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Congratulations, this just looks great! :)

Outstanding work!! Wish you many sales :)

Quick question: on the blog page in the demo when you click on a picture it just opens a larger version of the image on the same page. Is it easy to set it so that when you click on the picture it takes you to a separate page with the blog entry? I’d like to buy this theme but it’s imperative that users can be taken to a separate blog entry for each image. Thanks!

Can I get you to file this over at our support ticket system ( along with a link and a login for us to check out? Thanks! :)

How do I update without loosing any changes I made again? Thanks

Good night

I have a problem is that when I add more than 3 imaganes the front page slider, these images will automatically be displayed in a list, with a small size. This does not happen if I have 3 images inserted only in the fron page slider. I need your valuable help, very urgently. Thnks

In firefox the front page slider gives a script error

Een script op deze pagina is bezig, of het reageert niet meer. U kunt het script nu stoppen, of u kunt verdergaan om te zien of het script zal worden voltooid.


is this theme work on version 3.6?

Yep :) That’s what the demo is running on.

Hello, I cant see the demo of the site to preview. I would like to buy it ASAP

Since Wordpress Update 3.6 The Theme do not work: No option Tree, No Theme Options appear… I can not change my web site. I wrote you in the support page too.

Bought the Theme today.

Tried every way — WP3.5, 3.5.1, 3.6, 3.8.1 — and still Theme Options does not work with OptionTree to produce the visual example that is shown on the site.

It most probably should not remain on sale, since it is not supported and does not operate as advertised.

Hi guys, how is the theme handling WP 3.9.1? I am about to update a client website and would like everything to work nicely :)

Hi MDNW, please reply

Hi MDNW, I am trying to make a web similar to this but without huge changes on css style and codes.

Could you tell me which theme of yours is based on this web? Regards,


I’m the webmaster for a client who bought your Point Break Theme. We need support, but it seems in your drop-down “This Ticket Is For”, Point Break is not in the list. Therefore it rejects my product code saying it’s for another product other than the ones in your list. So, what can we do to get access to support. There are problems right off the bat with the demo content loading. We need assistance. bdad20a2-6d0a-4a22-816a-f803b0ede2c2 is the purchase code under A A (initials of account holder) Please let me know when we can register our support ticket.

Thank you