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Hi, how to add VK into share zone http://vk.com/dev/widget_share

Hi, go to style.css in Appearances -> Widget. Under Global Sidebar add a text widget and inside it the HTML is something like

<ul id="social">
<li><a id="facebook" href="#">Facebook</a></li>
<li><a id="twitter" href="#">Twitter</a></li>
<li><a id="plus1" href="#">Plus 1</a></li>
<li><a id="linkedin" href="#">LinkedIn</a></li>
<li><a id="pinterest" href="#">Pinterest</a></li>
<li><a style="background-color:#304e6c !important" href="#">VK</a></li>

Hi, thanks for the great theme! I am looking to remove the thumbnail image + tags from the left of the Single Post pages and essentially create full width blog posts (or blog posts with no sidebars/columns). Can you help with this? Thanks kindly. :)

Hi, if you want to make it one column, add the following in style.css

#post .row .left {width:100%; float:none; margin:0 0 30px 0; overflow:hidden }
#post .row .right {width:100%; float:none; margin:0 0 30px 0; overflow:hidden}

If you want to hide the image and tags do the following
#post .row .left {display:none; width:100%; float:none; margin:0 0 30px 0; overflow:hidden }
#post .row .right {width:100%; float:none; margin:0 0 30px 0; overflow:hidden}

Thank you so much!! Worked like a charm.

Hey, great theme, really. Probably I will have some questions in the future :-) First one: Where do I have to change the font, so it works with the whole page? Thanks, Liane

For the change of fonds: Will WordPress Typography Plugin work with the theme? And another question: I would love to have the backround for all pages white. How can I do it? Thanks again, Liane

O.k. Thanks. For the fonts: Do I have do delete all existing fonts and just fill in the font I want? Thanks!

Yes, you can or you can just add your particular font such as font-family:Georgia, ‘Didot’, ‘GFS Didot’, Times New Roman, serif; Georgia or the first font will be the font that will be rendered. The other fonts are fallbacks if Georgia is not present in the user’s browser.



Hi again, can you help me to achieve the portfolio slider like here: http://themes.seench.com/portrait/portfolio/unsolved-mysteries/ thanks very much! Liane

You want a slider for the project page? The project page does not have slides.

sorry, Problem solved :-)

Hi, thanks for the theme. I’m wondering if there is a way to hide the filename/caption below each image within a gallery page? Also to hide the whitespace below each image that is reserved for the text. Thanks!

Try adding in style.css

.project {background:none !important; border:none !important}
.project p {display:none !important}
.project .cover {display:none !important}

Also, the logo does not seem to display in highres on a retina display? How can I make the logo display in highres? The file is a png, and is 300dpi.

Try setting the logo size to half the size. For example, if your logo’s width is 300px, add the following in style.css

#logo img {width:150px}

thanks for the quick reply, and again, the theme is really great. at this point, i think i’d like to just NOT use a logo at all. how can i remove the placeholder for the logo altogether? i have no logo loaded, and on some displays, it shows a ? where the logo should go. i’d like to just remove it altogether. thanks again!

Hi, try adding in style.css

#logo {display:none !important}

Well one more question: Is it possible to show images in a blog post as big as in a portfolio? And how big have the pictures to be to show full-size? thanks, Liane

well now they are wider, but not larger ->http://meandeye.de/neu-2/

Sorry, try this:
#post .row .the-content img {width:100% !important; height:auto !important}

great – it worked. Thanks a lot!!


gallery page keeps crashing at 70% on ipad and closing browser???

Please help, thanks in advance…

Hi and thanks, but it is still crashing…

Hi, in your global.js file look for the following around line 144


and change it to
$isotope.isotope({transformsEnabled: false});
If that doesn’t work send me a message with a link to your wordpress site on http://www.themeforest.net/user/typebig

worked great, thanks…

Hi there! Love the design. Can you please tell me where I can change the typeface? Do you have Google fonts on it?

Hi, you’ll have to go through style.css. Yes, there is one Google font “Antic Didone”. If you have an HTML/CSS editor or even Notepad you can do a search and replace.

Another question, Where I can take off the “Widgets” from the menu bar?

Hi, go to header.php in Appearances -> Editor and look for

<li class="widgets"><a class="open-modal" href="#" rel="widgets"><span>Widgets</span></a></li>

Delete or comment out the line.

Hi, how can I get rid of the about/share/website above the portfolio page? Thanks

Look for the following in style.css
.submenu-project {padding:0 0 40px 0}
and change to
.submenu-project {visibility:hidden; padding:0 0 40px 0}

Great! Thank you!

Hey there – wondering if it is possible to do the following:

—Remove/get rid of the auto-resize of the thumbnail images on the blogroll page (it adjusts image content almost within a frame and also the actual thumbnail size when you significantly adjust the size of your browser) I’d like to make the thumbnails a set size.

—Similar issue to above: Remove/get rid of the auto-resize of the width of content (images, videos) on posts. It is chopping my images on the right side instead of resizing both the width and height of the image to match the smaller browser size.

Thanks, kindly!

Hi, I would not recommend using a set size because window size is arbitrary with users. What I did was cheat little bit and make the auto resizing to be a little above 100% of the container so that’s why you are losing some parts of the image. The reason I did that was sometimes when you resize, the edges are not sharp, so I made the images bleed a little to make it look sharp. Also, the image starts a little bit from the left and hovers to the right. Anyways, look for the following in style.css in Appearances -> Editor
   #boxes .thumb img {display:none; width:105%; height:auto !important;
   -webkit-transition: -webkit-transform 0.2s ease-in;
      -moz-transition: -moz-transform 0.2s ease-in;
       -ms-transition: -ms-transform 0.2s ease-in;
        -o-transition: -o-transform 0.2s ease-in;       
           transition: transform 0.2s ease-in;  
     -webkit-transform: translate(-5px, 0);
        -moz-transform: translate(-5px, 0);
         -ms-transform: translate(-5px, 0);
          -o-transform: translate(-5px, 0);
             transform: translate(-5px, 0); 
and change to
   #boxes .thumb img {display:none; width:100%; height:auto !important }
I am not sure about the second issue. Can you provide a link?

Love the theme!

Will something like this plugin work? http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/instagrate-to-wordpress/


Hi! Thanks for creating such a wonderful theme.

How do I create pages (contact, info, gallery, etc) and then create corresponding icons in the menu bar?

So far all that shows up in my menu is the blog button with an arrow as the icon. I would like to create menus similar to the example complete with matching shaped icons. http://themes.seench.com/portrait/

Thanks so much for your help.

Hi, open up documentation.html in the documentation folder and see section 9. Navigation Menu. It will give you directions. Basically, you have to go to Appearances -> Menus and set the CSS Classes for each menu item.

Thanks for the info! I was able to open the documentation.html file and follow along the instructions but I still only have the blog button available on my menu. The CSS Classes all show the appropriate button icons but those icons do not show up on my menu. What should I do to add those pages to my menu?

Hi, I would need to go into your Wordpress dashboard to see what the problem is. Could you send me your login information using the contact form on http://www.themeforest.net/user/typebig

Hi, how can I reduce the space on the home page (main) from the top til the content starts/the photos are shown. http://themeforest.net/item/portrait-retina-ready-responsive-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/4333025 Thanks, Liane

You have to edit style.css. Try adding code below. Adjust padding and margin in following.

.page-template-main-php #container .pad {padding-top:30px !important}
.page-template-main-php #container .pad .big-title {margin:60px 0 70px 0 !important}


Thank you for creating this theme; it is truly outstanding.

I’d like to inquire about the possibility to get image’s ALT text pulled from the WP media library and rendered in the template’s pages. I currently use the Image Metadata Cruncher plugin to automatically write titles, captions, alt text and descriptions from the picture’s IPTC fields to the WP media library.


This line in the single-portfolio.php file:

else { $slide_image_code ='<img class="fit" src="'.$slide_image.'" alt="" border="0" />';

It’d be great if I could add the ALT text to the alt=”” tag.


else { $slide_image_code ='<img class="fit" src="'.$slide_image.'" alt=".$metadata." border="0" />';

Kind Regards and thank you :)

Thank you for your reply :)

I’ll try and see if I can actually edit your files to add the custom text field and show the information I need.

However, if you’re planning to update your theme, I’d love to see a feature where your custom fields automatically retrieve the images’ metadata information stored in the media library; such a feature would give me the chance to either show or hide additional details (title, caption, exif data etc) that might have already been stored in the DB.

Kind Regards.

Shameless self-reply: I managed to add those fields in a few minutes. All is good :)

Wow, that’s great! You seem like a Wordpress guru :)

Hi again, how can I rename the “follow” in the “about” page? Do I have to rename all “follow” in the about.php? thanks

Go to Appearances -> Editor and open up about.php. Replace “Follow” with something. There are 4 instances of “Follow”. Make sure to only replace the ones with capital F.

Hi, Great theme. Thanks for it.

I have a problem. When I’m putting text to main editor box in contact page. this text appears on site two times – one time in correct place, and another above in same line with tiitle of site. I can’t find solution myself. Here is example http://littlelena.pl/contact/

Please help. Thanks in advance, Tomek

Hi, sorry about that. Go to Appearances -> Editor and open up contact.php. You should see the following twice:

<?php the_content(); ?>

Delete the first one.

Thanks a lot. Now is OK :)