PressGrid - Frontend publishing & Multimedia Theme

PressGrid - Frontend publishing & Multimedia Theme

Every wordpress magazine themes are not made for frontend publishing feature. We will introduce to you frontend publishing and multimedia theme. Because our theme has support Oembed it has included Soundcloud + Vimeo + Youtube + Twitter + Instagram. Our 5 post format is easy to configure also Page additional options are better than before.

Theme Option has included all of theme feature options and before you work around our theme please create Frontend editor page, Profile settings page, Favorite posts page, Logout redirect page. Don’t forget to enter Facebook APP ID, Twitter Token Key then social login section works on your theme and users are able publish posts instant from their Twitter, Facebook account.

Every site owner wants to rank higher in search engines. Choosing a good SEO Optimized theme is also very important for your site to rank higher. If you want to it, PressGrid is a right choise for you. This theme is built with SEO best practices, regarding Titles are place heading (h1, h2, h3,...) tags, important content is always placed before other one and Theme SEO panel.

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Key Features

  • Front-End Publishing feature included
  • Cron Like Auto Post Delete option included
  • Theme option included more than +100 option
  • Amazing liquid/responsive layout
  • Incredibly compatible for mobile devices such as iPad & iPhone
  • Unlimited color option for post and category
  • Powerful SEO option
    • Page title
    • Description meta
    • Indexation
    • Keyword
    • Image optimization
  • Theme Elements
  • Admin panel – Highly detailed and user experience
  • Powerful mega menu, up to 4 columns and unlimited height
  • Cross browser compatible
  • Valid HTML5
  • Post formats: Video, Audio, Link, Quote and Status (twitter, instagram)
  • Twitter and Instagram Url paste our Status section
  • Translation ready. PO/MO files included

ShowCase – Some of the Websites built on it

= V3.3.0 - Feb 13 2014 =
        FIXED : Twitter login function

= V3.2.2 - Feb.07.2014 =
        FIXED : Mobile swipe issue on single page

= V3.2.1 - 12.20.2013 =
        UPDATE : Frontend categories hierarchy
        FIX : Installation error
        FIX : Media library styling

= V3.2 - 10.23.2013 =
        *UPDATED : Visual composer to
        UPDATED : Blockquote paragraph spacing
        UPDATED : Audio post format featured image
        UPDATED : Video responsive script
        UPDATED : Documentation
        FIXED : Post Next link on IE browser
        FIXED : Audio player playing together issue
        FIXED : Color code issue when included 3 digits color
        FIXED : Widget thumbnail resize crop

= V3.1 - 08.02.2013 =
        *ADDED : Breadcrumb, which places next to menu
        UPDATED : Logo max width on responsive resolutions
        FIXED : iFrame height issue.
        FIXED : Fixed add frontend post page

= V3.0 - 07.23.2013 =
        *ADDED : iFrame responsive video on all resolutions
        *ADDED : Filter font size option
        *ADDED : New option for removing Nicescroll bar
        *ADDED : No sidebar option on single posts
        *ADDED : Teaser text field for index page
        UPDATED : aq resize function version up
        UPDATED : Social buttons on Author profile page
        UPDATED : Top sidebar Login menu are show together
        UPDATED : Exclusion of shortcode from excerpt / split
        UPDATED : Facebook comment count on widget
        UPDATED : Social widget http extends
        FIXED : Social button stumble upon
        FIXED : Header don't fixed on mobile
        FIXED : Sharethis remove libraries when closed social option
        FIXED : Twitter duplication on Firefox
        FIXED : Twitter firefox alignment
        FIXED : iframe undefined issue related youtube opaque    

= V2.6 - 05.10.2013 =
        UPDATED : Language files
        UPDATED : Updated jQuery validate
        FIXED : Noting found page alignment
        FIXED : Page content printing
        FIXED : Single content centering for header full options

= V2.5 - 04.04.2013 =
        ADDED : Post sidebar option
        FIXED : Post filter text visibility
        FIXED : Horizontal scroll false at all
        UPDATED : Better compress plugin compatibility 
        UPDATED : Editorial calendar compatibility

= V2.4 - 03.29.2013 =
        UPDATED : Compressed most stylesheet files
        FIXED : Execution time problem on single page, post author count function
        FIXED : Twitter bug on next pages

= V2.3 - 03.08.2013 =
        ADDED : Pinterest icon on social links widget
        UPDATED : Speeding up, Image function return proper size image on blog page
        UPDATED : Speeding up, Reduced featured image size to Medium on home/blog page
        UPDATED : Script updates 
        UPDATED : Strip shortcodes from blog page
        UPDATED : To avoid both jPlayers playing together.
        UPDATED : Registration complete message added on register form
        FIXED : Only Grid Full layout flexible margin
        FIXED : image galleries, image gallery fade works

= V2.2 - 02.22.2013 =
        FIXED : Pagination next pre repaired by iSound
        FIXED : JS front-end bug
        FIXED : Flickr Widget

= V2.1 - 02.20.2013 =
        ADDED : Link color and link hover color options
        UPDATED : Some issues of speeding up
        UPDATED : Calling js_composer_front files only on single/page
        UPDATED : Calling swipe only on mobile
        UPDATED : Calling thickbox only on frontend editor page
        UPDATED : Read more link on category/archive page
        UPDATED : Always 404 error page gets full width and default sidebar
        FIXED : Shortcode support on Video post format
        FIXED : Saving bug of post format
        FIXED : Top areas of Favorite page

= V2.0 - 02.16.2013 =
        UPDATED : touchswipe js version
        UPDATED : Teaser text on favorite page
        UPDATED : Nice scroll script library
        UPDATED : Image size to thumb on Recent post widget
        FIXED : Time ago function
        FIXED : Author option in page

= V1.9 - 02.04.2013 =
        ADDED : Exclude categories option from Frontend
        ADDED : Post format hiding option of Frontend
        ADDED : Slug field on Frontend
        ADDED : Hiding option of Featured on single page        
        UPDATED : Shortcode supports on Video format field
        UPDATED : Translation MO/PO files
        UPDATED : Version of jQuery touchSwipe
        UPDATED : Nicescroll step to 20
        FIXED : Mixing of comment avatar 
        FIXED : Author info mixing on Favorite and Draft pages
        FIXED : Incorrect Like and Favorite URL 

= V1.8 - 01.29.2013 =

        Explain of update : ,

        ADDED : Auto publish option for users
        ADDED : Draft page
        ADDED : Selection of Fixed and Full width option
        ADDED : Selection of sidebar width option 
        ADDED : Custom width of Adsense element
        UPDATED : Logic of content splitting
        UPDATED : Content splitting for category, archive, search result and tags pages
        FIXED : Category option width, removed theme options style
        FIXED : Empty favorite page
        FIXED : Home blog page pagination issue
        FIXED : Twitter style and script
        FIXED : Excluding sticky posts from Favorite query
        FIXED : Activated teaser grid, image gallery elements
        FIXED : Red color of Like icon even on dark posts
        FIXED : linkedin image name

= V1.7 - 01.20.2013 =
        ADDED : Standard numbered pagination option
        UPDATED : Ads field supports custom shortcode
        UPDATED : Auto splitting of post content on Search result page
        FIXED : FB avatar bug
        FIXED : Working of author info closing option 
        FIXED : Disappearing of wp messages
        FIXED : Image path issue of admin options when activated Child theme
        FIXED : Lost post format content when saved posts from quick edit

= V1.6 - 01.10.2013 =
        Fixed : Some issues related Adsense
        Fixed : Video height of featured posts
        Fixed : Author avatar on single page
        Fixed : Most liked order issue
        Fixed : Activation conflicts of plugins
        Improved : Adsense features
        Updated : Header is no longer fixed on mobile devices now
        Updated : Category and Tags printing section to ECHO

= V1.5 - 01.05.2013 =
        Added : Adsense option on Theme Options panel
        Added : Social avatar gets from FB and Twitter account
        Added : Password change field on Frontend
        Fixed : Category background option
        Fixed : Ajax loading issue
        Fixed : Colorpicker issue on post 

= V1.4 - 12.27.2012 =
        Added : Category color option
        Updated : Empty Category displayed on Frontend Section
        Updated : Post Meta tag displaying margin
        Updated : Pending post text changed
        Updated : Front end admin bar removed for Subscriber user
        Updated : PO file, language file
        Fixed : Sub domain image upload bug
        Fixed : Custom sidebar issues
        Fixed : Date bug    

= V1.3 - 12.18.2012 =
        Added : Most liked order on Blog page template
        Fixed : Add media button issue on Frontend
        Fixed : Ajax post update issue on Frontend
        Fixed : Lost post format values when quick editing posts
        Fixed : Logical issue for Featured image and Slider
        Fixed : Printing features of Post format section when selected Big post layout
        Updated : Human Time result, more convenient as "90 days ago" => "3 months ago" 

= V1.2 - 12.17.2012 =
        Added : Favorite icon in single, requested by lebrilla
        Added : Featured Image Slider, requested by fotomaster
        Added : Post Excerpt field in posts, requested by rodrigokino
        Fixed : Author meta bug
        Fixed : IE and FF fixed header
        Fixed : Auto post delete option
        Fixed : Conflict Tab and jQuery if post contained tab
        Updated : Language File
        Updated : Added Isotope CSS transision
        Updated : Menu css insted of float element
        Updated : Large Featured Video posts are now play video directly
        Updated : Custom Sidebars no longer reset with Option Panel Reset

= V1.1 - 12.15.2012 =
        Updated : Theme documentation
        Updated : Descriptions under Publish tab
        Updated : Appears of facebook comment count
        Updated : Message info if there isn't have favorite posts
        Fixed : Auto deleting option
        Fixed : Facebook comment
        Fixed : Back to top link
        Fixed : Content jumps when selected Header Position fixed
        Fixed : Duplicated titles when showing posts without content

= V1.0 - 11.20.2012 =
NEW : Initial release

Sources and Credits

I’ve used the following sources, sites or other files as listed.

Open source projects

Licensed projects

jQuery & JQ Plugins


Graphics (doesn’t included in download)

Instagram images, authors:

Photodune and Graphicriver images and authors:

Thank you all of you guys for your amazing works. We always appreciated for you!

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