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I’m using PressCore with WooCommerce and I would really like to use your fancy header and a full width layout (no sidebar) for the main shop page – layout is a bit dull otherwise (compared to whats possible with standard pages). However, even with the Woo CSS turned off setting the fancy header and turning the sidebars off on this page makes no difference to the front end.

Any suggestions?

I’m afraid dedicated template for that functionality required. Only experienced WP dev can accomplish it :(

Hey guys, wondering if you could help me out. Looking to turn off the fade-in effect on all images site-wide?


Please note that we provide support only via our online help-desk: http://support.dream-theme.com . Submit a ticket there and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks!

does this have a child theme? Sorry if thats a dumb questions and ALL can have a child theme


But I strongly recommend to take a look at our newer The7 theme: http://themeforest.net/item/the7-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/5556590 Thanks!

Will you update it to 3.8? You said the admin area is not optimized. What does this mean? Do you advice to stick with 3.7 for now? Kind regards.

“admin area is not optimized” just means that it will not look as perfectly matched as with WP 3.7. Nevertheless it is 100% usable.


sorry for posting here. support.dream-theme.com is down

How do we change the contact form messages?

ex. Feedback has been sent to the administrator


Thanks for report! Yes, it was down for about half an hour. Now all works fine.

How can I use shortcode direct in php file. I have custum page and want use shortcodes into the php code of the page?

You can declare your own shortcodes as in every other WordPress themes.

When will this theme be updated for Wordpress 3.8?

Hi, Current version of theme is compatible with WP 3.8. However Theme Options styling will not look very good.

Can you please tell me how to change the default message after someone has submitted the Contact form? I don’t want it to say feedback has been sent to the administrator. Thank you.

We recommend using “Codestyle Localization” plugin: it can be used for changing and safely storing captions (as well as theme translation).

I moved my site to a new directory, did a search and replace. Have uploaded a fresh install of theme and it is still broken, wont load the css almost at all. Please Advise!

Sorry for taking so long to reply – being quite busy with The7 theme update.

Please, submit a request via our online help-desk http://support.dream-theme.com – we’ll get back to you ASAP and take a look what is wrong. ?Thanks!

Hello, is there an option to have a max width of 960 or 1020? The 1320 width is nice, but I want there to be some background visible on smaller monitors as well.

Why does it take you so many days to reply to the questions on this thread? Most authors provide replies within 24 hours.

There’s no option for that, but this customization can be done manually in CSS. Nothing fancy.

Regarding support. Sorry but I consider this question ignorant. We’re live people and we’re not working on weekends. If you’re not satisfied with it – please don’t buy our products. Thanks for understanding.

I have already purchased the7, but am considering purchasing PressCore also. Are there any differences between the two?

Also, what is the recommended image size for this theme?

Thank you.

I have now purchased the PressCore. Also a wonderful theme. I am having a few issues however – the Visual Composer will not convert to the new version and I have followed all instructions. Also, am I able to create multiple sidebars with PressCore? If so, please advise how. Thank you.

PressCore originally was released without Visual Composer. VC-version was released much later as “bonus” for buyers. So all its content is build using old-school text shortcodes. Thanks for understanding!

Is it Possible to get shortcodes to work in widget areas? As I would like to add social icons shortcodes to the footer area.


There’s no build-in tool for that. Maybe there’s some sort of plugin that enables this functionality, but I’m not sure.


Following Message appears on the Admin-Panel: Error: Less css is not writable!

What’s the problem?


I am getting backslashes before apostrophes for some reason. Is this a known issue or something else? Thanks!

Please note that we provide support only via our online help-desk: http://support.dream-theme.com . Submit a ticket there and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks!

Hi! I like this theme very much, but I’ve some problems with my site. I’m just fed up with media file failures in this theme. In some browsers fotos do not load at all , or just load not compeletly. In othere cases, when I reload the page, some fotos disappear and do not reload. Here you can test it:

load the page: http://addmolk.ru/ in mozzila firefox. Then reload it and you see some fotos on the top and button parts of the page do not load. You can see the same failure with page http://addmolk.ru/designproekt/ (project thumbnails)

Other problem: load page http://addmolk.ru/commercobjecty/ in chrome browser. Everey thing is ok. But in fairefox and IE the foto (on the top part of page) dosen’t load at all.

Problem #3: if I add a low-level page to main menu, the top-level page in the menu won’t work with one click. I have to dubble click it to open it. Can you settle down with these problems?

Hi, Please note that I submited the ticket 3 business days ago and yet there is no answer. Is it real premium class customer support service, always ready to help costumers, or I missed something?

May I have your Ticket ID, please? Thanks!

Sure! 8359


When is this Theme going to be updated for compatibility with WordPress 3.8?

It is compatible.

When will admin area be optimized for WP 3.8 or 3.8.1 ?

And will it be ready for WooCoomerce 2.1.2 ?



(1) – What issues does the admin area have with 3.8 ?

(2) – Just to be certain, you said that this theme is compatible with WooCommerce 2.1.2 . Correct ?


I definitely want to buy this theme Fo’ Sho’ !


- turner2f

1. Theme Options simply does not look as nice as they should be. Mostly it’s disproportional headers and other sizing issues.

2. Yes :)

Maybe you want to take a look at out The7 theme: http://themeforest.net/item/the7-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/5556590 – it evolves much faster than other our products.

I am planning to purchase the “PressCore” theme.

The only CSS help I would need would be concerning the text field layout for the “Checkout” page(s) on mobile phone devices.


(1) – The text fields are crunched together and staggered when viewed on a mobile phone.

(2) – Also, the “Billing Address” and “Shipping Address” columns should not be side-by-side (and squished) when viewed on a mobile phone device. The sections should be stacked all into one column

Will be purchasing very soon.



- turner2f

I have been trying to add Parallax Stripes. When I click edit Row I do not see the Enable parallax checkbox. Please advise.

Please note that we provide support only via our online help-desk: http://support.dream-theme.com . Submit a ticket there and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks!

I have read over the comments from 3 months ago and have the following question…

Within the current version of this theme does the Visual Composer work with the dummy content ?



- turner2f