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Hi, How can i make the logo retina ready?

Hi, How can i make the logo retina ready?

Hi, you can just set the width of your logo image to half the size with CSS. For example, if your image width is 300px, you will add the following in style.css:

#logo a img {width:150px; height:auto}

Is anyone having a problem with the blogroll not working? The script is stuck for me and I am wondering if that is just my server?



I fixed it by removing a feedly plugin – if anyone else is using that – it will break the home page.

First off, great job with this amazing theme!!!! Your CSS shows that when your iPad is vertical (768px), the site should have one column. And when you iPad is horizontal (1024px) it should have two columns. This works great testing it on the browser, but it does not work on the iPad. It only shows one column on the iPad. Would like it to work as the CSS implies. Please advise. Cheers :)

Hello typebig,

Just following up on the CSS issue. See no difference between landscape and portrait mode on iPad, but can see the difference when testing on browser with different screen sizes.

I am contacting you due to a technical problem on the wordpress theme “portrait”. The display on the mobile device Ipad or Smartphone crashes the browser. I followed the instructions on the page but nothing is working. Some photos are not displayed on the screen.

The other problem is the display of the gallery : when you scroll through the pictures with the lightbox viewer, after a few clicks, more photos from other galleries appear . I cannot figure it out. Could you please help me with this.

Thank you for your time and help,

Hi, try opening up global.js file and look for
and replace with
$isotope.isotope({transformsEnabled: false});

I am not sure about the second problem. I would have to see your page.

thanks for the answer. my website : www.mathiaschauvy.com

Hi, Is it possible to create more than one Portfolio page with your theme?

Hi In gallerie section can i open a gallery on lightbox clicking on one image?


I love your theme but I have a problem with the contact page. The submit button does not work. I sent several requests for help. I need my website live today and I don’t have a functional contact page. Thank you.


Hi, it doesn’t seem you provided your email address in the contact page builder. You still have yourname@gmail.com on the input field “Send messages to: (your email)”

Thanks a lot! It works.

Hi, thanks for your beautiful theme! I would like to know how I can remove the “Widget” icon from the navigation. It’s not an item in my menu. Thank you!

Hi, sorry for the late response. Look for #nav li.widgets in style.css and add display:none;

Hey guys. thanks for the nice template. i installed it already, but have some problems. the first thing:

where can is set/or change the menu-items for each page?

thanks for your support. – Milad

Hi, go to Appearances -> Menu to change your menu. Also see documentation section 9. Navigation Menu.

Thank you very much. Another quastion i have is: how can i insert the “share”-Function into a page i build “free” – something like here:


is there a code for it?


First of all, thanks very much for your beautiful theme.

I have an issue with the post images. They are cropped on the right on my blog post (for ex : http://regardevoir.net/allez-file/ ) on my ipad and my iphone. After hour and hour, I don’t find where is the problem. Perhaps it’s because I put the blog on only one column (like the code you did in an other comment).

Could you help me ?

Thanks very much !

It’s because you are setting the width and heights of the images when you are inserting your images in the post. Wordpress may be automatically inserting dimensions. You can try adding the following in style.css

.post-image {width:100% !important; height:auto !important}

correct that. It’ll be

.single-post .post-image img, .the-content img {width:100% !important; height:auto !important}

Thanks very much, it works !

Hi, In the blog articles the picture is on the left side and the article is on the right side. How to change the position of the blog’s pictures and articles on the middle and how to change the size of the picture. Thanks.

Try adding following in style.css

.single-post .left, .single-post .right {width:100% !important; float:none !important}
.single-post .post-image img {width:100% !important; height:auto !important}

Thank you for ur help. And i have another question that I reduce the windows in my blog page and the the arranged photos will maintain the size. How to make windows and photos reduce the size and keep the format in the same time in my blog page? Thanks.

Hey – could you please help me?

i just want to change the name of the menue “widgets” into something else?

thanks -

Hi, go to Appearances -> Editor and open up header.php and look for <span>Widgets</span> towards the bottom.

Hi TypeBig, Great theme!! There is a limit for uploading images? I uploaded about 80 pictures (with average resolution of 1500×1000 photo). Then stop giving me this message:

The uploaded file can not be moved wp-content/uploads/2014/01.

How can I fix?

Thank you so much!

I think there is a limit of 32 MB … how can I increase it?

I solved … thank you anyway. Regards.


As fair i know now WP i18n is the best multilang plugion for me… :)

but now i need to get in my sidebar menu to display flags… not as wigdet .. and not in footer as is some wazs could be ok.. but for now NO.

So im asking you.. how to put those flags on my left menu… webstite : www.novi.studiokofol.com

Each time I attempt to add in a gallery page, the images seem to add in fine, but when comparing the code in your example page and my own the html is vastly different. The layout of the page looks similar although it doesn’t seem to be adding in the code for isotope/lightbox. The images have all been sized with a width greater than 1024px and I’m not sure what else to try. When clicking on the images I am directed to a page that doesn’t exist instead of a lightbox and have no sorting ability. Thoughts?

Greetings! Excellent theme. I’ve searched through the comments and tried several solutions to other’s issues with the same problem but cannot seem to create a successful Gallery page that initializes the isotope and lightbox HTML to the page. It loads the gallery onto the page, but there’s no interactivity. I’ve tried loading the demo-data, reinstalling the theme, and nothing seems to fix this for me. I’ve also made sure to be on “Text” when adding the Gallery images in. Can you offer any suggestions? Thanks!

Thank you, that would be great! I’ve created an account for you within the dashboard. It should have emailed you the login credentials. Let me know if you did not receive them and I will resend. Thanks!

Hi, I created a test page and it seems to be working. Right now, on you photography page you are using a shortcode. Instead, on the edit page you have to click on the “Insert multiple images” button at the bottom. Make sure you have the “Text” tab selected instead of the “Visual” tab. Then you select the images from the gallery and it will auto generate the html code in the text editor for you.

Thanks for the tip! Seems to be working well now. Much appreciated.

Thank you for ur help. And i have another question that I reduce the windows in my blog page and the arranged photos will maintain the size. How to make windows and photos reduce the size and keep the format in the same time in my blog page? Thanks.

Hi, I don’t quite understand the question. You want images to resize accordingly to the window size? I believe I told you my answer. I am sorry if I am misunderstanding.

Yes, i mean that. I want images to resize accordingly to the window size. Thanks.

Hello, how can I insert a gallery on the right side of a blog post?? When I preview, it shows me the code instead of the actual gallery. Shows me this:

[gallery columns=”1” link=”none” ids=”1031,1032,1034,1035,1033”]

Also, is there a way to make the image on the left side a gallery instead of a single image?

Thanks so much

Hi, there isn’t a shortcode for the gallery on the blog post. You will have to manually code it with HTML. You will also need to style the images manually to your preference. An image with a lightbox popup will be coded something like the following.

<a class="fancybox" data-fancybox-group="gallery" href="http://themes.seench.com/portrait/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/sister-brother_mini.jpg" title="Blessed together heaven
"><img src="http://themes.seench.com/portrait/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/sister-brother_mini-1024x682.jpg""></a>

Thank you.

-Are gallery shortcodes a feature you can add at some point? -Can multiple images be added to the left side? Either by making the featured image area a lightbox or adding photos underneath?

Hello, If I want images to resize accordingly to the window size in blog page. How to do? Thank you .

Hi, you will need to edit your style.css. I can’t tell you the exact code for sure unless I see your page, but you will add something like

.single img {width:100% !important; height:auto !important}

When you are adding your images in your blog post, it’s most likely WP is setting the height and width of your images. So you can probably even add inline style like
<img src="img/your_blog_image" style="width:100%; height:auto" />