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Clean and nice

Thank you! I tried.

Hi! Nicely :) Me wish: fix menu, make it always in view.

Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind for the next update.

You won’t get many sales. It’s just because TF’s users are really not educated to get top-notch things, I know other themes sell like crazy, but man – You killed it.

This is just amazing, as an user – I’d be pleased to remain on such a site and if I wanted to hire a photograph with this site, I wouldn’t hesitate. I feel sad because you won’t get many sales, but hopefully I’m wrong :)

Still – congrats!

Thank so much for your compliments!

Bravo ! Very sleek design, simple and beautiful. The user experience is smooth and pleasant. You make great things. Keep on !

I wish you lots of sales and success.


Thank you so much!

Hello! I took 10 seconds to decide if i purchase this great masterpiece or not. really gorgeous work!

I agree with Maxtitov…a fixed menu is a great idea for a future update.

I also have a request related with the single posts. I would like to have the featured image on top with the content below. Is that possible? I think that the single posts with 4 or 5 images will have a better look if they are centered.

Related with the Gigitty post…well…i hope that you’ll find your space here, with many sales as possible. Good support to the users and regular updates are two essencial keys of sucess…and future sales.

Good luck!

Thanks for much for your purchase. I’ll try to do something with that fixed menu for the next update but keep in mind the menu might be longer than the height of the window size so I would have to make it flexible for screen sizes. I’ll see what I can do with the single posts. Thanks again!

I sent you an email. I need your kindly assistance with images in the single posts. youcreatives(at)gmail.com

Thank you!

Classwork! Just add a button to “return” to the viewing gallery.

Thank you. Yes, I agree there needs to be a close or return button.

Spectacular! Would buy the HTML version immediately.

Thanks, I’ll work on it if more requests are in for an HTML version.

can’t wait to install it. totally in love!

I don’t think I received the link to your page.

thanx for the nice support!

Hi, I received emails from you but I can not respond back. Can you send me an email with an alternate email. Thanks.

Thanks! I tried :)

Hi, your WP theme is really awesome, congrats! I’m seriously thinking to buy it. I’ve got a question, is it possible to set up the grid portfolio page as the Homepage?


Hi, yes you can set any page to be your homepage.

It’s really great work! Good luck with sales!

Thank you so much!

I’d like to echo the desire to have a more traditional blog archive with a sidebar. I write a gardening blog that I want to have focus on photographs, but I really need some more traditional blog widgets like category dropdowns, Flickr links, and advertising and book-link regions in the sidebar. It may seem sacrilegious to avid photographers who want to use this kind of theme, but it’s a reality for many of us. This theme is stunning in its beauty and simplicity, and I’d love to be able to use it, but a sidebar is an absolute necessity for me.

Hi, thanks for your feedback. I’ll consider adding an extra blog page with a sidebar for the next update. Thanks.

Diggin’ this, nice work!


There is absolutely nothing illegal to comment twice! This is a phenomenal theme. Congratulations!

Thank you so much!

Wow! This is stunning. After literally years of searching for a perfect theme, you may have nailed it… almost! LOL!

At the very least, IMO, it needs to be a bit more about how to access the menu. Many of my clients won’t know how to do it and may get frustrated (doesn’t mean the menu has to be open all the time if there’s a more elegant way to do it, but something to make more clear how to open it would be amazing). For example, on the gallery slideshow, it’s not at all clear how to get back to the home page and I suspect most people will click and click and only advance the slideshow and get frustrated.

Also, how does the gallery slideshow (which is GORGEOUS by the way) accommodate vertical images? Is it fixed height or can it be set that way?)

Really, really stunning. Seriously.

Hi, thanks for your feedback. You can have any sizes for the gallery and the layout will adjust.

Thanks. Gosh, if the navigation was just a hair less minimalistic, I’d have bought it already!

Very promising. Would be a real plus if the gallery could fill the screen on mobile. Especially in landscape mode the text seems huge and the image small. Great theme.

Thanks, I’ll look into that.

One more bit of feedback : it seems like, on tablet, there is a lot of white space under gallery images, i.e., you can scroll down a long way. Small issues in an otherwise excellent theme.

Thank you.

Such a beautiful theme.. Simple and clean, but well designed!