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Great theme Sinote GLWS !

Hi Sinote,

I must give you our compliments, sometimes European think a like :) Good luck with sales

Great ideas here, congrats :)

Thank you guys! :)

It looks great. I hope to see your mobile demo site on my mobile phone.


Hi again :)

Btw, something I missed, if you’re opening with your mobile phone, you’d need to close the default ThemeForest iframe (top left – Remove Frame), it’s a default for all ThemeForest items.


aalaw38 Purchased

Ok. I saw on mobile phone. Perfect! I have just purchased. It’s truly responsive. No margin on both side on large(4inches over) mobile phone as galaxy note) and zooming out with two fingers on mobile device. It means browsing with more bigger character size. I have been waiting for it for a long time. Most up-to-date some theme works so. NO margin and zooming will be a selling point of this theme.


I’ve just fixed the issues. But it takes time to resubmit the new version. If you want me to send you the files please send me an email through the contact form on my profile page

Hi Sinote.

This theme is really something I was looking for long time! I want to buy this theme but could you possible change some items to make it a more affiliate like theme.

Suggestion; 1. Add a Play Now button in the top 10 right sidebar where the poker rooms are, direct next to the bonus in stead of the + (read more)

2. Add a structured H1 and H2 on every single page and post, that is much better for SEO and .. don’t give the Site Name the H1 tag ..

3. Make a tabel for a top 10 poker rooms complete with play now button, review link and bonus etc etc so hat the tabbel can be added sitewide, just like WP Table Reload but add your own css..

Anyway, if you can assist me with this, I will buy the theme.

Cheers, David


Hey david we’ve spent more than 3 months working on the theme so these 3 features won’t be a problem. We’ll be happy to assist, as this will add quite some value to the theme, which we appreciate, and look forward to.

If I buy the theme, could you add the 3 items for on my website?

PS. You should add a H1 tag on the homepage, thats a must for SEO !


Yes, we will add the 3 items and add the h1 tag. Just send me an email through the contact form on my profile page, so I can send you the modified files.

Hi Sinote,
very interesting theme indeed :)
Hope isn’t suitable only for poker’ sites.
Are you preparing some documentation to show how administration panel works? I see a lot of functions there but cannot understand how easy is to manage them.
For my curiosity, what it means exactly Bootstrap “compatible”? is it BS based or not?
And, last, I don’t see a “portfolio” feature, is it something that is possible to activate with gallery? (show a list or a grid of post or custom posts).
Thanks and best wishes for sales


I see :)

Well, you can check this video- http://vimeo.com/47736167. It was done for a previous template – BlueBox – but the Page Builder’s functionality is the same.


if you think that this video it’s enough to help people to choice your theme, ok
Thanks for your time


Well, I kinda thought the demo site should do the trick, but there was a question about visual representation of the admin panel in the form of video :)

I believe the theme came to something good, and I thank you all for appreciating it. If you’d send me an email through the contact form on my profile page, I will setup a demo account for you to play with on one of our testing servers. Let me know, cheers.

Hi Antoni,
First of all my congratulations with nice theme that really stands out from a lot of standard and boring themeforest items. :)
A few pre-purchase questions about theme features I couldn’t figure out from demo site:
1.Is it possible to have different google fonts for headings and content (and may be navigation)? (It’s not clear because you have only one option on your demo to change overall font for the theme)
2.Does your theme provide support of Cyrillic alphabet for google fonts?
3.Is it possible to change the font size separately for headings, content, navigation
4. Is it possible to change the width of left or right sidebar(to make them a little bit narrow) or to insert two widgets in a row in these sidebars?
I sent you a private message from your profile page, it would be very kind of you to reply me.
Good luck with sales
Kind Regards, Misha


Hi, Mishka

I’ve just replied to your email


Antoni, thanks a lot for your fast reply.

Hi, great theme!

Just a few questions. 1) What are the 6 blogging formats? 2) Is it possible to give the author avatar, social network links and/or a short bio on each post? 3) Is it possible to use a review system some way with this theme?


Hi and thanks for the interest.

1. The blog formats: – Standard – Gallery – Video – Quote – Link – Poker Hand

You can view and distinguish them by the associated icons on the demo blog page: http://antonibotev.com/themes/pokeroost/?page_id=63

2. We can put the author’s avatar quite easily instead of the post-format icon (above the date of the post), but the rest will definitively need some coding. But if you want send me in details what exactly you have in mind (should any registered user that can edit posts have this feature, or something else … )

3. We have not tested any particular plugin. Can you please send me an email through the contact form on my profile page, and I will be glad to see what specific info I can give you.


Hi, guys I’ll reply to all your questions asap. But unfortunately I’ll be away for about 2 days.

Nice work

Is there a file rtl.css



Hi and thank you,

Currently – no. But if you are interested in the theme, please send me an email through the contact form on my profile page, so I can give you more detailed answer on what and when I’d be able to do regarding this.


wpinme Purchased

Doesnt work with WordPress 3.5 tested earlier, shame. Any chance you will make changes to be compliant with 3.5?

Sidebar widgets do not work in the back end and all javascript functionality is conflicting with WordPress 3.5 so it basically is useless for those looking to use it with the new version of WordPress when it comes out.

Is there a quick fix?


I’m working on it. And I’ll resubmit the item when it’s done.


Hi mate, was away for a couple of days and now I can reply back with some more info on what’s going on :)

Well, the 3.5 is at RC3 now, and is not stable. You can imagine that we cannot, and will not make any sense, in making compatibility releases for all WP Release Candidates – but just stable versions.

Once 3.5 is officially out, we’ll definitively test all functionalities and fix asap whatever needs changing :)

wpinme Purchased

Hi Sinote,

Please don’t think I was being rude by my comment was looking to review the theme for my blog plus potentially use it for a future project.

Let me know when you have an updated version that’s compatible with 3.5 and I will start using it. I do have a couple of other questions about minor changes better to email you?

Let me know on ben@wpin.me



Just sent you an email. Let me know what can I help you with. And regarding the 3.5 – once it’s out we’ll start working on it right away :)


Hi There

Great theme, pre-sale question:

I have noticed that when I take the width down to anything less than “full” the theme is no longer responsive. Is this going to happen once I have purchased or is it just because this is a preview?

Thanks Jaun


Hi, and thanks.

Ah, this was my bad. Now you can see on the demo site how the fixed width will behave.


qirun Purchased

I just purchased your themes, it look awesome, indeed. Do you think its gonna work for 3.5 version? I will do my installation today…


qirun Purchased


Is there any way to remove all information related to Poker, I’m running different kind business here. I would like my team to be able to get in to the admin and submit contents and do the collaboration. The things is a lot of section/field has poker related information. I just want to remove/replace based on my requirements. I’m a real estates agency. I hope you can help and lead me to match with our requirements.

qirun Purchased

Just want to avoid the confusion when my team entering the admin panel to submit their own contents because of Poker related label, navigation and information.



Well, sure, I can help with that. We are just now working on the new release and will help you at once we’re done.

Just help me a bit please, send me an email through the contact form on my profile page, and let me know which parts in specific you’d like changed in the admin, so I can follow something like a list, and give you the modified files.


Hi all,

We are currently working on the new 3.5 compatible and we’ll have it submitted by the end of the day.


I’ve just submitted the v1.0.1 – WordPress 3.5 compatible, featuring some bug fixes as well.

It will be available to download, as soon as ThemeForest’s staff are ready checking the new files … and then I’ll be able to update the theme preview page as well.