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Hi!! I updated your theme at last version and the tinthumb is disabled :( my photos in the gallery are resized and horribles !! I want the tinthumb code backs !! its possible ? Thanks


Right now your photos are looking allright as I can see here http://thaijuarezgym.com/photo-gallery/

Unfortunately timthumb is not allowed anymore to be used in the themes for security issues. So we were required to remove it.

You can crop your images in wordpress, or manually to suit the design.

But as I say it seems they look ok now.


yes. Now i crop the photos manually for the thumbnail. Is there another plugin to make this as timthumb? or any possible solution??


I am not sure if THIS will do the job, but you can test it.

You can browse the wordpress.org plugin directory for more plugins.


My problem concerned the compatibility between your theme and the woocommerce plugin:
The category page display the title of one product instead of the title of the category concerned.
Could you please help me?
Thanks in advance ,


The right title is “Cours de coaching en ligne” not “4 Cours +1 Coaching Mental En Tournoi” same problem in the subcategories. The right title is written in the main content but not in the area reserved for the title.


Best regards,


Hi Romain,

Ok I understand.

Now I need to know how do you integrated woocommerce with this. Did you created a custom php page to use especially with woocommerce? Or use a page that was in the theme, like fullwidth page…etc?

The best way to do this is to create a custom page. This way you can add also a spacing on the left and right side. As you can see now there is no spacing in the left and right.

And also by creating a custom page, you can add a custom title to tat page. By adding a custom page you can add in the header area the categories title. Right now by default it takes another title.

Basically you want to have instead of “4 cours +1 coaching mental en tournoi” the category title “Cours de coaching en ligne” right?



Thanks for your help I have solved my problem by erasing the title call after the header of the theme page in the woocommerce.php page.

Have a nice day,

Best regards,


Hello FamousTheme Support,

I can’t contact you on your website.(www.famousthemes.com)
I work on the website of a person who bought your theme (www.antoinelaberibe.com) and I like to have an answer about my problem , it’s quite urgent for the establishment of a shop.
Thank you for your help,



Will reply to your above comments.

How to change the responsive menu minimal width? Between 1005px and 760px the menu is jumping under the black bar and is unreadable. Below 760px the “mobile menu” is appearing. How to change it so the “mobile menu” is appearing below 1005px width?

I found the line in style.css but the “mobile menu” is still blank at the background until it reaches 760px width. So I turned it back to default.



The width of the menu is auto.

In order to make the menu smaller you can do:

1. In style.css under

@media screen and (max-width: 1000px) {

You can add:

ul#main_menu li {padding:0 15px 0 0px;} ul#main_menu li a{font-size:12px;}

This will make the links smaller, and made them suit that space.

Another solution whould be to set the menu under the logo, but align it corectly with a bg color, to make it look good.

Let me know how the first solution goes.


First solution works perfect!

Thanks a lot.

You are welcome. Glad it works.

I would like to add code to the header of an individual page of this template. I also need to have the slider for that page removed. I have downloaded header plugins and they do not work with your template. It only works when I place the code in the editor header.php section but we don’t want the content on the home page. Can you please help? Time sensitive matter. Thanks in advance.


I really don’t understand what are you trying to do.

1. “add code to the header of an individual page of this template”

you meant to add a code in the header, and to be used just for some pages, and not for all website?

2. “header plugins and they do not work with your template”

What “header plugins” did you used? We cannot guarantee that all plugins will work with the theme.

I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask this, or if it’s been asked before, but I am looking to purchase this theme and had a question. Am I able to add some sort of calendar to this? What I’m looking to do is create viewable team pages under a header where each team would be able to have an “About Me” page when selected, and display a calendar of events that would show the current month, but also allow the user to scroll forward to future months.

Can anyone help?


After you description, you will need a custom calendar plugin. The theme features does not include a custom calendar plugins that will do all the things you want to do.

But there are calendar plugins which you can install and use.

Just browser the free wordpress plugins directory, or the codecanyon market for premium plugins.

I am pretty sure you will find a plugin that will suit your needs.



bukavu Purchased

Hello, Just bought the theme and have few problems, if you can help. - Thumbnails are not getting sized properly. - I lost the news page, so I cannot find how to have the page with all posts (probably not a theme issue) - I can’t find the code for “program” or its widget on front page.



Thank you for choosing our theme.

1. Thumb are not automatically resized, so you need to upload them at a corect size. Or use the wordpress inside image editor to crop them.

In the HELP file included you have at point 2. Importing Demo Data. Recommended images sizes..

Recommended images sizes

- Home slider: 1000×460 px;

- Photo gallery / Trainers gallery 285×160 px;

- Pages header image 1000×120 px;

- Posts archive thumbs 150×150 px;

- Pages / Posts inner image 600×276 px;

2. The page with all post can be a category page. So use the Menu option in wordpress to add a category as a page in your menu. And should be a posts page. Just like http://famousthemes.com/power-gym-wordpress/category/news/



kehnee Purchased

Hi there, I bought theme and I like it so far. However, the twitter keeps widget keeps throwing the following error.

TypeError: item.user is undefined o.name = item.from_user_name || item.user.name;

I’ve been trying to troubleshoot what could be causing this error to no end. Will appreciate your help.



Glad you like it.

But the twitter feeds are showing? Or just that error?

Make sure the username is allright. Mke sure you added the API codes in the admin like we mentioned.

See this page http://themeforest.net/item/power-gym-responsive-wordpress-theme/3696207/support

from the point Update the Twitter settings – I-B) Add the new settings to the theme


reyboy2 Purchased


On the center footer

Our Services

Workout program including one-on-one personalized instruction.
Gym with all exercise machines in top shape.
We offer personal training sessions and packages with our certified personal trainers.

How do I get it do where the list is same type of circle is yours I tried the ul and li thing but it won’t work. Thank you.



You are poiting the bottom section of the HTML version of this item.

The wordpress is different.

But I will see how you can do that on the wordpress version too and get back to you.



reyboy2 Purchased

Okay thank you very much.


Paul075 Purchased


After a couple of updates from WP I discovered that my contactpage isn’t complete anymore. I am missing the contact form.

It looks like that the update have something to do with this issue.

Could you take a look at it? Looking forward it.



Did you modified something in the contact.php file?

Please use the contact form on our profile page sidebar, and send us an email. We will reply. And after attach to us your contact.php file so we can check it out to see what’s wrong there.

It’s strange that the form code in the viewsource is not visible, if you say it’s enabled from the admin.

Something is blocking it to show. It could be a custom plugin also. Creating a code conflict by using the same code classes…id’s…



Paul075 Purchased


Finally I can reply again on this issue sorry for that! I found out that if I place the original contact.php back I got this error message:

Fatal error: Call to a member function get_option() on a non-object in /home/crossfi1/domains/crossfitrewind.com/public_html/wp-content/themes/power-gym/contact2.php on line 45

Line 45 relays to the contact form, when I delete the contact form the message will disappear and the contact page works as it should be but without the form.

Hopefully you got more info now.

Thanks in advance!


To make this easier can you send us the contact.php file you are using.

That error you get is from some modifications you made I guess. Not finding a function in the php code.

Use the contact form on our profile page to privatelly contact us.


Hello, in the contact section I get not put the map as you said in previous reviews.

The maps code is:

<Iframe src="https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d3078.8685993226563!2d-0.3918884!3d39.49488160000001!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0xd6045f28d59f9e1%3A0xe5148aa2c6c8117c!2sAv.+de+l'Equador%2C+81%2C+46025+Val%C3%A8ncia%2C+Valencia%2C+Espa%C3%B1a!5e0!3m2!1ses!2s!4v1431423177569" width = "600" height = "450" ??frameborder = "0" style = "border: 0"> </ iframe>

I modified by:

[map width="100%" height="280px"]https://www.google.com/maps/place/Av.+de+l'Equador,+81,+46025+Val%C3%A8ncia,+Valencia,+Espa%C3%B1a/@39.4948816,-0.3918884,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0xd6045f28d59f9e1:0xe5148aa2c6c8117&output=embed[/map]

and the error message appears:The Google Maps API server rejected your request: and the error message appears. Invalid request. Invalid ‘pb’ parameter. or an empty box also appears

What I do wrong? T_T


What mobile are you using to test this? I am sure what T_T is.

For what I am seeing when testing it on diferent mobiles I have, I can see an issue with the logo. Being a little too long some devices. But that can be fixed easy.

Let me know the model of the phone you are seeing the problem so I can look one to test it.


Hello again, excuse delay

I have 2 problems, 1 mobile and 1 tablet

Mobile problem: I can make smaller circles below the Slider? Tablet problem: if I put the tablet horizontally header menu is not visible, disappears between the logo and the slider T_T

Sorry for my English, I use google translator.

And when you speak of the logo, what solution can I have?

Thanks friend, I am very happy with the theme and great support Yours


1. To modify the circles size you need to edit the style.css

And the class that handle that is:

.sport_icon{width:90px;height:90px;display:block; text-align:center;border-radius:45px;-moz-border-radius:45px;-webkit-border-radius:45px;-khtml-border-radius:45px;border-radius:45px;float:left; background-color:#222127;border:1px #5c5d60 solid; margin:0 20px 0 0; }

Now if you want to modify the circles for mobiles, or for one resolution only you need to add the code inside the media queries, just like:

@media screen and (max-width: 480px) {



2. The logo-menu issue is that your menu is very long in width right?

Here an option can be making the menu links padding smaller

In style.css you have

ul#main_menu li {position:relative; float:left; padding:0 40px 0 0px; height:42px;}

Edit that padding to padding:0 20px 0 0px; for example.



I am using this theme for my website http://f7gym.com/EN. Everything was good except that the ‘menu’ in responsive mode, i.e in mobile is redirecting to http://f7gym.com/# and i dont see a menu appearing. Plz Help!

Also The Gallery Isn’t Working Help Plz

Hi! I resolved my issue. Just removed the Twitter Widget from the Footer Center. Now everything is working like a charm.


If the twitter widget was no working corectly was causing some javascript issue.

The twitter widget needs to have all the data corectly added in the theme, like the API keys.


I am having a major issue with my theme and the compatibility of it with my Gravity Forms plugin. My Forms plugin does not display on this theme. It is a javascript error that is causing it. Please help me with this. I love the theme and i love my gravity forms plugin. i just want to be able to use both.

Well, There wasn’t a pop up error. I contacted Gravity Forms and they told me that it is a Java Script error that is not allowing the Form to load. They said that i have to go to my theme developer to get it fixed.

I just downloaded an additional plugin and it looks like it fixed my problem.


Glad you fixed the problem.

Any time you use an extra plugin there is a posibitlity for a javascript error to apear. All developers are using the same sources for their functions, and any time a function is duplicated, or use the same name a conflict will apear. It’s a general issue with multiple plugins and themes.



gotcmma Purchased

Hello, I’m having a problem adding an image to the custom image and text widget. Any ideas on how i should do this? Thanks!


To add an image in the text widget you need to add the img SRC HTML code, like

<img src="image location" alt="" />

To add an image in the “custom image” and I gues you mean by that the featured image option right? Just use the option wordpress have in the right sidebar.

Hope this helps. If didn’t please give a little more details about your issue.


Hi There. I like the theme and its easy to work with. BUT, how can I change the order of displaying the trainers? Now its by date. but that makes no sense. I want to have the “boss” on the first place and order them as I want. Any idea? Thanks.


You have an option in the custom admin panel to order trainers. By date, title, and random.

To place a certain trainer on top, just edit his publishing date, and make it the last one.

This are the only options from the admin. Another option is to modify the code to read a certain trainer and make it sticky.


Hi, I want to buy your theme, but I am not sure if it will work on WP 4.3?


Also please let me know if your menu supports multiple levels (more than 2). Thanks


Yes the theme is up to date, using the latest WP version.

And yes it supports another level in the drop down. But not more than 2.

Let us know if you will need help with the installation. We offer FREE instalation and free demo content added.


Hi there,


I set up this site:


Now i have a submenu, for example

Gym > Wedstrijden > Menu items

But the menu items doesn’t show up.

How to fix that?


Can you please tell us exactly what is wrong in that image? The drop down menu seems to work, it’s only the long words are on 2 rows, is this it?

We are testing on 46.0.2490.71 m too. And the 3’rd level of the drop down seems to work fine also.


The problem is the 3rd level doen’st work. You can check the screenshot. Only the 2nd level works..


What browser are you using? It seems Chrome from the screenshot. We are testing on Chrome too, and the 3’d level works fine, showing those 3 links in the sublelvel : informatie over / deelname ann/ turnklending

Please check http://www.bctest.nl/pegasus/turnselectie-in-beeld/

I want to add a video with widht en height.

I used [video] but the video is really small..


For videos please use the shortcode from the editor. This way the video will be 100% responsive.


Ok, can you tell me how the place the video? [video]youtubelink?[/video] ?


Yes add the video code in this format:



Hi, 1. how can i translate the link ‘back’ showing up in the header after clicking a trainer? 2. how can i translate the word ‘comment/comments’ in blog list page? I use poedit. Thanks


Sorry for the late response.

The only option to edit that text is by going into the single-trainers.php file

The code is

<h1><a href="<?php echo $url ?>">back</a> < <?php the_title();?></h1>


Hi, I set my email in “Power gym theme options” -> contact and I saved. I try to compile the form from another browser many times but the email doesn’t arrived! Why? What I have to do to get the arriving emails? Thank!


1. Test the theme on a server, not on localhost. 2. Make sure the email is not in the SPAM folder. 3. Make sure your hosting allows email sending, without SMTP verifications. 4. Test multiple emails, to make sure the code is working fine.