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The Mail chimp plugin doesn’t work for me?

$apiKey         = 'b1ae480952112a61d737e7aeb46570d4-us3'; // Input your Mailchimp API Key
 $listId         = '2e69a8937c'; // Input your List ID
 $double_optin   = false;
 $send_welcome   = false;
 $email_type     = 'html';
 $email          = $_POST['email'];
 $name           = $_POST['name'];
//replace us4 with your actual datacenter
$submit_url     = "http://us3.api.mailchimp.com/1.3/?method=listSubscribe";





It seems like it’s working fine, I just signed up, can you confirm by checking your mailchimp account?

Does it work for Aweber? If so, can you please help me?


Hello, unfortunately no :(

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Hey buddy – nice landing page! Just what I was looking for. I only heard about mailchimp like 3 days ago for the 1st time. So if this is not a question for you then just say. But, how do I direct my mail to my mailchimp account (I’ve just set that the mailchimp account, but not sure what in your code tells it to go to that account. Thanks! S



If you read the documentation we explained how to obtain your List ID and API keys from Mailchimp. This should point it to your mailchimp account.


Can you make it so the timer has the exact same time in ALL timezones? I would like a way to make it so the timer is exactly the same for everyone and doesn’t track your timezone.

Hi. This is perfect. Is it possible to make the clock count up instead of down? I’m doing a page on a newborn child and his dad would like to track the days/clock since he was born. Thanks

Hi i plan to use it as coming soon product. 1. Any RTL support? 2. How do i admin it (enter text, images,logo etc.)? thanks ib

Hey, nice plugin. I can’t get it to work on iPhone. It’s like 00:00:00:00. That’s all


Hey, can you please send me a link to your site? I will be glad to take a look at it for you.

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Can I install the WP version with regular license?


Can I throw up a video on this page?


Hi, thanks for a great looking landing page.

I am struggling with the mail chimp option, do I have to be a paid member to use it? I have set up a free account which is fine for the amount of emails I need to send. I don’t want to pay $10 a month just to use it in the landing page while my site is being built.

Thanks for your time

No problem, I have sorted the issue, thank you! Keep up the good work, much appreciated