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How can i get the HTML version to work with the Shop?

Here is the wordpress version of this design You simply install the woocommerce plugin and that’s it.

I dont really want to use Wordpress, how easy is it to install another CMS?

I work only with wordpress. If you have enough skills, then you will be able to integrate into other CMS. It is just HTML.

This theme looks great. However, I am most interested in the shop section and I do not see any cart or checkout templates. Do they exist somewhere? View Cart and Checkout leads to nowhere :o( Let me know, thanks! Kevin

It is a static html template, it is not fully functional web shop, you need wordpress version in this case with the woocommerce plugin support. You can check the wp version at

Thank you very much. I realize it is not functional… i just needed to see the design of the cart and checkout. looks good and will purchase. nice work!


This demo version different from what I have, not the images, and rather BACKGROUND Color menu option, clear style, the image backgorung bought only comes Layout 1 Layout 2 and 3, the version we have is both Wordpress and HTML are talking of HTML



This demo version different from what I have, not the images, and rather BACKGROUND Color menu option, clear style, the image backgorung bought only comes Layout 1 Layout 2 and 3, the version we have is both Wordpress and HTML are talking of HTML



Stewart! Please note that I do not provide images within the pack, it is mentioned on the item description page.

Very cool site. I would want to add Paypal button code to the ‘Add to Cart’ buttons in this site, will that work ok?

It is just a design for wordpress version. If you check the wordpress version of this theme, you may notice that it has a completely working shop based on woocommerce plugin.

very confused… I don’t want to work with Wordpress! Its a pain in the backside!

Then the HTML version is ok.

Hello, Great theme. How can I specify my own background image and what size should it be? Thank you.

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please post all your tech related questions to my support forum at

Twitter no longer works on this theme or your output theme. I checked the Live Preview’s of both, and your preview twitter feeds also stopped working. Please help, also I have submitted a ticket on your forums.

Yes, I know about that, all the themes will be updated within several days. All the customers will be notified. You can also follow me on twitter or facebook to get updates.

Alright thank you, will there be any other features or pages coming in this update or simply the Twitter feed fix? Also is it possible that the news announcement be posted in the forums, so that all of us who use your products will know when a bug fix is coming?

Hi, We have some problems with the theme after uploading. We are using a Linux server. The website works fine in PC, but once the same is uploaded to the server many functionalities disappear. The search bar doesn’t expand on click. Background image doesn’t load. The menu bar appears partially. In short, jqueries in the theme doesn’t work after uploading(Linux server).

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand. How does that make the jqueries work? Please elaborate

Hey, I deleted the twitter folder & it’s working fine. But I need the Twitter widget. So what exactly should I check??

Please check the twitter settings in the theme admin panel.

Hi I bought your Point HMTL and Wordpress theme. I have a question.

Is it possible to have the latest posts scroll down when viewed on an iphone. It is quite hard to see the small arrows on the screen to scroll them left to right?

Hello! Please post this request to my support forum and if it is possible to do, they will assist you.

I tried to add Fancybox to the existing portfolio page, but it’s not workin’. How can I make it to work?

I mean that i have to soend my time to integrate it for additional fees.

Thatz fine .. how much will it be?? Send me a private msg thry my profile page :)

You can send the request to help at themedev dot me

Hi, I downloades this templeate twice since my wordpress said that there was an error. The style.css file is missing. It was missing in the first dowload and it’s also missing in the second one.

The hosting I have is ready for wordpress.

Can you help me with that? Cheers, Maria

Hello Maria! You purchased web template, not a wordpress theme, that’s why it does not work.

Ups! Solved in a previous comment. Thanks!

Hi, i purchase the template but many problem face so now are problem Slideshow 1. i have big size image i want fix in same our design template i fix the width % and height % but not support then i add the background image div . but resolution problem showing.

2. first slideshow position are not correct other Slideshow correct but after rotate all the slideshow then first slideshow are correct, refresh the page then same problem first slideshow is not correct..

All the questions are answered in the order they were submitted.

Please Request the Forum admin answered by question

Please note that the submitted questions are answered in the order they were posted.


Thanks for this awesome template! Keep up the good work!

Question 1:

’’Is it possible to edit the contact form and add a dropdownbox? So customers can click on it and make a choice between options like: And only one can be picked

What color do you like? – Black – Red – Blue’‘

Question 2: ’’If yes, How can i do that, what code should i use?’‘

Kind regards, Keno

Hello Keno! It can be integrated as a custom solution only.

You’d probable have more sales if you fixed the typo in your theme: Responsive, not Resposnive. Anyone searching for Responsive themes aren’t seeing you in the result.

Hello! Thanks for the note.

Any chance of you adding some basic table functionality? It’s really the only thing missing in this theme.

It is HTML template, you can add simple HTML table to the page.

I’m well aware of that. I meant a table that is styled in the same style as the theme; not a generic table. We’ll just alter the pricing table design for now, but a standard table design would be a useful addition; all themes need them (in our case, we need it for a comparison chart).

I will take your request into consideration.

This theme should really get updated for Bootstrap 3. It’s still one of the best looking themes out there, but sadly has fallen behind the times (and has some broken responsiveness these days).

The thing is that bootstrap 3 requires the complete change of the template, it will take a lot of time to do the update. If I have enough requests, I will do that.

Hello, I’ve been using the point business template for a client and they have created a portfolio page, which has been working well up till recently. They’ve added one new portfolio item and now the gallery page is no longer showing the highlight images for the individual portfolio items, the individual items still display however.

The portfolio galley page is at and an example of an individual page is at:

The recently added portfolio item is:


Hello, i have purchased a bootstrap version 3 years ago or somthing. You have send us a wordpress version instead, we have not updated the website until now. But can you send me the wordpress version again please. i think there are some updates in 3 years.


Hello! TF stats shows that you purchase HTML version.