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not only is the logo.psd missing, I did a check of the site in ie6, ie7, ie8 and it has slight variations in all of those browsers, and some bad enough that you need to fix the css. Pretty lame he doesn’t offer any support here either, and emailing the address provide in the readme.pdf gets no response as well. it’s a good template, but buyer beware.

Hi everyone,

PSD is not missing it’s only a blank placeholder for your logo to place on that size.

And for other IE errors, there has been no errors of any IE kind reported if you’re talking about a clean install and theme activation.

The only thing is IE7 has a slight bug on the footer background which renders the background image only after scroll, but you can also fix this by removing my logo.png file =)


hey onuro, i am just wondering if the couple weeks for droid theme are over yet? i just like it too much for a recent project :)


Hi deepocean, I’m so sorry; it’s going to take just a little bit more time. Planning to make it through November though.

Will let you all know! (still have the psds ready if you like though – cheap!)

Thank you,


Can the slider sequence through the images automatically?

Will the wordpress theme be available soon?

how do you make image using jCarouselLite scroll to the right instead of to the left?

I’d like to buy this, but the Live Preview is broken. Please fix

I’d be very caustious of purchasing this. Links to Monofactor’s website cause malware and suspicious warnings. What’s he got embedded in the code?

i would like to buy the droid theme please, any release date yet??

What about the droid theme?