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Nice work, but perhaps add:
outline: none;
.stripNavL a, .stripNavR a {

to remove the dots across the page when scrolling through the portfolio items.

Thanks g3niuz and thank you for the tip danharper!

hay iam eddy, i come from Bali, i was surprized at i saw your crated. can i have it?

altinkum Purchased

nice and l love it, already used with my personal page and its great

I’m glad you like it altinkum!

segen Purchased

So I’ve purchased this one, and spent the $ Collis gave us :) With some tweaking I’m gonna make myself a new portfolio website. Thanks Corinne.

sophia Purchased


I want to add more resent work (7-10 more). I read the help file to find out how to do it and i read that you can do it if we want. Is it simple to add more projects?

And how can i make my page to start from the middle of the page like this one? http://www.volll.com/#section_main

Thanx in advance Sophia

BenX Purchased

Love the template thanks. Easy to work with – recommended!

Problems though (easy to fix no doubt)....

1. In Firefox there’s a kind of border when you click on any of the left/right fists – how do I get rid of that?

2. In Firefox the smooth scrolling action aint so smooth, any fix?

In case you’re interested, I’ll be using this design (customised) from 23rd March 09 for the forthcoming new design for http://www.TheWrathOfKings.com


Hello Benx!

Apologies for the not replying so soon. To get rid of the dotted border, just use DanHarper’s solution:

Add: outline: none; to: .stripNavL a, .stripNavR a {

Which scrolling are you referring to? I’m looking at the preview right now and both seem to scroll just smoothly for me.

papa_ya Purchased

I opened the file and on line 24 it reads an error:


What does that mean?

(Sorry, I’m quite a newbie to coding!) Thanks so much!


Hello papa_ya,

All you need to do is add a ”>” at the end. Apologies for the error! Thanks for purchasing! Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with. :)

papa_ya Purchased

Hi cordesign!

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

I do have another question. I was just wondering why “Click to send an email.” jumps to the top of the page when you click on it? I set up email through my godaddy account. Seems like my contact form isn’t functioning with my email. After following your instructions with putting my name and email where mentioned, what could I be missing? (I can use my gmail account if you feel it would function better)

And for the contact form, when you miss a field or submit your message, the notifications appear in an odd place near the “message” box. Is there a way to move it maybe next to the send button or that small space next to “name” and “email”?

Thanks in advance! By the way, your template looks great and is SO EASY to use and your instructions are very clear, this is coming from a web novice!


Hello papa_ya,

The reason why the page jumps to the top when you click that links is because it’s basically empty. In the HTML look for this line:
<dt class="email">Email</dt> <dd><a href="#">Click to send an email.</a></dd>
In the anchor tag add the link to your email like this:
<a href="mailto:someone@microsoft.com">Click to send an email.</a>
To move the error message, looking for the following line:
#form div#response { width:130px; position:absolute; top:8.5em; right:4em; }
and replace with:
#form div#response { width:230px; position:absolute; top:17.5em; left:12em; }

As you can see, I’ve increased the width and changed values for top and left.

Can you send me the sendmail file so I can see if there’s anything else missing? My email address is corinspired@gmail.com. Or maybe you can send link for me to test the form?

Thanks! I’m glad you like the template and finding it easy to use!