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Please I will like to know how to be able to import the dummy content in this theme so that I can start customizing my website from it.

Thank you

Please I will like to know how to be able to import the dummy content in this theme so that I can start customizing my website from it. Thank you


Hello, dummy content is not available for Prestige theme, but if you would have any problems with recreating any part of our Live Preview demo site – please let us know and I should be able o help.

If you start working with Prestige theme you can also take a look into Quick Start and FAQs (PDF file) especially into these sections:

1. Quick Start: Basic Tips and Instructions
2.2.2. How to create homepage layout with recent news or recent posts

For some reason, I cannot access my blog page even though it is set in the Prestige Menu area for http://dfwprodjs.com/blog. When I set it to any other page it works, but not for the blog page.

Please help :confused:



First you can check if in Settings > Reading you have set only your homepage as “A Static Page: Front Page” and for “Posts Page” you don’t select anything.

Looks like there is not page http://dfwprodjs.com/blog/ published. Are you sure this page wasn’t moved to trash and it’s published? Looks like something is missing, but hard to say what exactly. If this wont help, maybe you can send us access to your WP admin (using contact form in our TF profile) and I will take a look on this more.


And this “and for “Posts Page” you don’t select anything.” was the problem…


Hello, first of all great theme. I’m loving it. Just one small thing that has been kind of annoying me. I’m using the News page (using Prestige News Page Template) as my landing page and each time I load the page the “Search in Archive” calendar appears. I have to deselect it in order to see the content.

I’ve tested it in Chrome and Firefox with the same result. Have you encountered this before? Am I missing a setting some where?

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Upon installing this theme, I received a message that the upload failed due to it missing the style.css sheet.

I’ve dealt with this on a separate theme (don’t judge), can you help me to find and install the missing file.

Thanks, Howard

Lamhfada Purchased

Nevermind… Searched around a bit more and found what I needed. I gotta say for having over 175 pages of comments and the each of them noting how amazing the theme, it’s fascinating.

I’m excited to use it!


Hi, I see on your homepage that you have there a full width page – did you created a page with “Homepage” template and set it as “A Static Page: Front Page”? After this you must create at least one sidebar in Prestige > General > Sidebars section. You can then set this sidebar as default or assign individual sidebar for this Homepage (in Custom Page Settings).

After sidebar is created, in Appearance > Elegance you can then put widgets on this sidebar.


As for the empty space in edit page mode I am not sure about this, maybe there is something wrong with the files – you can try to re-upload all theme files on your server. Or this can be something with the WP installation or a non Prestige plugin – you can try to do a new test WP installation – on server or on localhost. If you use non Prestige plugins you can try to deactivate them and see if this makes any change.

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Awesome! I got that, now the text is moved off the page itself… Is there a way I can widen the width of the template through code? Or how can I fix that?

Is there a way for me to remove the “read more” link on the slider after the text?

Thanks. - H


The only way would be to make some changes in the CSS, but this might be complicated if you want to use some theme features – some features are designed for this predefined width, so you might need to adjust also the CSS for all these features or widgets. I don’t have a ready instruction for this kind of modification.


As or the read more in Prestige Slider – for each slide you will find option “Use Link” that allows you to turn off the Read More link located at the end of slide description.

If you want to use the link functionality, but just remove the Read More link from text description – the easiest way would be to open file slider_prestige.css located in “css” folder and search for this class:

text-feature-container .read-more

- and add display:none; property to this class.

Just to clarify on my issue with the “Search in Archive” Calendar on the News page. It seems to only be an issue with the new WordPress update 3.5. I had two installations, one test and one real. The test installation was a previous WordPress version. 3.4 I think. Now that I updated the test installation to 3.5 the same issue has appeared.

Anyone else noticed this?


Hello, I am not sure but I think it was caused by some jQuery update with WP 3.5 and this somehow changes the process how this code works. We checked this already and have a fix that will be added with the coming update soon. But if you don’t want to wait I can send you a simple instruction on email – for this contact us using contact form in our Theme Forest profile and I will send you back the solution right away.

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Hello, I cant get plugins Newsletter and Voting working…


Hello, if you installed the plugins correctly – moved all the files from “plugins” folder (located inside the theme) to folder wp-content/plugins/ – you can then activate them in WP admin from section “Plugins”.

If you have any problem with running the voting or newsletter plugins, then it might be related to server settings and these two instructions from Quick Start and FAQs (PDF file) should help:

2.10.2. Prestige Newsletter Plugin don’t work properly
2.10.3. Prestige Voting Plugin don’t work properly

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Amazing theme, awesome support. Thanks DC!!!!


I tried to update the wordpress latest (3.5) on my localhost, but since then stopped working prestige theme. No errors shows – even debug enabled in wp-config.

I am now a but confused to do it on the live page.

DId you make the test on your pages, about works with the latest WP versions?

2. – how and what email address can I send you an email with attached log files, screen-shots, other questions – ?

3. – is it possible to load images ( eg to a slider ), from a separate domain name or CDN, -instead the media/uploads local folder ?

4. google page speed shows a 17 requests on jquery -and 14 requests on cufon-yui.js after de-activated every plugin. – why is it there?

Thank you.





I see your site is working at this moment, so maybe you already fixed the problem. I think it is not related to the Prestige theme (if you use latest 1.4 version) and WP 3.5. We tested Prestige on WP 3.5 and for this moment didn’t found any problem. Maybe you use some non Prestige plugin that is not compatible with WP 3.5? You can test this by deactivating the non Prestige plugins – if you use any.

2. For email contact you can first send us an email using contact form located in our Theme Forest profile from your account and will sent you back an email.

3. No, you should use local media upload for these images.

4. I don’t know anything about this, but I see some errors in JS when I check your site that shouldn’t be displayed, like for example “Cufon is not defined” – maybe it has something to do with this. I am not sure, but there might be some issue with one of your non Prestige plugins or if you for example made any modification in the code on your own.

You can check if all the additional plugins you use are compatible with the latest WP version and also you can try to deactivate them to check if this changes anything.

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Hello again, I use news for articles (they have nice look) but I found this in settings page “Number of months displayed in news archive (from 1 to 24)”. What does it mean? I want it in archive forever :) Thanks for help


Hello, this option works only for the archive calendar displayed on page with News page template. It doesn’t affect the news archive in any other way.

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Hi there,

I have purchased 3 copies of this template and have thought it to be pretty awesome.!! Well worth the $$$.  Many thanks for your work. 
I have a question, what would I use as a plug in to add a merchandise store for selling stuff I make. Do you have a plug in recomendation that works with paypal.
Thanks again.!!!


Thank you for your purchases! Actually I don’t have any certain recommendation for this kind of plugin. I think there is something working good with the theme because I saw this kind of functionality on some clients websites in the past, but hard to say which exactly plugin is good for this and also this usually needs some adjustments to get it to work.

My client really needs captcha to stop the hundreds of spam comments he is getting, but I read a post on here that said that no known captcha plugins seem to work with this theme.

Is there a way to add captcha to this theme?



Hello, at this moment I don’t know any captcha plugin that works with the theme. I think it might need some adjustment in the code.

just a quick question, is this compatible with wordpress 3.5?



From what we tested, Prestige is compatible with WP 3.5 – till now we didn’t found any issues and also didn’t get any reports from clients about WP 3.5 problems related to the Prestige theme.

please up wp 3.5

Hi there, I got a few questions for this amazing theme:

1) Can the login functionality be built-in within the template pages instead of taking the user to the default WP theme? Kind of side-tracking.

2) Does the theme use predefined Custom taxonomy for the categories? If so, can they be changed to other types or names? If not, good then.

3) Seeing the last update was since 2011 (which indicates solid coding) and with the above comments in regards to WP 3.5, any plans on releasing a new version? I ask since I will end up doing some modifications and I would rather wait to avoid update hassles.

Thank you and great theme once again.



Thank you for your interest!

1. To change the login functionality like you described, you will have to add some PHP code to adjust it to the application you need for this feature.

2. I am not sure what you exactly mean in this question, but Prestige uses custom News posts for News section and Projects for Projects Portfolio section – this can’t be changes in some easy way. If you will have more question to this point let us know.

3. Yes, a new version for Prestige should be ready soon. Actually it was planned to release long long ago. Yes, if you plan some bigger changes in the code then you can wait for the new version release.


Hey Chris, thanks for the quick reply and update, so there are custom post types after all, I know how delicate it can be to change them given the content of the site I’m working on, I guess I can still change it on the front end (name wise) for reference purposes without actually changing the original taxonomy name on the backend or in the DB?

I’m also looking at your other theme Innovation Science 2, quite impressive your work and it seems to be WP 3.5 ready with a minor bug, gonna most likely end up getting both of them one being pushed on a micro site.

I think this is a great theme and would recommend this to any one who purchases it.

I do have one big questions as I need to track an event on the contact page. I was looking through the code and can not find where I can add event tracking to the send button on the contact form. Can you please point me in the right direction?

What I am looking for is this: input id=”contact-submit” class=”button” type=”submit” value=”Submit" so I can add an OnClick event for google tracking.

Thank you! I think you are looking for the form code – for this you need to open cp_shortcodes.php file and search for “dcs_contactform” text. You will find here the shortcode code that is used for contact form shortcodes or contact page.

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Hello DC,

Please can you send a fix for the calendar on the news page. It broke with the update to WP 3.5. I emailed a request for this a few days ago.


Hello, I just sent you an email again with this fix instruction. I previously sent you the fix 2 days ago, so maybe you have this email in spam or for some reason it didn’t get to your mailbox.

Hi, have a few questions prior to purchase. Is this theme working with the latest wp? If not what is the eta for updated version? Is the theme mobile friendly? I would like to also sell a few products on the site via paypal, is there any current working solution/plugin that enables this with ease? Thank you.



Yes, Prestige is compatible with the latest WP and an update is coming soon. The theme is not responsive or designed for mobile if this is what you mean. There is also no shop functionality that comes with the theme – I think it is possible to add with some non Prestige plugin, but probably this needs some adjustments. Thank you for your interest!

dellax Purchased

Hello, how to add alt,title tags to image shortcodes? I need it for better seo. Thanks



I am not sure about which shortcode you ask, but for dcs_img there is a title parameter that adds a title for the image link:


There is no alt parameter for the image currently – it is possible to add this only with some modification for this shortcode in cp_shortcodes.php file – by adding a new parameter.

For which shortcode you want to use it? I think it will be possible to add an alt parameter with the coming update for example to the dcs_img shortcode.

dellax Purchased

yes, for dcs_img :)