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Hi buddy nice work, Happy to see your first item here :)

GLWS Cheers from your friends at Designova, Kerala.

Thanks for you words :)

Fresh and fantastic job :)

Thanks for your words.

And of course, we liked to be your first buyer :) 5 Stars

Thanks :)

Nice design dude, GLWS :)

Thanks for your words :)

I have a very annoying problem!

I bought today the layout of you to make page-only portfolio I’m trying to install it and I’m not getting the error, it gives is lack of style sheets or CSS.

The method I’m using to install it on wordpress!

Why I am not able to install?!

Or you guys can help me!



Actually I like to have my money back because I do not know what to do with the content of you!

Out that if I pay you for changing my page whenever I need to be complicated for me, because I always have to pay!

If you want your money back, you can directly contact Envato. If they are convenient with your argument, sometimes you may get the refund.

Nice theme! Can you change the overall color scheme?

Thanks for your words. Color scheme can be changed by editing the css files.

Stunning work! Good luck :)

Thanks for your words.

Congratulations, nice theme! One question: In the portfolio is the ability to zoom or details, you can insert into a detail page template? thanks

Thanks for your words. You can zoom the image by clicking the zoom button on the portfolio item. You can use the details button to link to an external page or link. Since it is an one page theme, we haven’t provided a separate stand-alone page.

I DIG IT!! Very Nice, and like how the design is ‘your own style’ #MuchRespect

Thanks for you words. :)

Hello, thank you so much for this great theme, I’m glad that I bought. I’m gonna start to customize it on tomorrow. I think i just need to small info before customize it that how do i change the overall color scheme with Adobe Dreamweaver CC? I’m kind of rookie with CSS.

Anyway, again, thank you for your awesome works.

Cheers from Turkey.

Thanks for your words. If you want to change the color scheme, you have to edit the css files. You can use any text editor for that. If you are not able to do that, Please leave it to us. Will can change the color scheme for you.

That would be great. I sent you an e-mail for details.

We got your mail. We will do the changes and will get back to you soon.

I love this theme, but I feel their are a number of pages missing; I click on a service and no follow up? The same with team member details, also no follow up page. Why is that? Is it possible for you to make a full version where all follow up pages are present?

Thanks for your words. This is a one page layout theme. It doesn’t have any external pages. If you purchase it, we can customize it for you.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

How much would that be? Lets say I want all clickable topics to have follow up pages. So these topics: Analyze, design, develop, deploy, people (each member),all services, one details page about portfolio topic and finaly our thoughts.

On each page there must be a button to go back to the prev. page.


Please send your full requirements to We will analyze it and send you the cost.

Nice theme but I wish it wasn’t just a one page template.

Are you planning on creating a multi-page version of this ?

Sorry, we don’t have any plans to make it multi-page. But, we have WP version of the same And it supports standalone pages. You can use it as multi page.

Is there a way to change the icons in the Services ?

We have provided full set of icons with the documentation.

heya, great theme… but how can i change the icomoon icons of page?? really wanna buy this one…


Hi, Everything is included in the theme documentation.

Hey, i post my problem yesterday on the other them “PRISMA – One page Responsive WordPress Theme” and today -> “Item No Longer Available ” ??? I spend money for this them and now is not available ? Can you explain why ? I also post a request on your “Support Center” and nobody reply to my icket…

Hi will you do a tumblr version of it I would love to use it on my tumblr (I am already using the wordpress version on my site) Thank you for your answer.


Where is the WordPress version?