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1. hello, can the thumbnails/items in the portfolio be linked to external websites (example: i click on thumbnail and instead of opening a lighbox, i am taken to ). Is there an option for this?
2. Also, can the portfolio page be set as default homepage/index page?
3. What happens when there are many images/items in the portfolio? does it have page numbers? or infinite scroll?
4. are the thumbnails automatically generated from the large images or do we have to use separate pics for thumbnails?

1. Yes you can link to or any other external/internal link.

2. Yes you can set Portfolio page or any other page as main/default/index page.

3. Right now it has infinite scroll. We will also add option for page numbers in next update.

4. Thumbnails are automatically generated. Just add images via intuitive browser, rest will be done automatically.

Thank you! for your interest :)

Looks wonderfull ;)

Thank You! :)

Great work GLWS

Thank You! :)

I want to create a video portfolio site. I like the look of this template but is it the best for video? Is there an example I can see that incorporates video?

Is there a way to have the rest of the site go black when a video plays like it does when a portfolio photo is selected?

We fixed the issue please check the live preview.

looks great! thanks!

Hi, I love your template and im about to purchase it. Its clean and simple just how i like it. Im the owner of a company called Dream Dept. Media Inc and im looking to revamp my site with this template, I just have a couple of questions.

1. Can the images in the slide show at the top of the site be clickable? like can I click them and it does a lightbox with a video?

2. Can I change the top slide show navigation in to a arrow navigation like this < > ? 3. Can I Cange the order of the of the way the site is displayed? meaning can I have the “Latest work” appear before “Our service” ?

4. Can I remove the “Testimonials” setction if I wanted to?

5. also on your moble version (iPhone) when I navigate to the portfoilio section it doesnt show a video tab like it does on the desktop version. 98% of my work is video and I would love to be able to have a working Tablet and phone version that can showcase my videos.

my current site is I want to change my site into your template

Hi! please check you email.

Thank You :)

Hi, I purchased today the theme,as was previouisly asked:can the images in the slide show at the top of the site be clickable?

Hi! Thank you for purchasing. I replied to your email in detail before. Yes you can link the images in the slide show to any link.

Hi… a bit new to this but purchased your amazing looking theme but I am just wondering how to insert images in to the ‘TEAM’ page tabs and make them work like on the demo? Read this

but still makes no sense… can you help please?


Hi Thank you for purchasing. Please check the documentation there are video tutorials which shows how to customize this theme. To customize Team Page please watch this video.

Nice one. Sorry should have investigated a bit more in to what I bought. Solid theme… love it!

Thank You! :)

Hi Sorry last question… just uploaded new site from your template and can’t get the contact forms to work. I have changed the e-mail address but still no joy and when exporting the site as HTML it shows a warning regarding the wrong e-mail address.

Can you help as I don’t really want to use Wufoo


Again,,, forget it as they were being sent to my spam folder… sorry again and Merry Xmas


I’m happy that I can find templates from you for Muse ;-) I took the “Portfolia – Muse Theme” and it works good with the desktop version. When I use it in a own version for tablet, I found it works slow and the menu-bar on top moves away and is not steady like in the desktop version. Maybe I made a mistake or is it not supported in tablet mode? You can see this on my site: and please have also a look on the tablet version.

Thanks and Greetings Alan

Hi I tested your website on tablet and its working great. I tested on Nexus 10 tablet.

Hello Mudi, I know that it works, BUT the menu bar at the top of the Tablet-site moves away! Why Greetings Alan

It’s because the navigation is not pinned on top. Unfortunately Adobe Muse don’t support pinning feature in Tablet and Mobile layouts, it’s only supported in Desktop layout. Maybe in future Muse release Adobe add this feature and than we will release an update with this feature enabled :)

Nice work, dude!

Thank You :)

Hello, guys i love the template, my question its if you can delte or add sections on the single page template. thanks in advance.

Thank You! for purchasing. Yes the single page version works same as the multipage the difference is just its a single page. Feel free to ask more question if you have :)

Hey, missing the One Page Layout, is there any other download option? It´s just multipage :(

Hi sorry to say but yes it’s multipage page only.

hello i just purchased your theme and it looks great but also i would like to ask if is any way i can add a blog please let me know thanks

Hi! thank you for purchasing. You can embed third party blogs such Tumblr, WordPress etc. This video shows how to embed a blog

The live preview no longer works.

Our servers are down atm we are working to resolve this issue.

Our servers are now up. Sorry for inconvenience.