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  • Envato staff look over every item before it can be sold on Envato Market.
  • Technical items contain help files to introduce you to the item and its components.
  • Authors can choose to support their items but this is optional and may vary.

Author support for this item

The author of this item, PrimaThemes, will respond to buyers’ questions and provide limited support through their own support system.

Additional information from PrimaThemes:

Support for my items includes:
  • Responding to questions or problems regarding the item and its features
  • Fixing bugs and reported issues
  • Providing updates to ensure compatibility with new software versions
Item support does not include:
  • Customization and installation services
  • Support for third party software and plug-ins

So, How To Get Support?

Simple, go to

Go to item support

Common WordPress Installation Issues

Missing style sheet error when installing the theme

A common issue that can occur with users new to installing WordPress themes is a “Broken theme and/or stylesheets missing” error message being displayed when trying to upload or activate the theme. This error message does not mean that the theme you have purchased is broken, it simply means it has been uploaded incorrectly. Luckily, there is a very easy fix.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have complete documentation file for this theme?

YES, we don’t want to give you any false promise. See the documentation file before you buy to know exactly what you can expect from this theme!

Read PrimaShop Documentation

Does it work with ?

NO, this WordPress Theme is compatible with self hosted WordPress ( ). It is not compatible with free WordPress Blog ( ). You can read this article to learn the differences,

Does it work with WP E-Commerce (WPEC) plugin by GetShopped ?

NO, this WordPress Theme is dedicated for WooCommerce only. But we have a great news for you because we are developing the WPEC version of PrimaShop and we will release it as different theme to make it easier for theme support.

Could you share full changelog for this theme updates?

... ...

This theme is actively developed…

If you see we only update it every 1-2 months, it is simply because the theme is solid and stable… We will not ask you to update your theme every week… ;)

1.7 – 24 February 2015
  • added: sticky header
  • improved: more ubermenu integration
  • improved: autoload parent theme styles, no more @import in child theme styles
  • improved: add notice message to remove @import from child theme styles
  • improved: theme settings styling and navigation
  • improved: post metabox styling
  • improved: custom header link to customizer
  • improved: new screenshot
  • fixed: custom background issue because of off-canvas menu
1.6 – 16 February 2015
  • added: slidebar off-canvas menu
  • added: add update functionality for TGMPA
  • added: compatibility for product image flipper plugin
  • added: fontawesome icon shortcode
  • updated: revslider v4.6.5
  • improved: WooCommerce 2.3 styling
  • improved: add submenu indicator on header menu
  • improved: remove console warning on multiple gmap shortcodes
  • improved: new Prima_WC_Admin_Taxonomies
  • improved: button style on featured header
  • improved: remove top bar on youtube shortcode
  • improved: customizer css&js preview
  • improved: remove some warnings when WP_DEBUG active
  • fixed: double socialite on single product page
  • fixed: recent posts shortcode output on shortcode generator
  • fixed: breadcumb warning
  • fixed: error message when WooCommerce disabled
1.5 – 26 May 2014
  • improved: First retina support for Header Logo, Favicon, Login Logo, etc
  • improved: Migrate to Fontawesome icons
  • improved: WP3.9 (Tinymce4) Shortcode Generator
  • updated: Revolution Slider 4.x
  • added: WooCommerce Catalog Mode by XtensionPress
  • added: WooCommerce Product Enquiry by XtensionPress
  • added: WooCommerce Grid/List Toggle support
  • fixed: some minor issues on styles & shortcodes
1.4 – 19 February 2014
  • improved – add alternative option to import setting using textarea without uploading the file
  • improved – handle WooCommerce 2.1 depreceated functions better
  • added – option to hide default shop page title on main shop page from Theme Settings page
  • added – option to hide default product category count from Theme Settings page
  • added – option to hide product rating summary on single product page from Theme Settings page
  • added – option for number of cross-sells products to show on WooCommerce 2.1
  • fixed – related products per page and columns issue on WooCommerce 2.1
  • fixed – up-sells products per page and columns issue on WooCommerce 2.1
  • fixed – show/hide header/footer for Shop page issue
  • fixed – post grid shortcode should work when WooCommerce is not active
  • fixed – column shortcode generator typo

1.3.1 – 8 January 2014

  • added – footer script code support. useful for analytics / tracking code.
  • added – hide product category title setting
  • updated – admin bar logo support for WP3.8
  • updated – login logo support for WP3.8

1.3 – 7 November 2013

  • added – PSD Files (homepage, shop page, product page, blog page, single post page)
  • added – YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier compatibility
  • added – YITH WooCommerce Wishlist by compatibility
  • added – YITH WooCommerce Compare compatibility
  • added – YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search compatibility
  • improved – featured header for hierarchical taxonomy
  • improved – social sharing button (small size style)
  • improved – products by IDs on product slider&carousel shortcode
  • improved – posts by IDs on post slider,grid,carousel shortcodes
  • improved – custom excerpt support on post grid&carousel shortcodes
  • improved – ability to disable image on post grid added – ability to hide header&footer on a page
  • improved – add addtocart fragment for empty minicart
  • improved – use same version of woocommerce’s jquery.placeholder
  • fixed – is_main_query notice on WP3.7
  • fixed – tab shortcode issue for non ascii tab title

1.2 – 16 September 2013

  • added – responsive logo, previously can be done via tutorial for child theme
  • added – social sharing buttons on product summary by socialite
  • added – footer social icons
  • added – foundation2 icon fonts, we choose this because it is small, we don’t need hundred icon fonts
  • improved – tinynav js script
  • improved – increased maximum related & upsells
  • improved – add full screen mode for feat image header & slider
  • improved – option for number of slider images
  • improved – add scrollwheel param to googlemaps shortcode
  • improved – increased maximum related & upsells
  • improved – centering default header image
  • improved – center aligned image on Appearance Header
  • improved – add include&exclude params on categories shortcode
  • improved – use inline-block for top nav right and footer right
  • improved – use wp_enqueue_scripts to load Google Fonts
  • improved – products shortcode output fully follow WC template for better compatibility
  • improved – design settings support 3 selector
  • improved – content limit, strip shortcode, keep content
  • improved – add prima-theme-settings-updated action hook
  • fixed – product slider & carousel shortcode issue (tag)
  • fixed – post&product carousel shortcode gen typo
  • fixed – product category shortcode numbers issue

1.1.3 – 19 August 2013

  • improved – custom text for topnav cart link, support to show cart count and cart subtotal
  • improved – minicart button follow topnav cart style
  • added – product slider shortode for product category and product tag
  • improved – add “slide_reverse” (right to left) animation type for slider
  • improved – add product shortcode filter to allow third party customization
  • improved – add additional div block on video shortcode to make fitvid honor embed width
  • fixed – remove some warning messages
  • updated – translation file, include partial de_DE translation by Frank Puschmann
  • updated – revolution slider v3.0.93 on the main file

1.1.2 – 5 August 2013

  • added – mini cart on top navigation
  • added – show product category, tag, attribue thumbnail before page title
  • added – more options for design settings
  • added – option to open call to action link in new window
  • added – option to open slider link in new window
  • added – options to show featured image on post&page
  • added – prima_featured_slider shortcode
  • added – [box_container] shortcode
  • added – additional hooks on products shortcodes
  • improved – include comment button to design settings
  • improved – centering featured header image, useful for small featured header image
  • improved – compatible with Black Studio TinyMCE
  • improved – logo markup position
  • improved – breadcrumb function
  • improved – woocommerce-info for products shortcode
  • improved – flexslider control border color
  • fixed – different file encoding for content-404.php
  • fixed – PrettyPhoto Issue on IE
  • fixed – WPML lang selector css isnt loaded
  • fixed – hide contact form when succesfully sent
  • fixed – column shortcode issue
  • fixed – prevent design import action when save settings
  • updated – language files

1.1.1 – 13 July 2013

  • added – new dummy content
  • added – new video tutorials for translation and revolution slider
  • added – posts grid shortcode
  • added – WordPress SEO by Yoast to recommended plugin
  • improved – parent and child_of params on product categories shortcode
  • improved – full screen revolution slider support
  • improved – add slider description on featured header
  • improved – Swedish translation update
  • improved – image uploader on theme/meta settings
  • fixed – headers already sent warning on IE
  • fixed – show/hide slider nav on featured header

1.1 – 7 July 2013

  • added – WPML (WP Multilanguage) support
  • added – sv_SE translation file, credits: Patrik Alienus at Onlinebyrån,
  • added – WP Multisite support
  • added – Post Slider shortcode
  • added – Products Slider shortcode
  • added – Revolution Slider support
  • added – Post Carousel shortcode
  • added – Products Carousel shortcode
  • added – Sliders shortcode generator
  • added – Taxonomy Meta
  • added – Featured Header for category and tags
  • added – action hooks in many possible areas
  • added – Product attributes thumbnail uploader
  • added – Plugin Settings page using customized TGM Plugin Activation class
  • added – WooCommerce, Regenerate Thumbnails, CodeStyling Localization to Plugin Settings page
  • added – Featured Thumbnail + Full Text content style
  • added – show/hide slider nav on featured header
  • added – default table and sticky post styling
  • improved – valid HTML5 using WT3C Validator
  • improved – single H1 for on-page SEO
  • improved – ability to put languages on child theme
  • improved – replace require_once with include_once
  • improved – set WooCommerce image dimensions upon theme activation
  • improved – English grammar checked
  • improved – better admin_url using add_query_arg
  • improved – synchronize custom background settings with Design Settings
  • improved – synchronize style settings with Design Settings
  • improved – message notices markup
  • improved – add priority to prima_header and prima_footer actions
  • fixed – Visual Composer jquery conflict (still show classic editor)
  • fixed – image resizing issue when resizing small image
  • fixed – image attachment page issue (double output)

1.0.4 – 26 June 2013

  • added – TinyNav responsive navigation plugin
  • added – Category select on Blog page template settings
  • added – option to hide post navigation on single post
  • improved – tweak general shortcode button and added Contact Form and Google Map generator
  • improved – tweak products shortcode button and added top rated products shortcode generator
  • improved – responsive site title for “no logo” case
  • improved – responsive layout for “custom” layout
  • improved – show “Save Settings” button on all setting boxes
  • improved – update array key on all settings to allow user to change it on child theme
  • improved – update array key on all design settings to allow user to change it on child theme
  • improved – remove link outline
  • improved – remove some warning messages on WP_DEBUG on
  • improved – include “custom” site layout in Design Settings
  • improved – show header featured on post/page/product only
  • improved – better padding spacing for site title for “no logo” case
  • improved – hide submenu arrow in top level menu
  • fixed – automatic theme update issue
  • fixed – renamed Envato_Protected_API class to prevent conflict with Envato Toolkit Plugin
  • fixed – image uploader javascript issue
  • fixed – show slider animation type on slider mode only
  • fixed – minor issue on select, radio, images option when they have “default” value
  • removed – unadvertised twitter, flickr, and feedburner widgets (this widgets come from PrimaThemes Framework 1.0), remove the complexity of Twitter API 1.1 for non-techie user, leave it to plugin.

1.0.3 – 10 June 2013

  • added – Horizontal line color option on Design Settings
  • added – Top Rated Products shortcode
  • improved – Products in a tag shortcode
  • improved – Products in a category shortcode
  • improved – Products in an attribute shortcode
  • improved – Products on sale shortcode
  • improved – featured header slider control (animation type, speed)
  • improved – Google Maps shortcode (marker, map type)
  • improved – contact form shortcode (honeypot and quiz for spam protection, better notification)
  • improved – better support for transparent header logo
  • improved – update .mo/.po language file
  • improved – product excerpt on Shop page and shortcodes
  • improved – hide some metabox items on Shop page to make it consistent
  • improved – remove ins and mark style in style.css to avoid css conflict with WooCommerce style
  • improved – .info class for Products shortcode in style/css
  • fixed – custom products columns per row issue
  • fixed – hide product title issue on upsell,crosssel,related products

1.0.2 – 31 May 2013

  • fixed – sanitization issue for custom HTML on featured header

1.0.1 – 28 May 2013

  • added – show/hide breadcrumbs from Theme Settings – Layout page
  • added – change post meta from Theme Settings – Layout page
  • added – show/hide result count & catalog ordering
  • added – show/hide product excerpt on shop page
  • added – product_excerpt=”yes” parameter to product shortcodes
  • improved – import settings function
  • improved – remove dotted border after click
  • fixed – footer widget layout setting

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