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Does the gallery or portfolio support videos embedded from youtube? :) Anyway great work on this one! :)


SoireeDigitale, thank You for Your question and interest in our template. Unfortunatelly we haven’t thought over this option, but I can assure You it will be added shortly with the next update!


Hi, soireeDigitale.

We have updated our template and now video embedding is available.

Best regards, Andrei.

Great template, good luck for sales. ;)

Peter Zickler.

Thank You, Peter! Good luck with Your WP sales too!)

nice work :)


Thank You, Alia! You have some nice works in Your portfolio too)

Good work, i like it. Will give it a try on a cms realisation


Urbandigitalde, thank You for purchasing our template. Don’t hesitate to contact me if any questions or suggestion.

Please, rate our work and thank You in advance!

We are also going to relaese WP tamplate basing on this template shortly.

I will also contact You and send updatet version with video embedding option as soon as it’s finished.

Sometimes I regret that I’m not an artist and I have no need of a gallery. This is one of those times. Great theme! ;)


Thank You, HenkVanIngrid)

Lanky Purchased

Hi. Just bought this. Can you tell me how to easily change colours for the theme? I don’t see any .css files for different colours or the images.

Also how can the buttons for the nivo slider be moved to the left?



Lanky, thank You for purchasing our template!

As for changing colors:

At the end of style.css You can find the list of classes that substitute colors. What You need is to pick preffering color and add it’s class name into tag. I will provide an example with both color and background changes:

<body class=”Green_Smoke” style=”background-image: url(“images/style_menu/patterns/null”);”>

As for Nivo Slider:

Open nivo-slider.css, find

.nivo-controlNav { position: absolute; right: 5px; top: 5px; z-index: 9; }

substitute right: 5px; with left: property and point out preffered amout of pixels.

Please contact me if anything!

P.S. I would be very greatful if You could rate our template. Thank You!

Lanky Purchased

Hi I will be happy to rate it once I try your suggestion and work on the template a bit. I’ve just started but will let you know.

Lanky Purchased

Hi So far so good. I just find I can’t seem to find how to change the link so there is no underline. I am using the Gulf Stream style.

Can you tell me how to remove the underline?

All in all it is a good basic template. I think you might include a working contact form as that is more the standard these days.


Lanky Purchased

p.s. by the ‘link’ I meant an href link. It always shows an underline when you hover over it and I need to remove that. Thx

Lanky Purchased

Hi The code you gave: <body class=”Green_Smoke” style=”background-image: url(“images/style_menu/patterns/null”);”>

Is not CSS Valid: …ulf_Stream” style=”background-image: url(“images/style_menu/patterns/null”);”/> ? This error may occur when there is a mistake in how a self-closing tag is closed, e.g ’.../ >’. The proper syntax is ’... />’ (note the position of the space).

Line 41, Column 67: NET-enabling start-tag not immediately followed by null end-tag

Can you advise hot to fix?

Lanky Purchased

ok All solved, thx.

Hi, Lanky. Sorry for my long absance. Great to hear that everything is fine, however be sure to contact me if anything.

solybarr Purchased

Hello, wonderful template, can you point me to the folder where the 48 backgrounds are stored? I cannot seem to find it, I read the documentation too to see if the location was there :( ..

Thank you for the help :) S.

Hi, Solybarr! Thank You for purchasing our template. I would be greatful if You could rate it. Backgrounds are located in the following folder: /images/style_menu/patterns Please contact me if anything and have a nice day!

solybarr Purchased

Thank you so much, found them and have rated you with your well deserved 5 stars! I loved the template as soon as you published it, and finally I was able to purchase it!



Thank You once again for the purchase and rating! Good luck with Your new project :)!

Thx for all those purchasing our template. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if You have any questions.

looks really nice!;


Thank You, GrafAS!