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Hi, i have some big troubles with the gallery… i try to upload my images, but after i click on Insert into page nothing happens… i’ve changed dimensions, i’ve compiled all the fields (Title, Alt and so on…) But i can’t create a gallery! Can you help me?

Hi, make sure the “Text” tab is selected instead of the “Visual” tab in the page editor box.

i really don’t understand why!

Portfolio idem… also with the portfolio template…

i have My portfolio section full of portfolios, but when i create a page with this template, the page is empty…

Did you create a page using the “Portfolio” template selected? I’m not really sure how to help unless I can get access to your Wordpress site. Can you send me a message with access to your site on the form http://themeforest.net/user/typebig ?

hi, just realised the featured pics of the portfolio http://danielecuccia.com/portfolio/ are not retina quality on my ipad 3 and iphone 5!!!!! They look ok on the macbook retina. Any thought?

Hi, just use a bigger image with good resolution. What is happening is that the dimensions of the images become bigger on mobile device, therefore stretching and distorting your image. Just use images that are 1.5 to 2x bigger with the same resolution.

Slide into portfolio page. Hi, i wonder if i can insert a slide (as the one in home page) inside a portfolio template. Can you help me please?

ps: wonderful and elegant theme!

Hi, are you talking about the project page like the following? http://themes.seench.com/portrait/portfolio/unsolved-mysteries/

If so, that would require me to add some customization that would not be so quick to do. I would have to change your single-portfolio.php file and I’ll need access to your site. If you know some php, you’ll need to edit lines 55 to 76 on single-portfolio.php.



Yes im talking about it. I would like to add the slide feature for my portfolio templates, as the gallery template already has. It would fit better my needs. Honestly i know something about php but not so much.. :) I hope it would not be boring to help me doing that. I can send you my account informations via PM.

what is the new update about (preloader for gallery)?

The images for the gallery and portfolio has a loader behind it so that the images don’t “hang”.

hey there, im still having problems with my contact-form! the message weren’t be sent when i click submit. the problem is in safari and firefox…

Hi, I tried sending files and instructions for you to use but your mail server is rejecting file attachments. Please send me with an alternate email.

great! thanks! message should be sent now, but i don’t receive any mails… tried it with different adresses.

Hi, did you check your spam mail box? Try contacting your web host provider to see why php mails are not being submitted.

Troubles with gallery template: Hello, i also have troubles trying to create a gallery :( Images are 1025px, i select text tab, and i fill the Title/Caption/Alt sections. Nothing happens…how can i help that?

i found the navigation menu section in ur help page, sorry i missed it before! Now its ok. What im asking about is to get the slide effect from the “media combo” page and paste it to the portfolio and gallery templates.

Hi, didn’t I already send you this for the portfolio? I’m sorry but again, I would have to change your page template files. These are customizations that would require me some time.

yes u sent me right, thank u! :) i just late discovered the other slide effect from the media combo template and i would customize my other galleries with that effect. I know it would bother u to make extra customizations, thats why i asked u if it would be possible to find the code, so i could try to do the job by myself :)

Can the pages and blog posts be easily set to full width (instead of columns)?

So would it be possible to use the blog to do highlight galleries that are photo only without it being in columns? Like this: http://faith-michele.com/kelsie-bretts-engagement-los-angeles-wedding-photographer/

Hi, do you need something like this page? http://themes.seench.com/portrait/portfolio/173/ . If so, yeah you can but you’ll have to add HTML img tags in your post.

Yes, like that. (Only I create the image collage in my album design program, so it’s really just a few very long images.)

Before I guy i was wondering: 1. Can we remove hover on image slider, leave just arrow in different colour? its even on instagram feed 2. change side bar colour with black link colours, so inverse it

Hi, thanks for your interest.

1. Yes, you can remove the hover effect with CSS change. Yes, you can change out the arrow image.
2. Yes, there is a customizer for the side bar where you can change the background and link color.

how about an html version for us non-wordpress

I apologize but there is no plan to create an HTML version. Thanks for your interest.

Okay, I hope this is my last pre purchase question…

Can I create multiple galleries? Or just one filterable one like on the demo?

Hi, yes you can create multiple gallery pages.

How do you change the icon on the menu to something like the little i or the house?

Hi, you have to go to Appearances -> Menus and set the “CSS Classes” of links. Open up the documentation.html in the documentation folder and go to section 9 Navigation Menu. You will see screenshots and a list of all the class names for the icons.

Thank you so much!

what’s the update of the 25th of April? (last update info right column) I thought the last one was the v1.2 of the 13rd of April… am I wrong?

Hi, it’s just an instagram fix. If you’re not using instagram, don’t worry about it. If you are, just replace global.js and functions.php file.

Hello, this may be obvious – but can you make multiple portfolios?

I would like to split my portfolio. I created another page [with another name] and selected the portfolio template, but I could not direct items to a specific portfolio.

Also after assigning categories to portfolio items, for some reason items are not appearing when the category is selected?



Sorry, there is not an option to make multiple portfolios. You can make multiple galleries though. For the problems with categories, try single words without spaces.

Hi, thank your for the reply – cool no problem with the portfolio, I can work around. My categories are now fixed, thank you! greatly appreciated.

Can we please have the ability to use a different lightbox for mobile devices? On the iPhone the close button X and the caption below the photo take up far too much space on the screen. There is also no swipe option on a touch device. There are plenty mobile specific lightboxes available for free. It would be good to have one baked in to the theme.

I don’t have that information right now, but I downloaded the theme on the 2nd of May, so it seems fair to say it will be the latest version from the 25th of April. I am using IOS 6.’whatever the latest version is’ and it appears on both Safari and Chrome.

I’m sure the swiping thing will be do-able. You have created a theme that stands out from a crowd full of blinking lights and spinning tops, it would be perfect if it worked better on mobile devices.

Even more perfect if it was integrated with NextGen!

Hi, yes you have the latest. Could you perhaps send me a screenshot to my email syungh[at]gmail.com and I will look into it more.

I will organise that for tonight when I am back at work.

On the iPhone4 the list of Gallery images is pushed to the left of screen rather than sitting in the middle sized for the screen. It would be nice if you would look into that please. And then see my comment above. Please.

Could you let me know which version you are using first? Thanks.


MoR Purchased

Looking for the portfolio good for safari. I fell in love with this one.

Thank you so much for the purchase. I hope the theme works out for you.


MoR Purchased

How to delete the widget icon in menu?

Hi, go to header.php in Appearances -> Editor. Look for the line

<li class="widgets"><a class="open-modal" href="#" rel="widgets"><span>Widgets</span></a></li>

Delete it or comment it out like the following
<!-- <li class="widgets"><a class="open-modal" href="#" rel="widgets"><span>Widgets</span></a></li> -->

Hi TypeBig, I downloaded the theme (great). But no documentation file in it… where can I get that ? Thanks.

Got it, thank you so much. Great documentation. On question though… I haven’t been able to insert a vimeo video after a photo in a portfolio item / as you did for “Amnesia”)... and the insert of the video is not detailed in the documentation (from what I saw). Thanks in advance for your help.

Sorry, it should in the format of


Perfect ! It works. Thanks a lot.


i try again here, because PM to you didnt work since one week.

Do you have an iPad? If so, please visit www.m-i-n-u-s.com and look what happen, during the first gal loads. I tested it on 2 iPads, Safari crashes before all pictures are loaded. chrome for iPad, too. could it be, that there are too many images in the second gal called “menschen”?

If so, what can i do, i need the option for big galleries.

thx for help,

i don’t want to say much. have a look yourself www.m-i-n-u-s.com. normal browser and ipad. the whole layout is “bombed” now. i am so sorry, i only want a template to use bigger gals as normal. is that really too much?

You comment out the wrong CSS code. Email me access to your site. Just revert back to what you had before you made the changes for now so the site doesn’t break.

arrrrrgh. ok. in a Minute.