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This looks very well thought out. I’m excited to work with it.

I just had to buy this! It’s a beatiful template and I look forward to making something with it.

Do you have a preview version (of @ least the login page)

@lami and others – I’ve added live preview to the description.

Don’t steal it! :D

This will be your top seller kuimu, the question is, how many times it’s gonna be pirated (Not by me, honoust, even tho i’m bad)

Very well done. I’ll be featuring this theme this week!

Nice, thanks Jeff! :)

Hello.. nice design.. i really like it.. first time i see it… when i purchase.. it has nice structre !! great job.

However i would like to know.. how to add multiple pullodown and multiple jquery tab ?

@Veeco – Thanks a lot!

What do you mean by multiple pulldowns and tabs? Please contact me in private and I try to help you out.

I like it! Cooool!

Very nice. I had just started a site yesterday with a very basic design. As soon as I saw your, I had to buy it and scrap my current design.

The HTML markup of your template is a total mess.

@JimmyP – Yes I’m aware of that, but that’s the best I can come up with my “Designer’s coding skills” :D Can you give me a link to perfect markup, so maybe I can learn something and improve my markups?

Nice theme dude…

The Zip file I downloaded is very odd. In every directory there there is a zero byte file with the exact name of each directory. This is preventing me from unzipping the file and using it. I keep getting errors which say that there are already files or folders with that name etc..

I will try to use Winzip but to extract but this seems very odd.

@Fonewiz – Hmm, that’s really strange. Try to re-download the package from ThemeForest, if that helps that out. I downloaded the package, and it opened without any problems on my Mac, OS 10 .5.5.

This file has been purchased almoust 60 times now, and nobody hasn’t informed about unpacking problem before.

Let me know what happens, file size is 3.3mb.

Hi can this be used in commecial scripts?

Nice work btw!

Hi TonyH and thanks! :)

Yes, license gives you the rights to use this in commercial scripts. One purchase = one license = one project/script etc.