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No live preview available :)

Livre preview please

Live demo pls

Live preview is up – Very nice work! Great value too!

Can the homepage slider be set to a fade effect?


First of all, thanks for your nice review!

Sorry, but the slider is based on the ui “jquery tools scrollable” so there are no effects like fading.

I hope you will enjoy it anyway!

Best regards

Hello, this question may have been answered already but i’m really interested in this theme and I would like to know the answer to a few questions before i begin..


at the bottom of this website there is a fairly large section with many link and my question is, is there any way to make this smaller or just make it so only very few links show …

Secondly: is there any chance that there is help needed if i get stuck say trying to edit this !!


Hello wasbongo,

At first thank you for your interest for this theme. We like that you like it.

First question: The footer at the bottom of the site is flexible and the size will automatically adjust to the amount of content that you provide. Just try it out!

Second question: If you need help, we are there. Either you use the integrated message function on our profile site, or you send an e-mail at hallo@innovatics.de.

We hope that you’ll enjoy our template.

Your Innovatics Team.

some1ell Purchased

Hello….very nice template! Is it possible to send me an index file with ‘color change’ function included? – (like in preview). I would really need it! Thank you …


Hello some1ell,

thanks for your purchase; we hope you will enjoy it!

Yes it is possible!

Send us an email to hallo@innovatics.de and we will send you the ‘color switcher’ code back.

Your Innovatics Team.

marconsc Purchased

Hi, good theme but i’ve just a question pls. Is contact form workable or not?




sorry, but we didn´t include any PHP script for the contact form.

Your Innovatics team

There is also a version for WordPress? I’d like to buy it for my blog! Why is not realized? The look forward to! Thank you!