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I just bought this theme, is it possible to get this theme as a non wordpress theme? would love to have in HTML / CSS so I can use in my own PHP CMS .



Thank you! At this moment only WordPress version is available. We think about making a HTML version too, but don’t know when this can be released.

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Never mind on question 3.. Ijust found the one thing I missed.

I was using the nextgen code in html editor and did not select the dc version at bottom of page…

So easy I missed it..


Hi there,

Is it possible to make a bright version of this theme? Thanks for a great theme!




Yes, the light version is in plans, but it will be released as a separate theme. Thank you for your interest.

So will a future update of this theme support iphone/ipad? Will that be in the works?



At this moment we don’t have these devices to test the theme on iphone/ipad, so it will be hard for us to add support for these in the next update. Maybe in future we will buy it. Also, I am not sure what is not working for ipad, if it is only flow player that allows you to play videos directly from server (it doesn’t work because ipad don’t support flash), or it is something more.

However we will check if we can change the code for flow player from flash to html5, so this issue should be fixed for ipad if we can make it.

phenomenal theme.

I am aware that having a video in the slider is not available. (bummer) I am looking to put a video in the place of the slider, is this function possible?

I need there to be a wide video on the home page, near the top. Please assist. Thank you



Thank you! At this moment it is possible only in this way: you can create a custom page with video on top and use it as a homepage, but you will have there navigation tree on top, so I guess this is not what you want to have. We will add in future update an option to turn off sliders for homepage completely – this should work better for your needs. And we have plans to add a video slider for this theme, so you can wait for this feature and then eventually decide if this is what you need.


Thank you, do you have a time frame on the next update?


Can’t answer precisely on this question, but we should have it ready in a few days. There is already a small list of tasks for this update.

Hello DC i’m an unhappy I+S customer still awaiting for a new, updated, release, and now i’m looking for this beautiful theme. My main focus is mainly videogaming news, reviews and previews and i think that this theme will fit well but with a little reservations about that: news on main page. I’ve seen that this feature is implemented via shortcodes but, what i’d like to know is: IT’S POSSIBLE TO DISPLAY NEWS IN HOME PAGE WITH PAGINATION ? For me this feature is very, very important. Thanks.

P.S. Should i wait for I+s 2.0, for videogaming news site, or it’s better to buy that? :P


Don’t know exactly when the vol.2 will be released, but it shouldn’t take more than 2 weeks.


Hey DC i’ve forgotten to ask you a couple of question:

The news pagination in home page will be implemented also in Vol. 2?

Concerning rating system: it’s GD Star based or it’s you own? Could i use multiple rating (i.e. graphics, audio, longevity etc etc) on my posts?

It’s possible to use custom posts on your theme?




Yes, the new shortcode, that allows pagination for Recent News list will be also in vol.2. It will be included when the theme will be available.

Rating system is our own plugin. It don’t allows to add multiple rating for posts, only one rating.

I am not sure what you mean by custom post. News and Projects are custom posts, but if you ask about totally customized post, this is possible too. If you want to be sure, I will need some more explanation on this.

Best Regards


:) Hi DC, Having fun with your theme. I really like the ease with which you can change the social media icons. As you can see on my site, I have imported some new ones. That wasn’t too hard either. I do have a question though. Because the icons I am using are round, the one on the far right (Facebook) sort of hangs too much to the right of the search button. How would I change the padding settings (if that is what I need to do) to make sure things line up better visually? Just point me in the right direction and I will play around with the numbers until I get it right. Thanks again. Oh, I also love the sliders. Uploading photos was easy once you get the hang of it. The manual is invaluable in this regard. I envision setting up all 3 sliders with things and then switching between them now and again. The chain slider has got me thinking of how to tell a story with pictures and a little text. Quite nice.

Tim http://thejapanobserver.com



Great to read that everything works fine. Nice photos and I think the skin color fits very well for your site :)

In regards to icons on top, you can move the whole icons container very easy. Open common.css file and go to HEADER ICONS section (line around 1120). Than for class named as #header-container #icons just increase the right property from 40 to for example 51px, and now the icons should fit better to the right.



Sweet again. That did the trick! Thanks!!!

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Thanks for the help yesterday, I got it to work finally, but now our existing content (posts) is not populating like it did when we loaded other themes, is there something else that I am missing? Please help again….Please



Can you give us some link to page where you have this problem? You can also send us the link via our email using our TF profile contact form.

Best Regards DC

Hi! Perfect job!

Can I change my old template with your new product?

About four months ago I bought your template: “Innovation+Science WordPress Edition Theme”. Unfortunately I could not use it because of so many errors with styles, search form and special font.

In this moment i have only this: “This item has been removed by either staff or the author and is no longer available. Contact support for more details.”

If you need my Transaction ID, i send you.

What do you think about?




Thank you!

In regards to the Innovation+Science WordPress theme. I remember you from I+S discussion and I am almost sure you bought the other theme. This is a good idea, but we don’t have such a control over our products on Theme Forest and we can just give you this theme instead of I+S. I also don’t know how it is treated by Envato stuff. Also, when I+S2.0 will be released the I+S WP theme will be back on the marketplace, and it will be available for all who bought I+S WP version.

Nice looking theme :) Is it localization ready ?


At this moment no, but it should be localization ready with the next update. Thank you for your interest :)

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I sent you an email on this matter yesterday, but have not heard back from you. I have not heard back from you, so just incase it got flagged as spam I will post my question here also.

The Middle Color Glow Area of the theme is not showing up on the site I am using the theme on. The top shows up just fine, and so does the bottom. I have tried changing to several different options for the Theme Skin, none of theme options show the Glow Underneath the Slider Area, it is all just black.

I would really like to fix this, it makes the themes front page look to boring with out it there.

shadow3d Purchased

Yes sir, set exactly how you have it. here is a screenshot – http://www.shadowinteractive.com/developments/prestige01.png And still is not showing up.

If you reply to the e-mail I sent you I will send you some login credentials so you can have a look around and see what is causing the problem, let me know if you need FTP Access also.

Also I do not have the -“Show Client Panel” check box that you have in your screen shot. Am I supposed to have that?


I see it works for you now. I think you didn’t set earlier the “A static page” option in Settings > Reading. You must choose your homepage for this option.

shadow3d Purchased

Yes Sir, that was the problem. I didn’t set the Static Page Option.

Thank you for all your help.

Quick Question, when updates are released for this theme, are they going to be simple Upload and Overwrite type, or is there a backup options and restore.

I just don’t want to have to go through and reset everything each update, like some other themes I have purchased on here.

~ looking forward to the release of I+S 2.0

toismine Purchased

I sent an e-mail last night to the e-mail address that was embedded within the coding of some of the php files, I have outlined the issues in a bit more detail in that e-mail. Please advise.

Thank you DC


Hi, I replied on your email. It was not answered because you didn’t used the profile contact form and it was hard to recognize who writes and about which theme, but I saw the author description and think I answered on the right email a second ago :)

Amazing! o_O I’ll buy this..

Do you include the file to import the sample content?


Hi, no, sample content is not included.

oops double post….

So, wouldn’t this theme be I+S 2.0 (bug fixed) with a Dark skin? I seriously will not be in the wait for I+S 2.0 anymore… as a matter of fact, I have 10 days to put a site up. So, can’t Prestige do all of what I+S 2.0 will do?



Hi, yes, in terms of functionality this theme is very similar to I+S 2.0, but the design is different and there are some small features that will be only in I+S 2.0.

Webdork, There is no sample content file included as far as I know and I have purchased and downloaded the theme. http://thejapanobserver.com

This is the most incredible theme I have ever seen!!!!!!

I just need a light version :(

WAHHHHHHH !!!!! lol


Thank you! Yes, we will make the light version, it will be released as a separate theme :)

shadow3d Purchased

Has Anyone been able to get Posts to show up using the Recent News Short-code on the HomePage?


Hi, I replied you about this a second ago, this should help.

How many home page variations can there be with this theme, without any custom coding?


Hi, I am not sure what you mean by custom coding, but with 4 sliders option there are 4 variations at this moment and the shortcodes gives you almost unlimited layout variations. For example, you can use column shortcodes here very easily, create full width content or sidebar. Or, like on our Live Preview, you can use a special extra full width content to build full width layout, mixed with page with sidebar layout (4 column shortcodes are used for area under sidebar and the bottom content is a homepage with sidebar and two shortcodes). It is very flexible and you can build it quickly.

We will add some homepage layout examples soon to our Live Preview. Thank you for comment.