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renotao Purchased

So, Ruven,

Do you have other themes in your stable that are responsive and will convert Polyon content/layout to responsive?



Hi Chesa,

Great to hear from you again :)

Currently the only responsive themes that I offer are Darkwhite and Nuvellen.

I have no plans to make Polyon responsive, as it would take as much time as to do a brand new theme.

hello, Is there a plan, a day, a mobile version or not?

best regards,

ah, I just saw that you have already answered the question there are 5 months.

“Currently the only responsive themes that I offer are Darkwhite and Nuvellen.

I have no plans to make Polyon responsive, as it would take as much time as to do a brand new theme.”


It is very unfortunate! what do you suggest as a solution?


If you need a responsive design, you would have to switch themes, as I have no plans to rebuild Polyon to make it responsive.


Corali Purchased

Hi Ruven,

We have been enjoying using the polyon theme but ‘Shortcodes’ icon has disappeared from toolbar…

Version of wordpress is 4.2.2.

Can you help?

Thank you!


Please update the theme to the newest version of the theme (1.8). Here are instructions:


Corali Purchased

Thanks Ruven!

Hi Ruven:

Happy user here, until (after a few years use :) my hoster contacted me today to tell me that my files were ‘infected’ by mailware and yes they were suspending my site etc. I think it sounds a little bit like a scam, but they sent me a list of files they found infected. I wonder if you recognize any of these as part of the Polyon original set-up. If so, I’m guessing that the answer might be to reinstall the whole thing from scratch. Thanks for looking. Thought it’d be worth a try to get your insight before I go too mad :)

Here’s their list:


Any ideas?

Thanks so much,


Thanks for the reply…..I think it IS a scame and one perpetuated by the hoster….think it might be time to start looking around for someone new :( For the record (and having been kicking up the arse by this rubbish :), what would you suggest to be the best way to back up the site when it’s upto date? I know you can export and XML file directly from Wordpress, guessing this is the way to go? Anyway, thanks for your input and hope all’s well. MC

When I migrate a WordPress installation I usually do it by exporting the database and then changing the URLs in the exported SQL file, so I can import it again on the other server. I also upload the complete wp-content folder. But that’s rather technical.

If you want an easier solution – I heard many good thing about this plugin:

Also, if you’re looking for a good chap hoster, I would recommend BlueHost (I use it myself – never had problems).

Or if you need something fancy and fast (but more expensive): MediaTemple.


Although my site was working properly (using the theme polyon), without any reason the following message started appearing. Warning: getimagesize( [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: Connection timed out in /home/pelletex/public_html/wp-content/themes/Polyon1.2/lib/frontend/functions/option_css_code.php on line 157

The website is

Thank you in advance.


Please install and activate this child theme: (but leave the original theme installed). Let me know if this solved your problem.


Thank you for your prompt reply. I install and activate the child theme but the problem exists. Furthermore, extra errors appeared on the webpage. Specifically: - Error message: 404 Not Found nginx/1.7.12

- Main menu is merged with the logo

Could you create an admin account for the email support[at] and send me a mail with the login data and short summary of the problem within this email (for my record), so I can investigate it?

Hi Ruven, Our website was built with Polyon a couple of years ago. It has been a great theme and solid etc. and we keep it up to date etc. However, about a month ago the drop down menus have been flickering when the cursor hovers and then they eventually disappear. Is there a fix out there? Thanks Ed


Can you send me a link to your site, so I can check it out?