix this?

Hi there, I just took a look at your link, and it pretty much looks like the demo. Was there something specific you had problems setting up?

As for your podcast and blog posts: please make sure you file all your podcast posts into one category. You can then set your Podcast Category within your Theme Options under “Podcast”. That should stop your podcast posts from appearing there and vice versa.

I hope this answered your questions :)

Your right, Sorry. I meant I want it to look sorta like this with the Podcast layout the way it is. And for some reason there is a link below my feature episode player. Also, How do people make their picture look so good and fit for the Feature episode?

You can use one of the presets (Template N°4 in this case) to get closer to this look.

As for your header image, please make sure you are using one that is large enough (at least 1920px *600px) Smaller images will get blurry when they’re stretched to fill the screen.

I’m trying to divide the Footer Text area into two columns, or find code/shortcode for creating 2 columns within the text. Site is here, for reference: In the footer, there is a Paypal button and a Soundcloud widget. I am trying to put each in its own column. Many thanks!

Hi there!

Unfortunately there is no way of doing this, without making major customizations to the code. Podcaster does not use shortcodes to manage any of the content. What you could try out is using this bit of code within the footer editor in the theme options:

Paypal code here Soundcloud code here

It should do what you’re looking for. Please keep in mind that there is some space on the right of the layout reserved for social media buttons.

Thanks! That actually worked really well.

Hi! Another question:

Is there a way to add a header for all single blog posts? Kind of like the header for the blog and pages, but for individual posts. I have too many to do manually, it’d be great if I could just hardcode a header for all of them at once.

The headers of single posts are pulled from each post individually so there is no quick way of doing this. What you could do is use the child theme to edit the single.php file. Line 80 to 89 control the header image.


My domain is

For some reason it says “comments closed” under all my blog posts. how do i disable this?

Hi there, do you want to activate your comments or hide the sentence?

I want the purchase this theme. My only question is do i need to download the blubrry plugin???

Hi there, Podcaster does not need that plugin to work, but yes I recommend using a plugin such as Blubrry PowerPress or Seriously Simple Podcasting to add podcasting functionality.


Rajivv Purchased

How can I add easy social share buttons to the homepage as per the author i need to add the shortcode into the temlate for the home page

Hi there, what color was if before and what color has it changed to?


Rajivv Purchased

It was a lighter color for the main header title in the single post page , also for some reason sticky header is not working on mobile

Hi there,

thanks for the feedback, I found the bug. A fix will be on it’s way. As for the sticky header on mobile. It’s not meant to be sticky on mobile to save resources/screen space and not overload smaller devices. I’ll think about making this optional in the theme options.

Had a similar issue to Rajivv where the featured background color on individual posts changed to a darker grey after updating to the latest version. Ended up adding the following custom CSS to revert it:

.single .single-featured .background { background-color: #eee !important; }

Thanks for the feedback. I found the bug and fixed it. And update will be on the way.


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I am having trouble to get featured images to show up as thumbnails to the left of my podcast posts on the front page.

I have checked Featured image as thumbnail in the theme options, and uploaded the image as a featured image when creating the post, but it still does not show up on the front page. What am I doing wrong?

Here is the website:

Hi there, it seems like you have not set up your static front page yet. Please follow the steps found under “Getting Started” in the documentation to set up said page. Setting up the page will get you the layout of the demo, with thumbnails on the left.

Hi there, I love your theme! Is there a way to have three columns (see 1. podcast, 2: blog, 2, side bar. I want to maintain most of the elements and colors. Is that possible? THX!

HI there,

unfortunately there is no way of setting up a layout like that at the moment. It would be a good idea for a future addition, but cannot be done as of now. Sorry about that.

Not sure if this is also a bug related to the last update but the sidebar widget padding seems to be missing on any single post or archive pages.

Hi there, do you have a link so I can take a closer look at what you’re seeing? Thanks!


The header slider is not working for some reason:

It’s set up to work with featured articles (in this case, podcasts), and the Slideshow option is ticked in the Front Page Header tab.

I have made slight mods to the page.php file and the footer, but I don’t think that should affect the performance (from my understanding of the code).

At the moment, the header only displays the last article that was featured, and not the 3 featured articles as chosen in the options.


Answered your email :)

Hello – when I select a template preset for Podcaster, in my case N3, it says it updates but when I go to the actual site, the change is not reflected. Here’s my site:

Hi there,are you by any chance running a caching plugin? They take a while to reflect changes made to your website. Try de-activating it while you set everything up. Let me know if that helps.

Hi, on my slider is not working for the podcaster theme. Is there any options to get this moving? thanks

Sorry about the wait. Could you make me a dummy account with admin rights so I could take a look at what is happening? Please use when creating the account. Thanks!


Rajivv Purchased

Hey my iPad view is broken there is a gap and its not aligned

Hi there, sorry about that. What model and dimensions (in pixels) does your iPad have?

Ipad Air 9.7-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit Multi-Touch display with IPS technology 2048-by-1536 resolution at 264 pixels per inch (ppi)


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Hi, is there any way to change the background color for the ‘category’ post header? I have looked and looked in the .css files and can’t seem to find it!

You can change the header of all your pages in the theme options under “Colors” -> “Page Header Background Color”. This is a newer addition, so make sure you’re running the newest version of Podcaster (version 1.5.5)

If you want to change the category background only by using CSS, you can use this:

.archive.category .reg {
    background: #777;

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My website it currently down and the hosting service says its because I need to download the updated theme. Can someone please tell me how to do this as well as to ensure that the customizations will not be lost.


You can download the newest version of the theme here on Themeforest by going to Downloads in your menu. Your theme settings won’t be lost when you re-install the theme, since they are stored on the database. But if you want to backup your theme settings to be safe, use the Import/Export tool within the theme options. It’s found at the very bottom of the theme option menu. You can export your settings and import them after you’ve re-installed the theme.


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Hi there. I recently bought and installed the Podcaster theme and am thrilled to be adding content! I am having a hard time getting the front page header to display the featured podcast using the default theme. I have the header type set to Static, header content to featured, a post title is set, I have tried it with and without a set header image and the featured image from page is set. At one point there was an option to set a post as “featured” within the post, but after messing around with the theme that check box disappeared. BTW, the podcast shows up in the header just fine in the single posts. What are some things to try to get this back in order? Also, do you have any video tutorials? I would love to see what all the bells and whistles are in action. Thank you!

Cool beans, I missed that video tutorial. I bet that would help. In the mean time here is the URL: Thanks for the speedy reply!

You know what, that video was exactly what I needed! Thank you. It all looks right in the world. Though if you put out any more tutorials let me know. :) Just remembered another bit though: drop down menus, how do I do that? The toggle is on drop-down in Theme Options>Navigation

Oh, I am looking at the site on my phone and there is a bar saying “this is a placeholder for your sticky navigation bar. It should not be visible.” How do I get rid of that?