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good theme GLWS

nice theme gan. :)

Awesome work! :)

Great work! Good Luck with Sale ;)

Good work , I would suggest you to check with the tablet version, the menu looks odd. All the best with the sales

When you open a portfolio item and then close it, you jump back to the home screen. Looks nice though :)

Goodluck with the sales!

GLWS…laris manis tanjung kimpul dah…hehehe

i really want this site but it’s too buggy :( doesn’t really work with mobile yet :S also flickers on safari.. all new computers with new software too :( if updated real soon i would get this is a heartbeat!


i’m writing to say i downloaded it now works fine… www.urbanproduct.ca

The problem in this template that is when I close the project popup it gets me to the homepage,there is any way to stay at the portfolio stage?

I have used your theme here is the URL. http://www.webdesigner-anusha.com/Urbanproduct/index.html

I want the changes in Collection menu. 1.) I had already made changes adding spaces between portfolio, but now there is more white space on left arrow side. 2.) When opening on IPAD the right arrow don’t work, and there are 3 rows of portfolio. 3.) I want the filter not to start for “ALL”, instead I want the filter to start from graphic design.