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fidoma Purchased

Hello I have a problem with latin font oswald. I don’t have a latin typography and i cant update my blog for that. What can i do to fix the problem.

Hi :)

This problem is caused from the third-party plugin that used in the theme. I already report this issue to the plugin developer and waiting for a fix.


davido24 Purchased


why for a few months the widget envira social subscription doesn’t work? I mean it isn’t add fans. I filled it with proper Fanpage ID. But not only FB. YT, G+ fans also aren’t added.


Hi :)

This issue was fixed in v2.0.1. Please update the presso theme to latest version by redownload a new theme file from themeforest download page. More information at topic ‘01. Getting Started > How To Update The Theme’ on this page http://envirra.com/themes/presso/document/

BTW, After upgrading from v1.x to v2.0 Please also check all options in theme options panel, custom sidebar and widgets to make sure all options are migrated from old version correctly.

You can migrate old theme options by clicking the button ‘Migrate theme options’ on Theme Options Panel.


danruffo Purchased

Hi there!

I have bought Presso some months ago and I see that some updates were made. How can I update my theme with these new features?


Hi :)

Please follow instruction at topic ‘01. Getting Started > How To Update The Theme’ on this page http://envirra.com/themes/presso/document/

Is there a place where you show how most things are to be set up or do I have to ask every time I want to set up something. A similar page like this other theme help http://theme-sphere.com/smart-mag/documentation/#introduction

Thanks im a newbie so need to follow certain laid down instruction to get it right otherwise I will be asking too many questions.

Hi :)

You can read a documentation at this page http://envirra.com/themes/presso/document/

Hi there Just a question: some iphone have trouble with our web site www.milanodavedere.it Ok for pc & android. Something wrong with some plugin or it’s aproblem with template? Thks in advance


Could you please explain more about the problem? or send me a screen capture of the problem. I’ve tested your site but not found any problem.

With my iphone (4s) safari try to load the page but after 20 sec appear a message: error with the page www.milanodavedere.it and it doesn’t load


I’ve checked your site on iPhone 6 (iOS 8.4.1) but not found the problem, even waiting for a minutes. I also tried on android/PC but the same result. This might be caused from your internet connection.

Hi, i bought this theme today. I would like to have sidebar on the right side. Like on your site: http://themeforest.net/item/presso-clean-modern-magazine-theme/full_screen_preview/6335504 Im using Page composer. I would like to have for example Featured Post Slider with sidebar on the right side(NOT ON THE LEFT). How can i do that ?

Second question. How can i get the author widget to look like on your site. When i turn on the author widget i have all authors avatars in one vertical column.

Hi Envirra,

1. I did. And the sidebar is on the left side… I would like to have it on the right. I tired to change this is “Screen Options->Page Options” during the page creation. When i looked into this options, the sidebar Position is marked there as “Right Sidebar”, but actually is on the left side. Is there any bug ?

2. Thx I will try that.

I’ve installed fresh version of the wordpress(no 3rd party plugins) and clean database. I’ve imported only posts, categories and user related tables from mysql database. And it works fine right now, all issues was resolved. Thx for Your help. Regards-Lukasz

OK 8)

Hi, good theme, can’t wait to use it on my website, keep updating it.

Hi, I’ve a plan for next update soon 8)


gianarco Purchased

Hi Envirra
I have an issue with picture galleries (set at 2-1-3): yesterdy I tried to place a vertical (portrait) picture in the middle position but this is not zoomed: the picture is aligned to the left while the caption runs till the end of the gallery box. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks


gianarco Purchased

I regenerated thumbnails but it did not help. You can have a look at this page: http://bluekhadag.com/trekking-and-camping-in-the-dasht-e-kavir-desert/
1st Gallery: the central picture is portrait: it is shorter but the caption runs till the end
2nd Gallery: everything ok
3rd Gallery: the second picture is portrait and it looks longer than the first. The central picture is portrait but it shows correctly. First picture of the last row, same problem
4th Gallery: everything ok.
Many thanks for your support!!

Hi :)

This issue caused from some image has a less width. Please use an image at least 750px width.


gianarco Purchased

Understood, many thanks for your help.
It would be great if in the future you allow to set the gallery shape (2-1-3, etc) for each page. :)

Hi, i need that my slider uses just 1140×500 resolution when upload, but is generating 1140×641 (ie: http://pebinhadeacucar.com.br/v3/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/20150826063022-1140x641.jpg).

How I can change it for not crop my pictures?

My site is http://pebinhadeacucar.com.br/

Congrats for great theme.


There is no option to remove the crop.


mdejneka Purchased

Hi! I have problem with plugin NextGen Gallery when I use Presso. I want to use fade effect from NextGen but instead this I see picture on black background and when I click X then I see what I want. What I have to do?



To disable the theme lightbox (popup image with black background), Please remove the below code from this file ’\themes\presso\js\main.js’

$(".swipebox, .custom-gallery a, iv[id^=attachment_] a[href$=jpg], div[id^=attachment_] a[href$=jpeg], div[id^=attachment_] a[href$=png], .post-content a[href$=jpg], .post-content a[href$=png], .post-content a[href$=jpeg]").each( function( i, el ) {
            var $this = $( el );

            if ( ! $this.attr( 'title' ) ) {
                $this.attr( 'title', $this.find( 'img' ).attr( 'alt' ) );

mdejneka Purchased

Thank You :) It works fine :)

Hi! I want to use the Home 3 in my homepage but unfortunately, I don’t have the selection on my Thumbnail Style. I only have Large Thumbnail, Lage and Small Thumbnail and Classic.

Can it be because I bought the theme a few years ago in a bundle? If so, what do I do to get the Home 3 Poster Style.

Please let me know because I really want this style on my homepage. Thank you!

why am I not showing as purchased when I did purchase this theme in a budle

Hi, In case of you’ve purchased from the bundle, It is not include the support and update due to a buying condition. Otherwise, You can purchase a regular license to get an update and support :)