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Hi there,

I use this theme with WordPress 4.2 (it was also tested with 4.0). I would like to use the Fade Slider, but the Move slider is active again , even if was shown to me that it has been saved successfully and hangs when I use only one.I have both versions created a static page, and this set up as FrontPage.But the problem still remains.

I have another error with the icons in the header area. First, I do not have, as with all other versions a separate “Save” button and he does not hide the icons and can not to rename if I use a different “Save” button! I’ll you can help me

xoxo Zane - And sorry for my bad english, but I will hope you can understand my problem

Hi there again, I’ve got another problem with the related news, You will not be displayed namely~ (tested also with 4.0/4.1 and 4.2)

“edit-tags.php?action=edit&taxonomy=news_cat&tag_ID=8&post_type=news” – The ID is 8 right? So and if I now use the shortcut [dcs_related_news id=”8”] or [dcs_related_news id=8] without ”” it does not appear…

xoxo Zane


As for the Header icons, each icon has its own save button – there is no save button for “Header icons” section. You need to save each icon individually in this case.

As for the slider setup problem, can you send us an email using contact form located in our Theme Forest profile? If I didn’t misunderstood this part, I think I have a solution for this ready and I will send you an email back with a simple fix.

I am not sure if I understood properly the additional question about the related posts, but as for your question – if you want to specify post by ID, you need to write the id part like this:

[dcs_related_news id="8"]

You will also find a bit more about the dcs_related_posts shortcode here.

Hei there,

i added some slides of the progress slider to my mainpage. But as soon as i want to add some descriptions and links to it… they doesnt show up. I dont even know where the problem is. Can you help me?



I just sent you an email with a response about this and the second question. This should help.

Ok. Thanks for your help. I appreciate it and i got my problems solved. :)

Now iam stuck with the most simple stuff. I have different topics on the blog and for those topics different sites. At the moment when i create a post (even with different sites and categories) it shows up in every category on every site.

I know that i can split the postings with the category list on different sides but nothing works. Tried several help tips in the internet but cant figure out why its not working.

Do you have any advice?

Short: I want to creata a post and share it on a different site based on the category / topic. Not on all sites and categories.


You want to have various blog pages with differnet categories selected for each page? If yes, you can select post categories for each blog page in Custom Page Settings – you can insert category ID or IDs and the page will display only posts from these selected categories.

Hi , How can i display a specific category in the home page ?

in the place of ( Homepage slider extra full width content & Homepage extra content )

Thank you so much , Best Theme EVER :) i’m glad i bough it

Kind Regards


Thank you! I am not sure if I understood this properly, but if you ask about display some specific category of posts or news posts via the shortcode, you just need to to enter your page with Homepage template (in section “Pages”) and in editor you place shotrcode like dcs_recent_posts or dcs_recent_news with cat parameter (and you add proper value for this parameter which is the category ID or IDs).

You can see more description about this shortcode here for example. On this part take a look especially on description of cat parameter. So your shortcode can look like this for example:

[dcs_recent_posts count="4" paged="true" cat="5"]

where valur 5 for cat parameter is the selected category ID and you can also write more categories spearated by comma.

You can check the cateogry ID number in section Posts > Categories (the number is visible in the path for each category).

You will also find additional instruction about creating homepage with the recent posts/news shortcode in Quick Start and FAQs (included PDF file) in part:

2.2.2. How to create homepage layout with recent news or recent posts

This should help, but let us know if you will have any additional questions to this part.

Hi. I’m trying to help the admin of The desktop site with Prestige looks great!

With the jetpack Wordpress plugin mobile module, the menu works and most of the items in the menu are great on mobile.

BUT: the home page fails to convert the dcs shortcodes, resulting in a home page with the source content. So we see literally: [dcs_heading size="1" align="left" mbottom="0" sub="Keep up with Andre on his latest Tour"]Latest News[/dcs_heading] [dcs_recent_news count="6" paged="true"]

Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi there, Is there any plan to update the theme to make it responsives?


Hello! I copied all the plugins folder outside theme folder, but I continue without viewing options plugins neither the possibility for widgets. Please, can you help me? Thank you very much!

I can’t access to Widgets, when Prestige theme is activated. { APPAREANCE > (¡WIDGETS BUTTON DOESN`T EXIST!)

I tried multiple tests, I uninstalled it, I followed various instructions but not solve it .. It seems a particular theme problem because the problem doesn’t continue when there are other themes activated

Please, can you help me?

Hello, please contact us from account that was used to purchase our theme.