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I have set my blog to “Medium image” but the feature images are not not shown at the blog page. I also noticed that they are not showing at your demo. Can you solve this issue? It is highly important. Thank you.

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please give me a fix for that about page WITHOUT updating the whole theme. I don’t want to update the theme! So how can i fix the video background please. See Ticket https://spyropress.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/3006

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How do i update the whole theme? Chan

chandell Purchased

How can i update the whole theme?

Is it possible to add at the top of theme pages a new icon of social network vk.com? And is it possible to make it easy (without using child theme or smth else)?

The demo slider is not working correctly. Is this an issue or is it just the demo?

I sent you message about how to change header style. Could you please answer me? Thanks

Porto 1.4 Blog sidebar option not working currently, any assistance welcome

Hello i tried to contact You via your own Support System but you didn’t reply for 2 days now… so i’m writing my issue over here…

i’ve got few problems with Porto Wordpress Theme – My Wordpress version is 3.9.2.

First is that logo, goes all wrong when i scroll page down (sticky header). I know i can try to fix it by editing template php but can you publish some fix to your template? I read in comments on product that the same problem is for Wordpress 4.0 version.

Next problem is that template doesn’t show any contact information in header and footer. Even thought i’ve edited them in Header Customization / Top Bar Settings.

I also wanted to report that in documentation non of the images works. I think all the link are broken.

Please help me out asap. For now I’m really NOT HAPPY with the product and customer support, so please start at least to reply my emails….

My request number on spyropress.com – 3018

Hi, may i have an update for Slider Revolution earlier than version 4.2, envato writed me a mail talking about a major “Important Security Update” but the plugin was in the theme …