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Never mind about the menu. Should have read the post above mine first. But regarding the social network icons, I’m still having trouble with that. Also how can I remove the part that says ”# years experience” from the skills in the resume section.

I created a portfolio page and added 17 photos. If you goto the portfolio page it has “page 2” shadowed out and is only showing the 1st 8 pictures. The website is: www.covingtonwoodstimberlake.com.

Do I need additional shortcode? All images are under the portfolio category.

Thanks, Chad


Here is the shortcode I currently have on the portfolio page….

Homes of Covington Woods & Timberlake
workgallery galleryid=”5”

Are you saying you have to input shortcode for each page? So you would need to create two different galleries just so you can see the two pages?


Problem solved, I just doubled the shortcode on the portfolio page.

Hello, I can’t seem to get the slideshow to work on homepage. Is this because of the new Wordpress update?


Login using the account with which you have bought the file.

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Hi Thememates! How can I update the new version of this theme? Regards!

Hi I just purchased the theme and the wood textured background did not load automatically, but I couldn’t see a reference to how to load that background in the documentation. Did I miss it somewhere?

I did manage to locate the image file within the theme files and I just uploaded it via the theme options, but thought it might be worth mentioning if that step is not included in the instructions.

I do still have a question though, in the thumbnail on the main theme page there is a second background which is a lighter brown wood texture, is that file located somewhere within the theme files?

Hi, can anyone help with my homepage settings. I’d like to put a slogan on first page but the page is broken. check here http://www.pro-media.si/pianoart/.

Any solutions?

Make sure to use the welcomeslide shortcode e.g.:
[welcomeslide classes="welcomeslide"]
<h1 class="large">Hello</h1>
                        <p>You can put anything you like here </p>

for subsequent welcomeslides you will use following:
[welcomeslide classes="welcomeslide secondaryslide"]

                        <h4>PUT YOUR SLOGAN HERE !!! </h4>


[welcomeslide classes="welcomeslide secondaryslide"]

<h3>THIS SLIDER</h3>
                        WILL HOLD ANY


Yes I tried your shortcodes bellow. I copy-pasted it but still the same problem. The menu site is broken.

Can you help with this issue? thank you


Make sure that before pasting you swtich to “HTML” mode in the editor because pasting in “Visual” mode produces undesirable results.


How can I slow down the welcomeslides shortcode on the home page?

I want them to slow down the transition a little. Maybe add a few seconds.

You can change the speed by adjusting the value of speed parameter in the following block of code in index.php file:
                    mode: 'fade',
                    auto: true,

Thx. Worked perfect.

One more question:

I want to put a link that can be clicked to take them to the next section OR to any of the sections. Something linke:

(click here) <some html here…>

Is there a way to create custom fonts to be used as part of this template?

Never mind on the custom fonts, I figured it out.

Now I’m having trouble customizing the contact form. I like the style of yours, but would like to add another field or possibly some check boxes. How do I keep it consistent with yours?


Contact form doesn’t send emails.



Yes, with different accounts


What should I do?


It might be your website’s hosting configuration which is not allowing the simple mail function as some hosting providers require smtp authentication which is beyond the scope of this theme.

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HI, This site was definitely frustrating at first. I love the design. But with a dozen hours of focus towards making ends meet, well, I must say. It is as intended. If anyone has problems and frustraions as I did. Hit me up at http://infiniteconcepts.org/ where you can view the site with a little play. I am in the process to modify it a little to add submenus and for you to blog and add comments. I hope to complete it soon. Anyways, Thank You for such a masterpiece in design. GREAT IDEA !

Hi, I sent an email yesterday. I love the design by the way. I have installed the theme and am setting up the site but can’t get the slideshow to work. I have followed the instructions in the documentation but it is still not working. I need to set this up ASAP as it for our wedding website and the invites are going out soon. Please help.


BcCorby Purchased

Hi Craig, they are a bit slow to respond. I love this theme, but it is really some work. Hit me up in my contact form at http://infiniteconcepts.org/ and I will help you out free of charge. Only because I love doing this work. Are you putting The gallery id # in the correct place? also are you selecting which gallery box on the right column when you upload your photo in the works. dont forget this step. If anyone needs any help, minor structure, I will give you my help at no cost. For the love of development. OH, and coffee.

Hi BcCorby,

Thaks for the response. I am not trying to add any works, I am trying to get the slideshow on the left hand side working. A static image works but the slide show doesn’t.

My site is http://www.emma-and-craig.co.uk/ if you can spot anything obvious?

Thanks again

BcCorby Purchased

sorry, I read you wrong. add two images to get it to work in the slide show. make sure you have the correct path. if you have problems, shoot me an email through my site an give me a username and some admin power. if your images are in the media library, I could knock it out for you in two minutes

Hi BcCorby, I sent you an email last night. Have you been able to have a look at the slideshow issue? Thanks

BcCorby Purchased

Yes, I fixed your slideshow issue. I sent you an email what the issue was. You may view your site. I added two images of my own. You may delete them any time. Glad to help you. Sorry I did not respond sooner. Please, if you want to hit me up. Hit me up throuch my contact form on my site at http://infiniteconcepts.org/ I am at this adress more frequently.

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I bought this theme a couple of days ago. From all perspectives, Im Really satisfied with it.

If your Images wont slide and get stucked:

It might depend on your images measurements. If their to small or to big the slide wont work. Originals in 600X400 images works like a charm. I publish mine in “medium” (center) and in 300X200.

BcCorby (above) at: http://infiniteconcepts.org/ helped me with the issue. A really cool and helpful guy.

Thank you, Robert!


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When I upload the zip file to my word press website, I get this error message

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

I cant do anything with this file. Please help.


you don’t have upload the whole zip file instead unzip it and then upload the “precision” folder to themes folder in your wordpress installation.

Hi, Would anybody know how I could increase the size of the design a bit. I personally feel it is a bit too small – increasing it by a few pixels may make it look better. Thanks