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Hi, Dream Theme How to show the Title Attribute in header menu ? i have tried to fill Tittle Attribute on Menu, but title still doesnt appear..

Cannot see your purchase verification…

ouh, i dont know bout it. my web developer just give me a wordpress account. and i just want add title attribute to navigation menu anda display it on hover. i lost contact with my web developer. I just paid and use website developer service with presscore theme inside my wordpress…

Hi I have a question. I using my own plugin for fancy images. I have conflict with yours. How to turn off yours fancy images plugin? thank you

Sorry this requires considerable amount of customization which is unfortunately beyond the scope of theme support.

How do i increase the width of the sidebar system?

Technically this can be done in CSS . If you are familiar with it, you can use FireBug (FireFox plugin for web-developers) or Chrome web developers tools to define which style should be changed and where. Here’s an awesome screencast by WooThemes on how to use it: http://vimeo.com/20917974 . Otherwise please consider hiring an experienced developer/freelancer to assist with it.

Hi there! Updated to WP 3.9 which broke the Visual Editor completely , can’t select shortcodes, can’t select more colors. Reluctuntly updated again to 3.9.1 hoping for a fix, nothing. It is still not working. Come on guys! Is someone going to take responsibility? Have you got any fixes you can recommend? ...and before you ask, yes, i have tried de-activating ALL the plugins.

Please update theme to newest version (4.1.3). Also try to disable your plugins as many some of them may cause issues you are describing.

Hi, I’m looking to buy this theme but I see there are problems with the new Wordpress version. Can you make any predictions about when you’ve updated the theme? Thanks in advance!

Yeah think I’m going to look for something else…

Where can i find the newest version 4.1.3? I downloaded again but it was still vs 2.0.1

4.1.3 is newest version of The7 – not PressCore.

sooo what does that mean for me? Can i use the composer files from the 7 theme? Are you coming out with an update?

PressCore Dear friends, I’ve been patiently waiting for the solution to the problems brought about by the WP update, including 3.9.1, the latest downloadable version of PressCore but I see that these solutions do not come, I feel Dream-Theme is not height than expected. A desarrollardor putting an item on the market must keep pace with updates at least equivalent to WP. You can not leave customers in this way and wait weeks and weeks to give answers. I hope you make quick decisions. The topic deserves PressCore we. Regards

How do we get a refund for this theme that does not work?

You need to submit a support request to Envato support directly at support.envato.com. Note that they will verify your claim.

Sorry we can only know if you update this theme? Or should we buy another theme to use future versions of wp?

Yes, update is on the way. If all goes as planned we’ll be releasing it in the end of this (or beginning of next) week.

:inlove: Thanks for the news, this theme is amazing!

Hi, Your answer confused me. IS THERE or ISN’T THERE an update for PRESSCORE? Is version (4.1.3) for presscore? I don’t know what The7 is? Please stop telling me to switch off plugins – I already told you i have done this. I cannot find any links to the news version at all. I can’t afford to wait another week before you answer either.

Sorry, posted wrong comment. 4.1.3 is The7. Update for PressCore will be available in the end of this (or beginning of next) week.


PRE-SALE Questions:
I really like the look and function of this theme. There are a few elements I would like to keep the same when customizing the theme.

Question 1:
Do you include the iPhone and iPad Mock-Up PSD for this theme? If not, can you give me the link so I can purchase it?

Question 2:
A lot of individuals are asking you when will the next update should be posted, do you have an estimate date?



1. http://www.pixeden.com/psd-mock-up-templates/psd-ipad-perspective-mockup http://www.pixeden.com/psd-mock-up-templates/3d-iphone-5-psd-vector-mockup-v2 https://www.dropbox.com/s/d5w4niu9m8tk9kb/slider-psd.zip https://www.dropbox.com/s/p4brin19e4l5tog/slide-psd.zip http://www.pixeden.com/psd-web-elements/responsive-showcase-psd-vol2

2. Tomorrow OR on the beginning of next weak. Main reason of delay is significantly changed internals of Visual Composer.

BTW, please note that we consider PressCore as a framework. Therefore it’s much more lightweight and have far less features than our The7 theme: http://themeforest.net/item/the7-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/5556590

Greetings, I like this theme, but I want to make sure that this theme is now working with the latest wordpress 3.9.1 before I purchase.

Pleas advise, and thanks in advance.

Soon. Not yet.

There is no child theme included in the download, although the support site and the comments here indicate there is one provided.

Is there one available?

No, Child theme comes with The7 theme: comments to different themes are mixed in my author dashboard and I probably thought that was a question to The7 (not PressCore).

Anyway child themes are very easy to create and there are tons of good tutorials on the internet.

Hi, when are you gonna release the update? in this week?

Yes. Our guys are currently working on it (and it takes a bit more time than I expected).

This update is taking much to long as either we update date to the newest wordpress build and break the theme in the backend or leave our site with a old version of wordpress and have a security risk..

No one should buy this for any production site until they resolve this issue.. the only other remedy I see is to update the site to the THE7 which would be a lot of work for our large sites…

please update ASAP.. been waiting patiently

Sorry for taking so long. Currently working on it.

BTW all final releases of 3.8.x and 3.7.x are 100% safe.

Backing Up shawnarnold comment. When are we going to get the update to the new Wordpress. I can not use the Visual Layout Builder.

Already uploading it to ThemeForest.

Any news on the update?

Yes. Already released.

It says the latest version includes the latest Visual Composer. I have uploaded just the wpbakery folder and nothing appears to have changed. I desperately need a text block that has the tinymce editing tools. Is that available, am I missing something else I need to upload?


Can’t I’m afraid, I have massively edited the php files :(

If I delete the wpbakery folder and install VC as a plugin separately, will that work?

Then, please, submit a ticket at our help-desk ( support.dream-theme.com ), describe your situation, and ask the ticket to be assigned to Danil (he’s our programmer). MAYBE he’ll be able to help. (but please note that I do not guarantee it since customization related stuff is normally beyond the scope of theme support). Thanks!

Many thanks for your help :)

Is it possible to create the theme for wordpress like sending in imagem.Pois client wanted something like this or a similar theme so if anyone can indicate I paid not have any problem tancks


[Sorry for pre-made reply, I’ll not be able to properly answer comments till Jun 16]

Please submit all your support and pre-purchase related questions via our online help-desk: http://support.dream-theme.com – there are 3 guys who is always ready to help you!