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Hi, I just wanna change following..

I need to enlarge logo and power gym text. I did enlarge the logo then power gym text went down. how do I keep the logo and power gym in same line?



Checkout that in style.css file you have a fixed width for the logo container. The logo is positionated alligned to left and the menu to the right. If you make the logo bigger you need to make the menu container smaller.

It’s just how the layout is build .

There is another solution if your logo is huge to drop the menu under the logo but will require more css modifications.



Ok.. Can you please give me the exact names used in the css file for the logo and menu containers.. couldn’t locate anything which has specified with the size.. Only the Header with the width and height properties.




The logo is composed from the text and the image.

In CSS the image is

img.logo_image{ float:left; margin:9px 0 0 15px;}

And the text is

.logo h1 { float:left; line-height:65px;}

And the menu is

.menu{float:right; padding:22px 0 0 0;}

My mistake about the fixed width, I was confusing this with the Wordpress version. But you are using the HTML/CSS version of this template.

All you need is to make sure the logo and the menu together will fit the width of the header. If they fit I don’t see why the text from the logo to go under it.

A demo url will solve this. I can look there and give a 100% precise answer.