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Hi Patricia, I love your theme(!), but I’m not familiar with Tumblr (I’ve been using Wordpress for a few years) and before purchasing your theme I’d like to clear a couple of things. 1. Can I post more then one images in one post? Is there a function to pick a featured image? 2. Can I change the fonts? Thanks a lot! Emeraliss


Hi Emeraliss,

Tumblr is quite different from WordPress, I would suggest you check out some articles comparing these two so that you can choose wisely.

Regarding your questions:

1. You can post multiple images in the same post – what is called a Photoset in Tumblr. Unlike WordPress, you can’t pick a featured image :-/

2. The theme includes a custom code for Google Web Fonts. In the documentation you can see how to choose and use these fonts.

In case you need any other help, please let me know :-)

Thank you, I’ll read more about Tumblr first. :)

lacyjae Purchased

Hi again! Thanks for the help via email when I purchased. :)

I have a couple questions, I didn’t see them addressed here. 1. Is it possible to add external links somewhere? I want to add a link to my shop in my side nav column and can’t figure out how to do it. 2. I can’t seem to make a ‘buy’ circle appear on a photoset. I haven’t had issues with single photos.

Also would it be possible to add a storenvy icon, or something like a $ or shopping cart icon to link to a shop that isn’t etsy? Just a thought. :)

Thanks so much! again. :)


Hi lacyjae!

Here are my answers:

1. Yes, it’s possible. You have to add them as PAGES . Just add a new PAGE (in the customize panel), add the title (name you want to see as link) and then the link to this page.

2. I’ve added the circle tags only on photo posts (due to technical reasons) but in a future version I will try to figure out a solution that works for photosets as well.

Regarding the Storenvy icon, I’ll add it to my list :-)


Please keep the new support email: support@misspato.com

morgantj Purchased

How do I remove the “Mouse-over information in photo/photoset thumbnails?” In IE9 it displays the text without even hovering over the thumbnails.


Hi morgantj!

Please use this in the custom css field:

.thumbnail-info {display:none}

Let me know in case it doesn’t work.

I will add this as an optional field in my next update.


Hi! I have got two questions: 1. can I use this theme for a wordpress website? 2. can I have a blog in this theme? I want to make a crafty shop, but to have a blog is very important for me. Thank you! Alla


Hi again!

1. This is a Tumblr theme, so it will only work on Tumblr. I’m currently working on a WordPress version that I will release hopefully until the end of the year (as it’s my first WP theme).

2. You can have a blog, as Tumblr allows you to add text content. However, it’s not as powerful as WordPress. In this case, when you post a text, you can add a tag ‘blog’ and then add a link to that tag – Tumblr will then filter all posts that have this tag and make a list out of them.

I hope this helps.


Hi, thank you for the lovely theme. I am trying to use it as a portfolio for my work. Have got my head around most of the custom features/settings etc but have a few questions.

Is there anyway to hide the ‘tags’ when you click on the image and are taken to the full size with text etc? The tags are showing up underneath the caption and I would like to hide this if possible?

My second question is, if it is possible to only have the Title visible when the mouse goes over an image and highlights it? I don’t really want all the caption to show, only when you click on the image and are taken to it full size? Is there a way of doing this?

Many thanks,

EDIT : I found the answer to my second question above, thank you! Still would like to know about tags though :)


Hi there!

Thanks so much for buying PopGallery for Tumblr :-)

Regarding the Tags question, I will make that an option in the upcoming version. However, to hide them for now, please remove the following in the source code:

<!--tags-->{block:HasTags}<li><strong>{lang:Tags}:</strong><ul class="tags">{block:Tags}<li><a href="{TagURL}" alt="{Tag}" class="{Tag}">{Tag}</a></li>{/block:Tags}</ul></li>{/block:HasTags}<!--/tags-->

Hope this helps :-)

waqasss Purchased


Can you please make the main menu drop down on iPhone view?

like this one


Hi waqasss!

It’s on my future updates list :-)

Please keep checking as I usually update the theme once a month (this month had 2 updates).


waqasss Purchased

thanks I appreciate your quick reply.

I’d like to wait for that specific update before using it. becoz I want to make few changes which can’t be done again and again. irritating part!! o_O


I also plan to have a roadmap soon available for future updates. This way users can plan their Tumblr sites having more information :-)

Thanks again.

bentg Purchased


Still using your fantastic theme, and I love it. Two quick questions:

1. How do I get a title to show up like this one?

2. Is there any way to change the “follow me” that’s above the social icons to “follow us”?

Thanks again – your theme is great and so are you!


Hi again,

You need to remove the { and the } as well so that this:

{lang:Follow me}:

will be replaced with this:

Follow us:

I hope this works :-)

bentg Purchased

Worked perfectly…YOU ARE THE BEST !


I’m glad! You’re welcome ;-)

Hi I love this theme but i dont undearsteand why i cant see anything when i downloaded, i copy de code but nothing happens, the code is very weird and doesnt works, help! i need it for tomorrow :(:S


Hi Persiacampbell!

Please check this page where it explains how to instal it: http://themeforest.net/item/pop-gallery-tumblr-theme/faq/1556214

You need to use a text app (not Word or something like that). In case of doubt, open the .txt version in a browser then select all and copy.

The code must start in <!doctype html> otherwise the app is parsing it and it won’t work in Tumblr.

Please let me know in case you still need any help.


Thank you very much, well i needed for Tumblr, What I can do?


Hi again,

I don’t understand what you mean, can you please explain better your question?


misspato thanks for creating a great theme.

Just a few bugs and things to report:

The circles containing content are a bit buggy with their hover effects, the red overlay doesn’t appear when you hover on text before the circle background. This is mostly an issue for the circles with lots of text that spans to the edges.

Also why is the category control for the content all the way on the left underneath the search field? It should be above the content circles because they are part of the same element.

The hover effect of your primary navigation has less contrast than the default state, this should be rectified. The style may also benefit from making the background of a hovered element take up a larger amount of space.

You have not re-styled your CSS Outline property, which results in the ugly default dotted border on clicking links, i.e. your logo. Whilst we’re on the header, why is the click-able area of the header wider than the image itself? White space should be kept as white space for people who want to be able to make that page the active window without accidentally clicking on a link and navigation away from the page they wanted to view.

Just a few Tweaks.

Thanks again for an awesome theme.


Hi HarlequinStudio!

Thanks so much for buying the theme and even more for the feedback.

I will save it and include the fixes in the next update as I update the theme regularly.

Thanks again :-)

Hello, of course, excuse me if I have not been able to explain, well i buyed the theme, and downloaded the code, but it’s pretty strange, begins with:   {block: IndexPage}, and ends: {/ block: PermalinkPage}

and did not change anything from my tumblr, only becomes a mess, I leave my tumblr link to see it:


Im using Textedit to open it.


Hi again!

TextEdit parses the HTML by default, so what you need to do is the following:

- Open TextEdit - Then Open… and in the document list window, on the bottom, check ‘Ignore rich text commands’ and open as Plain Text (Unicode UTF -8).

Then the document will start with <!doctype html>.

Then copy and paste in your Tumblr theme :-)

Please let me know in case it doesn’t work.


Perfect, it works :D


Great :-)

rikones Purchased

Hi there! Tudo bem? I’ve bought your template months ago and it is great, kudos! Also, makes me very happy to see you’re constantly improving it. And, about that, i’ve recently updated my code, from 1.5 to 1.8 and i could see some change at the resolution of the thumbnails. now it seems to be with low resolution. is there any way i could tweak to make it high(or at least better) resolution, as before?

Muito Obrigado!


Hi rikones!

I didn’t change anything related to the thumbnail resolution. Are you using an HD device – like a new iPad or the new MacBook with retina display?

Can you please send me the url of your site by email (support@misspato.com) so that I can see what’s happening?


daartist Purchased

Hello, I just bought the theme and Im looking forward to working on it :) the site will be awesome… :P

I wanted to ask you, is there any way to re-order post or works there, as if i have some illustrations there, can I re-order and even if I post the latest ones, can those be added to the early ones?



Hi daartist,

Thanks so much for buying the theme :-)

Regarding your question, the only way to reorder posts on Tumblr (and this reordering will only show up in the public side of the site, not the dashboard) is to change the post date. You can do this by clicking edit, and change the date (or hour) in the top right area.

I hope this helps.


Hi Patricia,

there’s a problem with the tiling images since last update.

1. I can’t switch to square images. An error will occured.

2. A problem with square photos generally if they are coming into instagram oder hipsta editing. If the script is rezising to the round preview images there is a problem with the border of all images.

If the border is black or dark the preview is ok. But when it comes with an canvas border or a white border the preview seems not to be round. They are round. It is an visual problem because a part of the border is a part of the preview image too.

Any suggested ideas to solve this? Because if I want to sell images from my instagram account it looks not very good into the preview.



Hi goldeneye!

Please send me the link to your site to my email (support@misspato.com) and I will check it out.


tmcleod Purchased

Hi I really like this theme and I wanted to share my site with you www.circustreepress.com


Hi tmclead!

Thanks so much :-)

I really appreciate that. Good luck with your project!

hello! i really like this theme and i would like to buy it for my portfolio on tumblr, but before that i would like to know if its possible to add a custom sidebar , like the one i already have here: http://superficial-sighs.tumblr.com/ i would like to keep that but i really love the features of your theme . thank you ! :)


Hi matildamarin!

In the PopGallery Tumblr theme you have a sidebar with the navigation, so if you use that space for other things you will loose that important feature (your current navigation is in the bottom).

However, the theme is just HTML , CSS and Tumblr tags, no code is locked or close, so you can customize it yourself anyway you want (if you know how to of course).

I hope this helps :-)

Will you soon have share on instagram option?


Hi Tatum21!

This theme already supports Instagram as a Social Link (icon) on the left column. Was that what you were referring to?