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Lovely work-looks great! Good luck

Thank you very much! Hope, musicians will find it obligatory to have:)

Nice style ! :) Congrats.

Thank you very much, Berdros! You are very positive person, I noticed this upon comments you leave on forum and on item pages.

Innovative and really creative! :-) Good luck with your sales

Many many thanks! Did you get the answer about replication of your vCard? Is all ok?

just love your themes.absolutely fantastic. would love to team up with you for future TF projects.

Thank you very much!

Just what i need as a musician. Well thought of ;) thanks!

I’ve been working on it today, the only issue i’m having and leaving until last is the header. The website appears at the top overlaying the header picture rather than being beneath the photo. I’ve been though the help file but i’m lost on that. Any clues would be great haha! Thanks ;)

If you keep same structure as my template do not omit top margin of the logo.

All sorted :D great! Thanks again for creating such a useful template!

Great Theme! Would buy if compatible with Wordpress!

Thank you! May be in future I’ll convert it to WP. Thank you, anyway.

How do I replace the header and footer logo? also the image say image.html?

Is this an image or not

header logo Schtrafspiel,because it says image.html

footer logo © Schtrafspiel 1998-2012, because it says image.html

It is h1 tag for top (logo.html) and small tag for bottom (footer.html). Insert your title instead of mine. Thanks.

Hi, I am getting much screen junk on my images, the main one I uploaded for the header….............

What is “much screen junk” in your case? And what is your question?

when i upload the image the image is full of symbols like this*#@~ throughout!

I am sorry, I do not understand what you are talking about. Where do you insert an image? What is the html of this piece on your site?

Also the website just went blanked and the hosting said it is the developer not them! it won’t come up and totally white and I was over halfway finished

You send me a blank page. What is your question, please?