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Hello again,

By reading some comments I figured I need to do a page anchor, I am not sure how to do that and don’t see anything in the index about it.

PlEASE HELP! Need website up asap :)

Thank you!


Set the anchors in the pages when you add/edit pages.

Hello there,

I’ve tried installing this theme and following all the instructions that were on the index.html file.

This is the result:

Also, clicking on the menu items does nothing at all.

Do you (or anyone else reading this) have any idea what I’m doing wrong?



Set the anchors in the pages when you add/edit pages.

Hi all I’ve just been installing this theme and just don’t get the menu to work. I am using wordpress 4.0, and named the menu as mentioned in the documentation “precision-main-menu”

Please help

ok solved – one has to fill out the page ancor section, should have been in the documentation, that would helped

Hi, Pre-sales query -

I am setting up for a client, prior to purchase I would like to know about the background and colours in the CSS…would it be fairly easy for someone with no experience to alter themselves ( following my directions ) so I do not need to do it for each new book he adverts with this theme ? He wishes to change the background, logo and text shades to coordinate with each new book…. Thanks, Tamara


Your client will need some knowledge of css in order to make all the changes you have mentioned.

Great Theme.. I have got it up and running pretty much.. The problem I have , I am using Wordpress 4.0, is that pasting the “about. text file” supplied in data, into the page Text editor, doesn’t format properly. I am guessing due to the WYSIWYG changes to later versions of Wordpress. I am not a programmer sadly. Using the “section” shortcut works ok for formatting but the page scrolling/page numbers dont work? is there a simple code to correct this? Many thanks

fixed it ! :) just tried repasting everything and it worked… next question is it possible to set up a Blog page with this theme? I created a blog page asked the posts to be sent there but they dont show up?


No, blog is not possible without heavy customizations or setting up blog on a separate WordPress setup.

Hello. At first sorry for my English ;) I have problem with scroller. If menu have two words, it doesn’t work (for example: “about” – it’s OK, “about me” – doesn’t work sections and scroller). Thanks in advance for answer :)

Hello. Is my anchor still wrong? I set anchor as “About”!

Hello. Coul’d you login to my wordpress acconut and solve this problem?

Hello. Please. Coul’d you login to my wordpress acconut and solve this problem?

Hello! You bought theme themeforest-precession. Customize everything strictly according to instructions. There was one problem – when you click on the link there is no transition to the desired page on the right. ( see what I mean), although the page is created. If you change the order of pages in the menu, it displays only the first link. How to solve this problem? Thanks!


You have enter page anchors when adding/editing pages. But make sure that you don’t use spaces in anchor names.


PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_action() in /*/wp-content/themes/fancybox/functions.php on line 26

=> 26 add_action( ‘init’, ‘register_precision_menus’ );

How to fix it?

P.S. WP – 4.0.1 php – 5.3.28

From request passes But, when I using the browser on the website, the answer to the following reques is empty in “ucomments”. Why?

This is a great theme. It took some time to work out some of the kinks; however, the site I’m developing is finally coming together.

I only have one issue left. My Home page has a scrollbar that I would like to remove. Can you tell me how to do that?

Thanks for your help!


I wrote last week and I need additional assistance. Please contact me when you are able.

  • How do I add a LinkedIn account to the fly-out profile?
  • When I try to enter text in the contact page, it writes over the Name and Email text that is already there. How do I fix this?
  • Finally, I can’t get email to work. Where do I make the changes to get this to actually send email?

Your help would really be appreciated.





Is this theme no longer supported? I have emailed and posted comments here.

Thank you.

Hi, would you able to me where in the css controls the height, width and positioning of the logo? Thanks

Is it possible to have the image pdf file of the round button in the logo? I really like it!

Thanks iR

Darn! I meant Photoshop PSD file!!!!

Please ignore: I found it!


RobGum Purchased

I am moving my site to (currently working fine on another server). I have added the pages to precision-main-menu, but the menu links are broken and not showing up. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get it working myself but nothing seem to do it.

Any ideas?

Btw, I tried using the support link but it didn’t accept my product id.

Hi, I don’t understand the reason but It is very difficult to function. When I follow the instruction It does not work and never appear how I think, pages are not openable… Help me please

I have a problem for to install the theme Premium vCard, I can´t finished the install, the wordpress say:

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed”

What is the problem?

Hello! I need your help, badly.

I have no idea about websites or wordpress themes. How do I go into the site and make any changes.

My goal was to turn this into a nice flipcard for my real estate business in introducing my audience to our company, team, houses and how we can help them out.

What do I need to do to get started. I uploaded the site to



Hi, I need assistance about the slideshow that doesn’t work. I followed the instructions, but the slides do not appears. I send the screenshots regarding OptionTree, Theme options in Appearance, and Slideshow at, but I have no answer and I think it’s the wrong address. The url of the site is:

Thank you Mauro

Sorry for my bad english

hi, I need to make more visible the address shop and facebook in page Contact. One solution would be to immediately see the sheet without click on the “I”. How can I do?

Thanks, Francesco