\\\\\\\\\\ “Powertool” – is a great solution for small and medium businesses. Due to compact, modern and stylish design as well as “Theme settings module” embedded tool.

Read online documentation to learn more about PowerTool: http://powertool.promokit.eu/documentation

Designed by Orman Clark

Full Features List

  • Live Search with images
  • Unlimited color options for backgrounds, text, headings, buttons, links, logo, etc…
  • 24 additional backgrounds
  • The ability to upload your own background and choose its position
  • Two main sliders comes with Powertool theme. Product slider and Minic Slider
  • Over 500 Google fonts embedded
  • Variable layout, left or right position of column
  • Live logo creation. Create your own logo directly in your back office
  • Grid or list view of product listing page
  • Animated “Add to cart” process
  • Scroll to top button
  • Beautifully made tooltip
  • One page & guest checkout
  • Social Login feature. Let your customers login to your shop with their accounts in social networks
  • Product Videos. Use Video to introduce your products to the world
  • Two additional sliders. Should help you to promote products, manufacturer, services, sales etc…
  • Isotope filter allows you to mix all types of products like specials, featured and new, in one section at the homepage
  • Facebook Likebox allows you to show your facebook fans with custom design (not facebook default view)
  • Payment Logo in the footer.
  • AddThis module. Let your customers to share products of your shop in social networks
  • Recent Tweets. Show latest tweets from your twitter feed.
  • Youtube Video. Show a promo video of your company, featured product, services, sales, etc…
  • Manufacturers Carousel. Show the carousel of manufacturers in your shop.
  • Show subimage of products on hover at the product listing page
  • Testimonials module. Allows you display the feedbacks from your customers
  • Facebook comments, let our customers write comments directly to facebook

Social Login

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Quality support in shortest time.

If you have any questions related to the layout, you can always leave a message on our support forum and get competent advice as soon as possible.


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Powertool theme supports PrestaShop versions from to There’s NO modifications in core files.

Alysum is compatible with all major browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • IE 8, IE 9 +
  • Safari
  • Opera


Don’t forget to update your theme! Download the .zip package from your themeforest account and replace the old files with the new ones provided. All new(fixed) files also locating in Updates directory for quick access to them.