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Hi, I have loaded a featured image in size 400px × 622px Where can I change the width of the image in featured section in single post that has not been scaled up to a width of 808px. I would like to stay on the original width of the photo, or scaling down when the picture is too broad. In the panel, or style.css? Where in the css?

Post content area is 808px and set width is 100% in it. And you need to set it to max width 100% only. Here is the stylesheet for allow this and use it on Custom CSS field.
.item-single .item-image img {
    width: 400px !important;
    float: none;
    margin-left: auto;
    margin-right: auto;
    display: block;

Thanks a lot

Hello I bought you theme last week. I think its funtion is really good. I hope you write some coding for me The thing is that i want to use ‘basic-user-avatars’ I think you changed a lot of source like ‘get-avatar’ At profile sectiong page, the plugin doesn’t activate at all So, If you have a time, Plz help me. OTL


You can find tt_get_user_avatar function in 22 line of frontend-profile-option.php file. This is a custom function that needs to be replaced with get_avatar function. Function codex page here.

Thanks a lot


Can I use for videos theme? and Is the Turkish language option? I will take..


You can add embed of Youtube and Vimeo and they show on your front blog as you can see on demo site.

All the frontend texts are translatable, just use PO file for your language.


Pre-purchase Questions:
I’m interested in purchasing the theme, and I have the following questions:

  • 1)Does the theme work with custom post type? I need the theme to load events and event location (custom posts).
  • 2) If in case the theme does not fit our need, what is the refund policy?
  • 1. Typically it works with posts. But you can show it with any custom post type. You can use your post type plugin for your custom types

    2. I don’t have specific policy. It refers envato refund policy.

    Thanks a lot

    I purchased the theme yesterday, and followed your instructions on to add “event” as custom “post_type” on my page, also selected the page to use Blog template. Updated loop.php to include the following code:

  • $post_type = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'post_type', true); if(isset($post_type) && $post_type != "")
  • but my custom post_type events are not showing up on the page.
  • Please help!
  • Thanks! $order.=”&post_type=$post_type”;

    Many thanks for your help! I understand it is not that generic, and that’s some extra works that you’re trying to help. I’ve been spending a few days trying to figure it out myself before asking you. I really like your theme as it looks so pretty, and hoping to be able to use it on my website. Let’s hope event manager has a simple answer so that the two can work together :-)

    I have resolved the problem by adding extra custom fields (duplicating location information) so that I may do the filtering. So this issue is resolved. Thanks again for your help. Really appreciate it! :-)

    I’m happy with that, thank you for your effort

    Just wanted to drop in to say that I am really enjoying this theme. Was initially waiting for other ‘meme’ themes to offer responsive versions, but got tired of waiting. Yours works very well with what I wanted to do with my site.

    What a beautiful and funny site, Thank you :)

    Page layout Warning when using default template When using “Default Template” on Page Attributes, the following error is displayed on Page Layout section under Page additional options: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/13/11935313/html/ebtechnologies/test_events/wp-content/themes/PressGrid/framework/includes/metaboxes/default_meta_boxes.php on line 274

    this issue was raised to support and has been fixed.

    Thanks :)

    can you give me sample user for try theme while posting. at your demo i cant register.


    User: demo
    Pass: demo


    There is a error on video thumbnail. When I down the back key after seeing any post, all video thumbnail are viewed as the same. How do i solve this problem?

    On mobile there is no problem. Only when I access on pc, there is a error.

    One more thing, error occurs only on the first loading screen objects. After first “Pagination number” post is loaded by error, I see normal thumbnail.

    Can you give us your site address on the support forum? Also are you seen this issue on the demo site too?



    qdawood Purchased

    I have been asking for support from the past one week, What kind of lunatic support they have

    Answered on your forum message. Thanks

    I have two questions below: 1. Is there a way to redirect a pressgrid to a page instead of a custom link URL? 2. What is the recommended image resolution for pressgrid for a) landscape b) portrait images? Thanks!

    1. You can add you page url on your custom link field.

    2. Single post page shows 808px wide images. Then you can upload images about this wide and height is stretched automatically related width.


    I’d like to have Post Filter on the top of the page to show categories of custom fields. Appreciate if you could provide the name of the files which need to be amended so that I may do some customization. Thanks!

    I don’t get your purpose. tt_get_filter_list function (functions.php, 425) prints filter. But this is a very dedicated function and works on blog pages particularly. You can duplicate and call modified version of it to print filter.


    The single post page looks weir and not nice when showing featured image in portrait mode. Is there a way NOT to scale the width to 808px but have the original resolution IF the image width is smaller than 808px? ie. set 808px as the maximum image width? Thank you!

    Please check out this page and scroll down to find the solution for your question. Hope this prepared solution helps you there. Thanks

    The list if posts on the demo home page looks very nice as each grid has it’s own color. However, when I use the theme, my posts are in white color only on the grid. Is there a setting that I need to change in order to have my grid looks like the demo page? Thanks!

    Please go to your categories and set specific color on them . Thanks

    I’d need to specify the color for custom post’s categories. Can you direct me which file I should change to have it customized? Thanks!

    I think you don’t need to add some hard coding there. Just inspect and know your category class names from your custom post view. Then bind custom color styling similar to this
    .portfolio.taxonomy-creative {
      background-color: red;
    .portfolio.taxonomy-business {
      background-color: blue;
    In this example portfolio presents post type name and tax-creative presents category class name.



    PressGrid is very nice, thank you.

    I can’t change the background. “Active custom background image” turn it On, i upload my image, save the settings, but nothing change.

    My site :

    Just select no pattern on next option of the background image. Pattern option overwrites bg image now. Thanks

    Hello, I have a problem with latest release of PressGrid and Wordpress 4.1, the Visual Composer does not work can you help me? tx Daniele Podda

    I add an information, the Visual Composer doesn’t work with posts but it works with only pages

    I solved, I didn’t see options in settings. have a nice day D

    About PressGrid and Wordpress 4.1
    this template isn’t available for 4.1 for wordpress, Visual Composer run correct until 3.8.3.
    I’m very disappointed, I suggest you to change the features or to solve this bug.

    Hi I would like to check, how does each author post?

    1. any frontend submit?

    how does instagram post work? Thank you


    andysuen Purchased

    Currently, all blog pages are full width wide, and there is no option to choose a blog page to have sidebar.

    Is there a way to have another blog template with sidebar?

    Hi there, I use the PressGrid theme for the website and Ilove it! Only one small thing bugs me: I set up a child theme and now there is no option to change the favicon. I put my own one in the root folder but it only shows up when I’m in the dashboard?! any solution? best Torsten