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Awesome… Good luck mate! :)

Thanks You :)

Wow nice!GLWS :)

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Looks nice ! GLWS :)

Thank you !

Nice work! Good luck with selling!


Nice work ! Is there a way to have psd files if i buy this HTML Template? And is it possible to have a standard navigation link to another html page?

Hi, thx, i just send you a mail via your profile for the psd files, best regards

Hi, PSD files was sent.

Thanks !

Receive, thanks a lot !!!

Good job :-) Same question, possible to obtain PSD files ?

Best regards

Thanks :) Please send email to . We will sent PSD files.

Hi, is it possible to change the background image for each slider ?

Hi, it’s not possible for now, but you may use Revolution or similar slider.

great work. good luck with selling


Love it. Are you guys coming out with a wordpress version? Thanks!

Hi, thank you for your message, i don’t think WP version for now.

Hi, it’s just a detail but do you know why the 4 columns of “ABOUT US” on the home page is not centered ? How can i center this block ? Thanks.

Hi, please send mail via your site url. Thanks !

Thank you for your fast answer ;-) great support !!! and amazing work !!!

Thank you :)

is possible to obtain PSD files ?

Hi, thanks for puchase. Please send mail for PSD files. Regards.

very nice work! can i have the PSD files? Thanks.

Thank you very much! Sure, please send email to for this. Thanks!

Nice work ! Is there a way to have psd files? i have bought this HTML Template, And is it possible to have a standard navigation link to another html page?


my email :

Hi, thanks for your purchase.

Sure, you can edit to navigation a tag’s links. You can add there another page link. Thanks ! If you have any problem, please send us an email. Thanks !

Have you this template in version multiple pages?

Hi, thanks for your message. Sorry,there is no MultiPage for this theme. There is only one page feature. Thank you.

Hello ~ Will you want to change ICON . To Where reference icon list ??

Thank you

Hi Neo!

You can see them in the fonts/websymbols/WebSymbolsRegular-demo.html file. Also you can see on this link;


Thank you!!!^^

Hi! nice work Can I have the PSD files? my email thanks

Hi there!

Of course, we’ve sent you a mail for it.