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bhendo99 Purchased

Also is there an update to work with the latest version of Wordpress!

Your Specs say up to 3.2

bhendo99 Purchased

Please Answer my questions and if you can help! I responded to your e-mail! I need help getting the Slider working again!

bhendo99 Purchased

Wondering if I can get some HELP! PLEASE!

SameGwiz Purchased

is the theme compatible with wordpress 3.5?

Interesting theme but would like to understand if it has an issue with the slider.

That’s what i like the best of this theme.

Is the author fixing it?

Any news about the slider fixing? I won’t buy it until i am sure you are providing a fix for it as it’s the main thing i like.


I’m having a technical issue. When I upload an image to the post and it’s upside down.

Hi, I was wondering if you could help. On my site I can’t seem to get the map on the contact page to work.



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I have a question, the theme is responsive?

Thanks in advance!

This Author has NO support. I have so many issues with all of his/her themes. They took their money and RAN!

I have so many work-arounds on this theme… Will be changing a LARGE site to a NEW theme because of this.

Wish themeforest would hold these developers accountable for their work!