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For the Google Map, where do I get the coordinates at?

Respectfully, Leonard Michael

Nevermind. I figured it out. lol

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Great template. Really having a good time working with it. Question – Is there a way to make the layerslider only run a couple times through instead of running on and on? Thanks!

Marg Herder


I’ll have to take a look at the documentation of LayerSlider to see if they support it. I’ll get back to you as soon as I know.

Hey I am really liking the theme. I have the HTML version and I am having problems changing the twitter feed user. I changed it in script.coffee # set your twitter id user = 'xxxxxxx'

But I cannot find a matching user variable in script.js as it is detailed in the document.

Do you have any ideas on what I may be doing wrong?


I think the script.js might have gotten minified, which makes it hard to find.

Here’s a link to a regular version, just copy+paste it to you script.js http://cl.ly/code/2T1I2P2s3Y3m

On line 86, you’ll find the username ‘envato’. Change that to your username.

Thanks fast response, actually found it in the end last night but I have now replaced it with the version you sent. Thanks again.

Another question. Is there a way to easily remove the option for different colours selector that is on the left side of each page?


That should only be in the preview. I forgot to remove it from the file I sent to you…

Remove line 147 to 153 in the file I sent you.

I thought as much, thanks :)

For those interested, I creaste a rough PHP way to link to portfoliop pages.

Rename page to portfolio.php

At the top of the page add: <?php $cat = $_GET[‘cat’]; ?>

Then for each link, add the following php code:

  • ” data-filter=”*”>categoryname
  • At the end of the page add: </script>

    <script type="text/javascript">
    $('#portfolio-filter').isotope({ filter: '<?php
    echo ".$cat";
    ?>' });

    Now, you should be able to link to any of your pages using:


    Any chance of incorporating tabs and toggles?

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    Hello, Thanks for this great theme ! I’m working on it but I have a problem with the logo. It doesn’t appear on some browsers ie Firefox and some IE versions…

    I noticed there are 2 files in img called logo.png and logo@2x.png, I kept the same names but changed the size.

    Any idea where does the problem come from ?

    Thanks in advance, Ally o:)



    Please contact me through the contact form on my profile page and I’ll help you over email.

    Hi friend, i have a question. In the Portfolio – Single project page, i need put 2 projects, I need duplicate the portafolio single project container, but only first (on top) slider works, and below slider don´t works, please i need your help, sorry for my bad english, thanx

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    Hello Filip,

    On the “Service” page there is a position problem with the second row of items. Check the item called “Parralax slider”, it is not perfectly aligned with the others on the same column. —> http://playground.pixby.se/powerful/services.html

    Please help me get it correctly positionned asap.

    Thanks a lot,




    Please contact me through the contact form on my profile page and I’ll help you over email.


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    Amazing! So clean and easy to configure.

    Can you help me with the blog page? I don’t know how to get the aside features to function (search and categories). Right now they aren’t doing anything. What should they be doing?

    Hi friend, I have problems with the template in Internet Explorer. the site don´t load. Can You detect the problem: www.oscorp.cl Please, help me, thanx


    Love the Powerful template and the Powerful WP theme. I have a quick question. I am coding a splash page with the Powerful Template until we finish the full WP site. On iOS devices the telephone numbers that I am using are turning into bright red links. Is there any way to override that? I’ve tried inline styling, !important. Can’t seem to sake those red links.

    Here is the page: http://www.modo-group.com/staging/index.html

    Thank you!


    I downloaded the dummy text, however, I can’t find the services page.

    Also, I can’t locate the single profile page

    Hey! last year, we purchased (trough a different account) this theme. We currently have a problem after updating to the latest version. In the portfolio section, certain fields are hidden, when we want to add content. If I put something in the field on top changes (i.e. about_the_project) are not made.

    The fields on the bottom of the page have an inline css style style=”visibility:hidden;” and we can only remove that code using a developer tool in order to make the field available temporarily. Where do we have to look for the code that handles this?

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    Hi, I bought this theme a few months ago and I’m very happy with it. But how do you change the logo for all the responsive layouts? I’m getting the “powerfull” logo when connecting with iphone or tablets.


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    The twitter API has moved to 1.1 and is now using strictly json. Are you going to update the js and coffee files?


    I’m looking into it!

    rad107 Purchased

    Any luck?