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I want to hide the thumbnail image shown on the post/news posts.

How can I disable this?



For blog posts you can have a post without an image by just not adding the main image. For News posts it is not possible at this moment – it is possible only with some modification in the PHP code.

I have a solution for the news also that I think should work – so you will be able to have also news posts with and without image (the empty frame will not be displayed). I can send you this solution on email – if you want to try this solution for news posts, please send us an email (using contact form in our Theme Forest profile) and remind us about this, then I will send it back to you.

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Hello, I have a problem with change site url (for ex. subdomain to domain: www.subdomain.domain.com to www.domain.com). When I move all files and change adresses in database I lose theme global and sliders settings. How can I save and move this settings?



All the CMS settings are saved in the database in wp_options table – records with the theme settings start with PRESTIGE _ name. If you want to move all the settings you must copy also the database data where these settings are saved.


My client webpage have a 15 author ( will be more…) and whenever any of them publish a new post, the very first author ( blog owner ) gravtar image, and information show up on every posts.

How can I change this?

I allready registered each of them on the gravatar.com with their author email address, also tried a plugin ( http://www.semiologic.com/software/author-image/ ) but still shows what you wrote in the template:

 <!-- blog-post -->
                             <div class="blog-post-author"> 

                            <h4>ABOUT THE AUTHOR</h4> 

                            <div class="avatar"> 
                                <img alt="" src="https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/...?s=60&d=https%3A%2F%2Fwww....2Fwp-content%2Fthemes%2FPrestige%2Fimg%2Fcommon_files%2Favatar2.jpg&r=G" class="avatar avatar-60 photo" height="60" width="60" /> 
                            </div> <!--avatar--> 

How can I change that, to show the actual author image and profile information ?

Thank you for helps.

Zoltan Gal



I think this should work fine. When I test it on my test site the correct author information is displayed. You can check if the emails are defined for each user and if the correct “Role” option is selected – for example “Editor” – in each user settings in section “Users”.

Hi, after I update a project, the pictures for the project go completely black. In admin dashboard it is visible but not on the site. Any way to fix this?


Hello, do you use JPG images for these projects? You should use JPG format images – maybe the wrong format is the problem. Also, if this won’t help you can check if you have Prestige_temp folder created on your server directly in wp-content folder (it should be created automatically) and if it is possible to save files in this folder (check permission settings). This should help.


Not all images. Some images. I see Project main image URL in admin panel. But in the site – black. Permissions – 777. For example, p17x_post_1343841402.jpg – black in /wp-content/Prestige_temp/projects/


If you are sure the rights for Prestige_temp are correct, you can now try to recreate this post with “Add New” option from scratch and add again the same main image for this new post. I think now it should be displayed properly for this new post. Maybe earlier something went wrong for this project post. If this wont help you can also send us an access to your WP admin (using contact form in our TF profile) and I will take a look on this.

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My solution: Paste the following code on funtions.php : add_theme_support(‘post-thumbnails’);

Paste the following code on header.php before <?php wp_head(); ?>: <?php global $wp_query; $thePostID = $wp_query->post->ID; if( has_post_thumbnail( $thePostID )){ $thumb_id = get_post_thumbnail_id( $thePostID ); $image = wp_get_attachment_image_src( $thumb_id ); echo ’<meta property=”og:image” content=”’.$image0.’” />’; } ?> And it works :)

I would like insert pinterest share button too, i hope you´ll apreciate it for the coming update.

Thank u very much! :)


Hello, thanks for posting the solution, yes, we will see if we can add the requested pinterest share button for the future update – this shouldn’t be a big problem.

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Hello, I’m having trouble creating your home page by Prestige homepage design layout example 4, can I count on? I can give you access to the site www.icespeedway.pl



I see on your site that you made one small mistake in the setup process. The shortcode dcs_recent_news you must insert in section “Pages” for your page with “Homepage” template. Looks like you inserted it in section Prestige > Home for one of the extra content fields.

You can check also if you selected your page with “Homepage” template as “A Static Page: Front Page” in section Settings > Reading. This is also important for recreating this homepage.

The sidebar is missing on your site – you must create at least one sidebar in Prestige > General > Sidebars section. Then you can build the sidebar in Appearance > Widgets section. And in Pages section, in Custom Page Settings for Homepage you can select an individual sidebar for page.

More about this you will find in Quick Start and FAQs (PDF file) in part:

1. Quick Start: Basic Tips and Instructions
2.2.2. How to create homepage layout with recent news or recent posts

This should help, but let us know if you will have any more problem with this part.

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For some reason the default

tag used throughout wordpress does not work? I need to manually had

or tags to stack the content and create padding.

Is this a bug with the design?



I am not sure because the comment is here wrongly formatted (the code here must be put into pre or code tags to display properly). But you ask about the paragraphs auto-formatting and / or creating additional spaces or breaks. This instruction should help you with this:


By default the autoformatting for paragraphs in Prestige is disabled. You can use p tags for this (with p button) or bring back the autoformatting with the last instruction from this page:


“How to bring back auto-formatting for paragraphs?”

In regards to <br /> tags, this tag should look like this, with / character. But it is not the best way to break lines in WordPress – it is useful only if you are completely not using Visual editor, because WordPress deletes these characters every time you switch editors… If you want to create paragraphs for text, you must use the solution that I described above (p button or dcs_p button or bring back autoformatting).

And if you want to create an empty space the better solution (than use <br /> tag) is to put in WordPress editor some empty container – you can do this in Prestige very easily with for example dcs_clearboth or dcs_emptyspace shortcode.


I’m having a problem in the post editor when I attempt to add an image. Everything is fine until I click the “insert in post” button. The “add media” box stays open and goes blank. The code for the image is never inserted. This works fine with other themes. I’ve reinstalled wordpress, tried different versions of wordpress, and I have attempted some fixes I’ve found at wordpress.org. Still nothing.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Delonte’


Hello, please send us an email using contact form located in our Theme Forest profile and remind me about this – I will send you back an easy fix for this right away. Sorry for the troubles.

Hi there,

Several people have brought to my attention that although the accordion slider loads on their Iphone or Ipad, it does not function properly.

Is there a fix for this?

Or, is there a line of code I can enter somewhere to deactivate the slider entirely when viewed on an incompatible mobile device?

Thanks, David


Hello, the accordion slider (and Prestige theme) is not responsive and ready for low resolutions on mobile devices. To deactivate Accordion slider on mobile, you will have to add some responsive CSS code that will remove or replace the slider in lower resolutions.

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hi! will there be any update to this theme anytime soon?


Hello, yes, the update for Prestige should be ready soon, but I can’t give any specific date at this moment.

I love this theme but I need to include a section from which I can sale memberships. Is this possible? What options can you recommend?



Thank you for your interest!

For this you will need some additional coding or maybe there is some plugin that offers this and can be used with the theme. I think for this you will need some coding experience or use some help from coder who can integrate this kind of functionality with the theme.

Hi, Is there a way to suppress the header , footer & navigation on a page (no branding) or is there currently a template that has this?

Thanks, h


Hello, no, this is not possible. It would need some additional PHP coding.


I have successfully removed the dates from projects, blog posts and news.

I was hoping you could tell me know how to remove the date and category from archive pages?

Seen here: http://circusofwonders.com/?project_cat=full_shows

Thanks, David


Hello, I think you did this by changing code in the PHP files. You can do this for archive pages in the same way, but in files named as: taxonomy-project_cat.php, taxonomy-news_cat.php, taxonomy-project_cat.php. Plus for standard posts in: category.php, tag.php.

I noticed the rock 2 stating this “wish to change the url structure for ‘news’ posts. I’ve quite versed in seo and know the:” http://signaturehits.com/2012/11/new-tech-boost-mobile-lg-venice-review/ to http://signaturehits.com/new-tech-boost-mobile-lg-venice-review/ just curious is this possible??? does it really help SEO ??

I’m using Prestige and love it, however the Progress Slider Settings “Slides switch time (ms)” does not change. I can enter 2,000 20,000 or 200,000 or 1,000,000 and the slides still switch at the same rate. I wonder if you could look into this. I’d like the switch rate to be lower on my site. Thanks much!



Looks like you missed one basic setup step. You must have a page created in “Pages” section that will be your homepage (page with “Homepage” template) and then go to Settings > Reading and select this page for option “A Static Page: Front Page”. After this the slider setting should work properly. Thanks!

When I attempt to use the dcwp twitter plugin, it says “Service Overloaded” as seen on our site: http://ptpent.com.



This is a problem of the current widget – the Twitter API was changed recently and this is the reason. We will have to add a new widget and some options for this, because the process of activating this service from Twitter side changed completely. We should have a ready solution for this widget still in this or in next week.


The news stories on my homepage stopped getting pulled up and I get this error

Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/explorebigsky/explorebigsky.com/wp-content/themes/Prestige/cms/php/cp_shortcodes.php on line 8429

What is going on with this?

I have deactivated all of the plugins and reactivated them in order – nothing…

Let me know – Thanks!


Hello, you can check the names of news categories and tags first. Maybe some name has some quote characters in it or some other not allowed characters – it might cause this kind of problem.

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Hi DigitalCalvary!

Thanks for the Prestige theme! Could you help me with a problem? When I create a new news item (with thumbnail) I upload a photo for that item, but when I see the news, I realize that the thumbnail doesn’t load correctly (only in thumbnail, but when I click on it, loads OK). I asked to my host support and they told me to include this line on the script: $_SERVER['document_root'] = '/home/u113334288/public_html/'; But I’m not sure if I have to do that, and where to put it. If you want to see the page on action, here it is.

Thanks a lot ;)



Looks like you need to change the rights (permission) settings on your server for folder “cache” located in the theme folder – it should be allowed to save files in this folder. It is better described in Quick Start and FAQs (PDF file) in part:

2.10.5. Thumbnails problem (timthumb)


You can also update the thumb.php file to the latest version available. Here is an instruction for this:

-------- Timthumb (thumb.php) Update ------------

You can redownload a new version of this file from this page:


To download it you can save the content under the link “View raw file” located on the right side of this page. Then you must change the name from timthumb.php to thumb.php and insert it into theme folder on server. And you should also delete all files from “cache” folder located inside the Prestige theme folder, and that’s all.

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im having conflict with jquery on another plugin i use. is there anyway to implement noconflict jquery?



I think you can resolve this problem on Prestige side by opening JS files located in “js” folder and changing ”$” characters (jQuery object indicator) to string “jQuery”, so there will be no more conflict with other plugins and libraries that are using ”$” indicators as own alias. I think this might help. But, make a copy of your JS files before making these changes. First you can make changes in one Prestige JS file, finish it, test and then make change in another file.

Also, if your plugin is small, maybe it will be easier and less time consuming to make the same change in the plugin JS file/files (instead of making the modification in Prestige files).

Hi I’ve installed a plugin called “simple view” and when activated it breaks my homepage slider. http://thetrackmail.com/ Does anyone have a solution?


Hello, I think the problem comes from this installed plugin. Looks like the Simple View plugin is not compatible with the latest WP version (the Simple View plugin updated from some longer time if I check the right plugin and is compatible only up to WP 3.0.5). That’s why the JS is broken on your site and all features that make use of it, like the sliders, are not working properly.

The only way to fix this would be to make some changes in the plugin and make it compatible with the latest WP or change the plugin to something else similar and compatible with the latest WP version.