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Dear Friends, Fortunately I see that finally you’v added RTL to this great theme! ;) I want to purchase this beautiful theme, but have some quastions: 1. Is there any online RTL demo available for your theme? 2. Will I be able to use MegaMenu module with your theme? if yes, Will MegaMenu also work in RTL mode properly or I have to do some CSS manipulations? Thanks for creating such a great theme.


Thanks for your reply, I want to use Mega Menu or TB Mega Menu but it seems that you are going to integrate with TB Mega Menu. About RTL, you can add RTL to your main demo in themeForest.net then all visitors can visit it too and no one will ask about RTL demo, like what “Marvel” theme has done. When can you make such a demo? I’m sure that I will purchase after visiting RTL demo.



Really sorry for the delay. I got a customer demo set up with the RTL setting http://refaktorthemes.com/porto-rtl/


Dear my friend It’s great. I will do the purchase right now. Hope to see megamenu module in your theme ASAP ;-)


I tried to install a full version of the demo at www.e-delmotte.com

I get multiple issues, I do not know why I get so many errors … what did I miss ?

Thank you


Hi …

Waking up, I have the surprise that now, the theme is loading but not completely at all (yesterday, only text, no css, maybe due to some cache issue)...

So now it is loading but all is not there, the homepage has not same content than in the demo, the blocs are grey and not blue, and style some notice displayed …

It seems that no update is required but in system status I can see for example this

Nivo Slider jQuery version jQuery 1.4.4 Nivo Slider requires jQuery 1.7 or greater. Configure jQuery Update.

The following tokens or token types are missing required name and/or description information:


JQuery is fixed on 1.9 right ? But I see 1.4 in the page …

What is happening ?



I’m not sure you’re having the following error on every page which is an error I’m not very familiar with Notice: Undefined index: export in ctools_export_crud_load()

Go ahead and shoot me an email via http://themeforest.net/refaktor#from and I”ll see if I can help you get this sorted out.


I did it this morning. Hope you will be able to find out something … it seems that any jquery object is not working.


Will you be updating the theme to support Drupal 8 (release date said to be August 19, 2015)?

Is update from 2.08 to 2.1 just case of replacing the theme folder? or is there more involved?


We are planning a D8 version. And yes the update is as simple as replacing the parent theme folder with the new version. If you have any other questions/issues please go ahead and post them in our forums – http://refaktorthemes.com/support

lupyo Purchased

What is the name of the search input block of the demo ? impossible to put a search box as the demo.


Add the search block to the “Header Search” region if you want the appearance that you see in the header on the demo. For future questions/issues please go ahead and post them in our forums at http://refaktorthemes.com/support


I plan to buy this template but i would like to know how the user build the page content (columns, tabs, fulwidth section with paralaw effects ….) ? is it easy ? do you have a screenshot of the panel ? Thanks.


Most of the things are controlled by content types and views, however some simple elements like the tabs/accordions that don’t have a dedicated content type need to be entered as HTML into your node or block.

jarratt Purchased

Do I need to update my site each time a new update comes out for the theme?


You don’t NEED to but its recommended. There are usually some good bug fixes/new features and improvements in each update.

Hello, this suppoorts multilanguage?? with what plugin can i achieve that?


i know how do it my question is if this theme is ready to be multilanguage?

in wordpress there are themes compatibles with WPML others not,

i need to know how i know if this theme is multilanguage compatible



Yes all theme generated strings are properly wrapped in translation wrappers so the theme is multilanguage ready.

kemelite Purchased

In installing the demo theme, importing the porto.sql file keeps timing out on phpmyadmin tried via ssh and I got Write failed: Broken pipe on completion. Please any help asap?