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Thanks @thewisestore, I don’t know if it’s working with 2.2.2.


Can anyone advice how to place a back button onto each single product page please? At the moment I am using breadcrumbs as a substitute.

Many thanks


In addition to the red [Sale] banner, is there a way to indicate [Sold] on the picture, instead of removing the entry?

I’m having an issue with 2.2.2 (and 2.2.3) and no responses to my tickets in days. Not very happy right now. I like what I see from this and spent the money, in large part, because of the heavy claims of solid support. Where is it?

If I don’t hear anything in a day or two I’m going to process a refund with Visa.

Is this now WordPress 4.0 Compatible. I love the theme but won’t update WordPress until I know the theme is ready. When will it be Woocomerce 2.2 compatible as well ?


HI. I bought the WP-Ecommerce version. Well.. I know the versions are different and I will not stay here talking how pos is wp-ecommerce :)

What I want to know now is: does this version work well with Wordpress 3.5.2 and WooCommerce 2.0.13? The reason to this question is: here, in Brazil, there is a very famous Payment Gateway, “PagSeguro”. The only problem is that its module to WooCommerce asks specifically for those versions above.

I want to know if I buy the version of WooCommerce I can run the Wordpress and WooCommerce on those versions and the website will be fine.

Does this no longer include Revolution slider? I’m not seeing it installed.



is there a way to exclude the sort/grid/view-button here: http://usta.zoope.de/?post_type=product

Best C.


This is a plugin. WTF! Ok, thx, done ;)

When i click on Login, i can’t see the Register page as the demo page: http://themeforest.net/item/primashop-clean-woocommerce-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/4713886

My page: http://nguoihoa.org/my-account/ Can you please tell me how to fix it, thanks a lot!

alkhor Purchased

Hi Agus, you mentioned a V2 update last month, can we expect it before Christmas?

Sincerely, alkhor

This author no longer supports this theme!

Please support this theme a little longer!

Pre-sale question: Is they a way that I can convert final amount to another currency? As my products are priced in USD and customers will buy in mexico. let me know if this can be done.

This Theme stopped being supported a long time ago. From the day I purchased it, I got zero support. I guess any of us can create a theme, place it on here and drop off the face of the earth and watch money still roll in. Bogus! I don’t know how it still exists here. I tried to get a refund from Envato but its not happening. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS THEME!!! I hope I can at least save someone from getting ripped off like myself and so many others here.

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3 months ago PrimaThemes Support posted the following:

Dear all,

We are in the process of finishing PrimaShop (WooCommerce) v2.0 this month.

It will be big update, but don’t worry because we will take care of backward compatibility for the existing theme users.

Thank you very much for your feedback&support for us.

Cheers, PrimaThemes Support

Not great really – is it?

Seriously Agus, It’s quite sad that it always end up like that.

Can’t you just be/act like the highly successful, respectful and honourable developers out there?

For instance: SevenSpark and ThemePunch, these guy are super active and we feel respected as customers. That’s what we need/want to experience when we buy a theme, especially am eCommerce type theme; we spend hours of preparation, planning, tweaking, testing, eventually you make the site live, and before you know it you are already looking for another theme… FlexiShop 2 was such a theme AND experience.

I hope you are well man. I hope you eat ok, I hope you are warm at least.

Sincerely, alkhor

Hi there,

is there any way to show bigger thumbnails in the basket/ cart-site? I think it is some woocommerce css. Cant find the line. Pls help :)

I am working towards creating a shopping portal where I am going to allow people to come to the website for free and list thier items for sale and customers can place their orders. Do i need your extended license for this?

Does anyone know if this is working with the latest WooCommerce, I bought Flexishop2, which they removed from themeforest and changed it to this….kinda pissed but if this works I might have to bite the bullet as they are not responding to any messages or emails.

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In reply to @voltagenewmediainc yes the theme works as is. I also purchased Flexishop2. I recently spoke (via email) to one of the developers who is very very busy, and he confirmed that they are working hard on the V2 update. That’s all I can say for now.

Sincerely, alkhor