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Is this Theme compatible with WPML Multilanguage Plugin? http://wpml.org/

This Theme IS NOT compatible with WPML….. that sucks!

hey! how can i update without deleting the theme e reuploading it?

Are you ever going to resolve the logo size issue that’s been the #1 complaint here?

Hi Any plans on making this template WooCommerce compatible??

robzada Purchased

THIS THEME IS BROKEN – I updated to latest theme as per instructions, Rich Text Editor is still not working!

I have submitted a support ticket over a week ago with CRITICAL status, NO RESPONSE from the developer. This is ridiculous.

In fact, since the update, the logo on my website has been resized out of proportion & I have lost parallax functionality in one of my content boxes.

Wondering why I paid money for this given I am not getting any support whatsoever!! FIX MY WEBSITE NOW!!

I’m trying to import the dummy content and I get a 503 Service Unavailable error. Any idea?

Thank you

Please, please, please address the logo sizing issue! It’s soooo frustrating to have such a great template and have this one tiny issue prevent us from using it. You keep telling people that the issue is resolved, but it clearly isn’t. You also need to work on your customer support. Response time via your help desk is horrible. I’ve submitted a request almost a week ago with no response.


On Header 7, can you make that a video background?

Can you please solve the logo problem? I cannot sell this to my client!


hi i mistakenly delete my default revolution slider on your theme.. now i try to import your demo revolution slider but i getting an error “Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias not found. maybe u mean :” please help me Thanks.

Guys, the easiest way to resolve the logo resize issue is to edit the CSS and related JS files for the theme, and use as a child theme so further updates won’t effect your updated files. It’s ridiculous we have to do something like this to resolve an issue that should be an obvious addition to the so-called “feature-packed” template (using a not-so-tiny logo????), but that’s all we have to go on now. Hope this helps someone else having this issue.

Hi Robeichenlaub!

Can you tell me which file we have to change and which lines we have to add?

Working allready in a Child theme.



I just purchased this theme because if its interactive slider. But when i installed i haven’t find default sliders. Its is quite difficult for me to create an interactive Revolution slider.

When i can purchase i thought that i can edit it in the theme area. but its showing “no slider”


People.. Do not buy this. Look at the comments. The guy doesn’t care about his work. His updates are worse than the version before. I’ve given this theme 3 chances. Every time I come back, read the comments, it gets worse and worse. This guy is on a downward spiral. I have contacted Envato requesting that they cut this seller. It makes them look terrible. You will waste your money and not get support. If you have an important website to get up and running. Forget it. Move on – for the sake of your sanity. $100 says he doesn’t reply to this comment. If it does it will be with a comment to “dodge” the actual issue. That is one thing he is good at.

If anyone is out there that knows how to edit this guys theme and fix things please comment so that I can pay you for your time.

Thanks in advance. No thanks to the seller.

I have sent you a Support ticket but have not heard over 11 day now..

This is not fair charging 45 and we cant get proper support. at least reply so we know your alive.

I was told to download v 2.9 of porto to get rid of all my problems – Theres a problem though – im downloading the same 1.3 from my downloads page as i allready have – Theres no update in there ?

hey please solve te logo issue and answer to the tickets please!!!!!!!!

robzada Purchased

Updated to the latest version & still waiting for support.

Logo sizing issue not solved. Update also killed the logo autoresize feature & all the promo-image movements as well as the parallax effect.

This is making my business look like a backyard operation, not a professional slick site as it once looked… Please fix the issues!

I need to increase the size of the logo. How Do I?

Hi I have now purchased the theme for wordpress now I have seen that there was once a porto theme and a porto child theme is, what’s the difference?