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Wow! This is amazing mate! Welcome to the forest! Good luck with sales!

Looks nice, good luck with sales!

Nice work , congrats :)

Hi, WordPress version will be?

Happy to see you’ve turned it into a HTML version, thanks!

In addition I’d like to point out that it is indeed, as stated, very well documented. Good job!

Hello, I want to buy your beautiful theme before but I want to know if my customers can create an account?

Love the design and your choice of colors!

To all who wonder: Yes, there will be a wordpress version too if this sells well and people want a wordpress version.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the purchases! Please +1 if you would like to purchase the WordPress version.

Would love this if it were responsive! Any chance of that happening?

Would love to buy it if it included the following:

1) Responsive 2) Right Sidebar 3) Tabs & Accordion elements 4) Typography page

If these were added, I would buy it today!

Thanks everyone for the purchases! Please give star votes (hint: 5 stars) :) Thanks

have the psd files been properly sliced

Would love to see a WordPress version :)

Fresh and vibrant with just enough professionalism to let them know you mean business!

Ill be keeping an eye on you sir… Me likey ;)

+1 Wordpress and Responsive


Hi CrucialCounty,

Yup! Both under development currently.

Tacroy Purchased

Is there any User area that they go to after login?

Tacroy Purchased

Also the map image down the bottom right is too wide I believe and is causing the thing to overflow.


Hi Tacroy,

Do you have it up on a site we can take a look? All seems OK here on multiple browsers. Can you send a screenshots or maybe a link to where you’ve installed the template so we can correct the issue.