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This is not for wordpress! It is html template.

Hi when a user signs up to subscribe where dose that info go ? Can I have it send me a normal email??


You can choose between three methods:
  1. Send email
  2. Subscribe to Mailchimp list/Campaignmonitor list
  3. Save as CSV file on your server

hello is there a way to adapt the color of menu / bar to specific color we have ?

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The contact form is not working for me at all. The page simply reloads when I submit it (no feedback is shown) and I never receive either a confirmation email as the sender or a notification email as the admin (I set the admin email in config.php).

You can view it here: http://centroesteticadelrostro.com/temp/

Please advise ASAP .

Thank you


Please use Firebug to check the Console for any errors. Errors cause the reload in most cases

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Nevermind, i figured it out.

HI there, I got this template for free some time ago and love it, great work. However like some others here and in your forum, I am still having problems with the subscription part. No Subscription emails are sent to me, however the Contact form does work, so from the server side things are okay I guess. I created this test file:

<?php $to = ‘kontakt@castana.de’; $subject = ‘test subject’; $message = ‘hello test’; $headers = ‘From: webmaster@example.com’ . ”\r\n” . ‘Reply-To: webmaster@example.com’ . ”\r\n” . ‘X-Mailer: PHP /’ . phpversion();

echo mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers); ?>

...which did work. Can you help? Is there something wrong with the register.php file that prevents emails from being sent?

Thanks for any help (am German by the way, so we could speak in German if you like)

Thanks, Steffen

Nevermind…I found the problem: I am using “Version 1” and in the register.php file there was an extra line (line 62) which read “return true” but wasn’t needed. I removed it and now the Subscription is working. Thanks, S.

Liked it and used it for some time on http://konkretstudio.com/zdjecia-i-pozostale/ . Now as well as on http://konkretstudio.com/zrealizowane-filmy/ I want to make it diffrent.

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The template is great, however The contact form works and sends me an email but the subscribe area does not work. It says “we got you, we’ll email you…” but does not create a .csv file or email me.

can you help?

SO everyone seems to be having a problem with the subscribe button working through email. I’ve read through the last 2 pages of posts before purchasing and he hasn’t responded with a solution in regards to this matter.

If you know why so many people are having problems with it, please let us know so others can feel confident enough to purchase it.


Hi, The mail function dos only work if you webserver supports it.

Hi there, I am concerned about the email function as well. Haw can we tell if our webserver will accept this function prior to purchase?


Thanks mate, If you have further questions or feature requests don’t hesitate to ask!


Hey mcollins,

just noticed that this isn’t MyMail :bashfulcute: my mistake. Anyway thanks for purchase!

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No problem… just bought that one also… ;)

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Hi. How can I change the color of the progress bar ?

Search for
in the first version and replace it with your desired color

On the Iphone the time remaining just says 0. ala site: thepracticemonitor.com any idea if this can be fixed?


it does work!! I just verified that your link works. Syill mine dont. I swear I uploaded it without changing anything below is the top part of config .js. doe it look like you say it should? if not please advise

var params = {

//set the current stat in % (0-100) //This is useless if you set a startDate
currentState: 5,
//set the Date to a GMT/UTC
//format: mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss GMT  //If you set a startDate the currenState value gets calculated
startDate: '02/01/2013 00:00:00 GMT',
startDate: true,  //Set startDate to false to use the currentState value
//format: mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss GMT
//targetDate: '04/15/2013 08:00: GMT',

I was able to get the days to show and progress bar, but the progress bar number had to be set manually it seems. at the very least, setting it up is not very intuitive. but thanks for the help.


can you set StartDate to false?

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Online help on sales page is missing. (Error 404)

However, I was wondering how to select a different theme. You include 8 different color schemes but it seems to me that you have to change the style.css file. If that’s the case, why do you supply the layered .psd and .png files?

How can these color schemes be used without changing the style sheet? This is not what I had in mind when I bought this so called site template.



Support has been moved a while ago: http://rxa.li/support

All versions are included. they are all in versionX where X is the version number

Hope that helps!

Arqt1X Purchased

Thank you for your quick response. The link on your sales page is not functioning, may I suggest that you update it? Furthermore the link is on a different site where one needs to register again! I have already subscribe where I bought your product, not logical to me.

It would help if you please read my question again, you did not answer it. Thanks again.


Sorry, but since Envato hasn’t any support solution authors have to go with a third party solution.

Please ask Envato to implement something better for buyers!


Nice, with a lot of coding for the price. I’m a designer so found it easy to change the colours in the css to what I wanted and learnt a bit about the php too. The email subscription wasn’t working but I followed the Castana posting:

“Nevermind…I found the problem: I am using “Version 1” and in the register.php file there was an extra line (line 62) which read “return true” but wasn’t needed. I removed it and now the Subscription is working. Thanks, S.”

Many thanks C and S


ok, cool thanks I’ll add it in the next update

Awesome theme! When will you be releasing another update?


What would you like to have in a new update?

I bought this today and set it all up by following the documented instructions you provided but the countdown timer just says 0 seconds even though I have my target date set to October 31 and have start date set to false. What do I do?


I guess we have solved this!? (wrong date format)


Yes we do thank you!

help.revaxarts.com is live!

As you may know I’m currently working with Ticksy to give support for my items. Recently support requests have increased tremendously and since Ticksy has stopped it’s development I had to find a better solutions for my customers.

From now on all support request for buyers go through this contact form and all most common questions should have been answered already at help.revaxarts.com

I’m going to add new articles in the future so you may want to add the feed to your favorite feed reader or sign up to my newsletter as well

I’ll answer open tickets at Ticksy soon but you should consider to send me a mail to speed thing up

Thanks for understanding

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Where can i translate email related strings like “please provide all fields!”

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Still wrong. it was contact.php


Oh, sorry. It has been a while I’ve made this.

Please let me know if you still have questions!


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How can i make similar CSS button? I tired to copy + paste code from button css but didnt work