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Hey Typebig I would like to input in Japanese. in contact form. What should I do?

Hi, is it not submitting the form when you input Japanese or are you trying to change the labels of the form to Japanese?

thank you

Hi! How to remove the rollover (transparent white) on the slider on the home page?


Hi, open up style.css and look for

.rslides_nav:hover {opacity:0.2}

You can delete it or change to
.rslides_nav:hover {opacity:0 !important}

Hi, all your template are stunning! Can i add a page for e-commerce on this template?...For example if i would to buy some pics. Thanks for your reply.

Hi, thanks for the compliment! Unfortunately, no e-commerce functionality comes with the theme. However, be on the lookout for a Woocommerce template. It may be what you are looking for. Thanks!

Hi! I would like to make a sub menu into a category. What should I do?

I would like to make the submenu(new,search,old) of a blog-page into a category like a portfolio-page. What should I do?

Hi, what do you mean? You want each submenu link to be links to sections of the 1 page? Then, have thumbnails like the portfolio page that opens up single blog pages? That is out of scope for this template I am afraid or I would need more detailed explanation of what you need.

sorry, I would like to change blog submenu.

Hi, but how are you going to navigate through the blog? If you want to change the submenu to categories, go to Appearances -> Editor and open up blogroll.php. You need to change

    <ul class="submenu posts-nav">
        <li class="first">
                previous_posts_link('Newer', 0);
                if($paged == 1) {
                    echo '<a href="#" class="current">Latest</a>';
            <a href="#" class="open-modal" rel="search-modal">Search</a>
            <div class="modal" id="search-modal">
                <a href="#" class="close-btn">Back to Main Content</a>
                <div class="padit">
                <h3 class="tcenter">Search</h3>
                <?php get_search_form(); ?>
        <li><?php next_posts_link('Older', 0); ?></li>

If you have permalinks set up to “Post name”, then it’ll be something like

    <ul class="submenu posts-nav">
        <li class="first">
            <a href="http://yoursite.com/yourblogpage">All</a>
            <a href="http://yoursite.com/category/kids">Kids</a>
            <a href="http://yoursite.com/category/nature">Nature</a>

If you have peramlinks set up to “Default”, it’ll be

    <ul class="submenu posts-nav">
        <li class="first">
            <a href="http://yoursite.com/yourblogpage">All</a>
            <a href="http://yoursite.com/?cat=26">Kids</a>
            <a href="http://yoursite.com/?cat=27">Nature</a>

You will need to find out the category id. To do that, you go to Post->Categories and then hover over the category links and it’ll show the number.

thank you.

Hi, Love your theme. Beautifull.

Got 1 question. Logo is not in retina. How can I fix that. There no option for 2x.


Never mind. fixed t with WP Retina 2x


Great documentation. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that the blog format places all of my content on the right column. Is this normal? I don’t mind the two columns if the text/photos flows… I have particularly long blog posts and the featured image on the left looks lonely.


Thanks! I duplicated the breadcrumbs and blogroll nav and it’s working! I added the code for the comments and share features but it places the box over the post content. I need to work through the CSS some more before making it live. { http://www.princesstofu.com/ }

I’m sorry about that. I gave you the wrong information for #2 and #3. Open up single.php. Look for

<div class="modal" id="post-comments">

Delete class=”modal” so it’ll be
<div id="post-comments">
Look for
<div class="modal" id="share-post">
It’ll be
<div id="share-post">
Now, delete the following view comments and share links
<p><a href="#" class="open open-modal" rel="post-comments">View or Post Comments</a></p>
<p><a href="#" class="open open-modal" rel="share-post">Share</a></p>

Thanks a million!!! I’m going to try those and see. Also, love all of your work – need to just buy of all it out of appreciation. /BEST!!!


V17 Purchased

Hi, Fantastic theme! Love it 10/10

One little niggle however, how do I get rid of the “Widgets” option from the main menu?

I’ve looked everywhere and can’t seem to be able to get rid of it.


Hi, you can hide it by adding the following in style.css

#nav .widgets {visibility:hidden !important}

or look for the HTML part in header.php and delete the code or comment it out.

V17 Purchased

Fantastic! Thank you :)

One other thing though, the logo im using is fairly big and it drops down past the header on some pages, is there anyway I can make the header bigger?

Hi, I wouldn’t recommend it since you would need to adjust many elements but I can point you in the right direction.

First adjust the padding for the following element in style.css.

#container .pad {padding:60px 7% 30px 180px; text-align:left}

For example, instead of 60px it’ll be 100px. Next, you would have to move the logo a little bit until it aligns to your preference. You will have to add something like in style.css
#logo {margin-top:-40px}
Then, for the white header bar the theme is actually using a white background header. If you open up the img directory you will find body-bg.gif. It is 1×141px of white space right now that repeats horizontally. You will need to extend the image vertically to make it look like there is more white space. For example make a white background image that is 1×200px. Finally, you need to adjust the CSS in the media queries for different screen sizes. Yeah, seems like lot of work but if you know some CSS it is fairly easy. If you don’t I just recommend trying to decreasing the height of the logo.

One question,

If i add a images in a blog article and click on it. I will open the image external. Is t possible to use your lightbox image click gallery or how do i install lightbox if somebody clicks on an image.


Hey, checked on 2 iphones. You have to scroll. 2 images arent small sizes and doest show up. Just the outline. What is your mail. I will send you a picture.

Also the lightbox works like youve said. But than i have to edit every picture. How can I let it work for every image.

Hi, it’s typebig[at]gmail.com

Hi from Spain!

Is It translation ready? Content the .po files?

:( In the future? Soon?

Hopefully! I want it!

Ok, not. It is a shame. I really wanted to buy this theme.

Regards from Spain.

Hi, I try to start a gallery. When I click on “insert” nothing happens, the page stays empty. The sizes of the photos are big enough. 1200px x 1200 px. What is wrong? Thanks

Hi, it works just only with one photo. As soon as I insert more only one stays inserted.

I’ll need to log into your WP account to see what is going on. Could you email me access to your account at typebig[@]gmail.com ?

I just sent you my data.

How do I remove the option to share on the portfolio page?

Also, how do I add images to the gallery section and include each image in the corresponding categories? Such as kids or adults.

Hi, go to Appearances -> Editor and open up single-portfolio.php. Delete the following line

<li><a href="#" class="open-modal" rel="share-project">Share</a></li>

To add images in gallery, you have to select the gallery.php template. The documentation will explain how to set categories to your images. Look in Section 5. Page Tempaltes, D. Gallery

Hi there!

Is it possible to make a images loader so it loads the first 30 thumbnails when entering the gallery, and then loads more when scroll down? Nice template btw!

Hi, yes it’s possible but unfortunately I don’t have time to work on that right now as I am currently trying to release other projects.

Hello, I will wish that the vertical menu is always unfolded. And I would like to remove the icons before the names of pages in the menu. Thanks

Hi, there’s lot of customization for that. I can get you started but you will have to adjust the CSS yourself. First open up header.php and find

<ul id="nav">

Replace it with
<ul id="nav" class="nav-open">
. Then find
<div class=”bar”></div>
Replace it with
<div class="bar bar-open"></div>
Finally, open up style.css and look for
#nav li.list {background:url(img/nav-line.png) no-repeat 30px 92%; margin-bottom:-10px; padding-bottom:20px}
Add display:none so it’ll be
#nav li.list {display:none; background:url(img/nav-line.png) no-repeat 30px 92%; margin-bottom:-10px; padding-bottom:20px}
To hide the icons, you will need to change
#nav li a {background-image:url(img/nav-icons.png); background-repeat:no-repeat} 
#nav li a {background-image:none; background-repeat:no-repeat} 
For the spacing, you will need to adjust the CSS.

thanks !

Where can I edit the breadcrumbs to replace title with a linked image and still keep the arrows? I see the css styling for the text but can’t find the breadcrumbs feature in the theme’s function?


Hi, you will need to edit .breadnav li.all a to something like

.breadnav li.all a {opacity:1; display:inline-block; text-decoration:none; padding:0 0 0 1px; width:100px; height:30px; line-height:30px; text-transform:uppercase; letter-spacing:2px; color:#ccc; font-size:12px;  background:#000; text-indent:100%; white-space: nowrap; overflow:hidden}

Replace background:#000 with a background image such as background:url(yourimageurl.jpg) no-repeat. Also set the width and height of the image. Then if you want to change the link, you will need to open up single.php and single-portfolio.php and change out the links.

Great thanks!

Hi! Fantastic theme. Is it already tested on Wordpress 3.6 and is it possible to translate the theme to German?

Best regards, Tobias

And Spanish, please. But with the .PO file available is enought.

Please, soon.

Hi, I am really sorry I don’t have time to do that. It’s simple to use though so I think you can still use it. Email me at typebig[at]gmail.com and maybe we can work something out. Thanks.


Is there a chance to have preview images that link to each specific gallery (e.g kids) instead of having all of the Images immediately on display when clicking on the main gallery link on the side? Sorry if you already have it explained somewhere.


Hi, you will have to edit the HTML. Make a new gallery page and insert the thumbnails. In the generated HTML, remove all instances of class=”fancybox” data-fancybox-group=”gallery” and replace the href attribute with the link of the gallery page.

Understood! Thanks for the quick answer!

Hi, I wondered if you can help me, I wont to change the font on the portfolio page image thumbnail images to a font I have uploaded via the plugin Font Uploader it is asking for: Enter the ID or class selector for the element you’d like to fontify. For example, #navigation, or .element p

The other thing on the portfolio page is the titles of all the portfolio next to “All” are in alphabetical order. Is there any way of having them is a set order or buy what date they were added?

It would be much appreciated if you could help me.

Hi, the element for the thumbnail titles is #boxes .project .thumb-title

I am not sure about your other request. You can go to portfolio.php and manually edit the following but save a back-up before you edit:

<ul class="submenu filter-tabs">
    <li class="first"><a href="#" class="current" data-filter="*">All</a></li>
    $categories = get_categories('taxonomy=categories&title_li=');
    foreach ($categories as $category){ 
        echo '<li><a href="#" data-filter=".'.$category->name.'">'.$category->name.'</a></li>';