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Hello! I have now bought the theme, but i think that it is pretty hard to setup.. It is not what i am used to! :) Can you help me to set it up, just at the setup is on “store home 1”? :) And also where i can setup all the things to “store home 1” :)

Also i would like to know, how i translate many of the things which is english, into danish..

I think there is a problem with the logo: If i change the layout into boxed and enter a page, it moves a little but to the left and almost out of the box.. Actually it also does when its not boxed but it is just way more visible when the layout is boxed! Can that be fixed?

Hello, simo8509.
Please create a separate ticket on our support site for each of these issues and we’ll do our best for solving them.

hello, i just purchase precise theme, hope it will be good.

We hope it will satisfy your requirements.


amida79 Purchased

Can i update to wordpres 4.2.2?

We didn’t test work of theme with WordPress v4.2.2. That is why we can’t guarantee you its correct work with this WordPress version.


I want to import dumy_data.xml. I can’t find it anywhere in the downloaded files. Could you send it to me or help me out?


Hello, Agnes.
We already answered your ticket on our support site. Please check it.

Don’t, don’t don’t don’t ever consider buying this theme!!! Especially, if you plan to use it for wp e-commerce. The theme is not maintained (!), which represents a major security risk. The customer service is just there for you in theory to make you wait around and hope for bug fixes and updates to tell you months later, that there won’t be any updates ever.

I have bought several wordpress themes here on envato and never had so many bad surprises.

So, don’t waist your time. Go buy your theme from another company.