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Hello, Is there a way of customizing colour in the google map. Currently its just a greyscale colour scheme, is there a way of changing that?


Hi! Yes, you’re right. Currently supported only two styles – default google colors and greyscale.

Default colors for a map: Open the js/prodo.min.js, find and remove:


ok thanks! do you know if theres a way of just adding a colour overlay instead of adjusting the stylers.

Hi there, I bought this theme three days ago and I can’t get it working on WP 3.9.2. I sent an email to the developer but I haven’t got any answer… Anyone can help???? Thanks

Hi again! Check your mail.

The video background has stopped playing and now shows a pixelated still image. What is the solution to fix that?

Hey. Could you give me the answer on my email to you. I bought your theme but its doesnt work…

Where is the support??? I waiting for the answer 7 days???

Hi, it’s a awesome theme, but i have a question. My video background has stopped playing and just shows a image from 1st still of the video. How can i fix that?


Hi, I have downloaded the theme and the portfolio section doesn’t seem to work for me. When I click on the image, there is no content that loads beneath like the sample here on the website.

One client, its trying to send emails with the contact form, and it doesn´t work. All the variables are ok, its important the non reply email?. Can you help me?.


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Hello, I’ve been using this template for a work portfolio, but I’ve had some difficulty getting the portfolio section to work. More specifically, I can’t get the links to work from the main page to each portfolio “sample” page. Has anyone else encountered this problem? What would you suggest? Thanks!

The contact form in the footer of my site displays in a column (each field under the other) but I want the form to look like the one on the demo prodo theme thats on themeforest (the big message box is besides the smaller boxes). Please help me fix this

My sit is: elegantcv.com

Hi, You use some third-party plugin for contact form?

Ah great – you were right. It’s because I had the jetpack contact form turned on.


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Hi, very nice theme, A quick question that I couldn’t find in the comments, I’ve looked everywhere and I just can’t find where I set the duration loop for the video background? If you could point me in the right direction that would be great.

Many thanks Marc


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Amazing, thank you.

That was fairly obvious and I completely missed it!

Cheers for the quick response.


Poli5h Purchased

Apologies for coming back to this again but it’s been driving me crazy, I’ve tried everything I can think of, the data-start works fine however regardless of what I put in as the end loop time there seems to be a predetermined duration of around 20 secs or so? my video file is longer than that but it just cuts short on the loop.

I’m basically trying to have a seamless as possible loop, could you let me know if theres another part of the code somewhere that might be affecting this?

Many thanks Marc

Hi again, Marc!

Can you send your website address?

Email: a.axminenko@gmail.com

Hello, thanks for the great work!!! I’d like to play the background video with the real colors, without the alphachannel-dark effect. How can I do it? Andrea

FIXED!! data-overlay has to be 0:

<section class=”intro” id=”intro” data-type=”video” data-source=”....” data-on-error=”...” data-mute=”...” data-start=”0” data-stop=”0” data-overlay=”0” data-quality=”default”>


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Hi there! I want to upgrade this template for a wordpress version, is there any friendly way of doing it, without having to make all content and structural changes I have done for this version?

Hi !

how to edit the text ’ Hello World …. ” ?

I also have a youtube error before the video starts.

“youtube.com/devicesupport “


I bought the Prodo theme a few weeks a go and over all the theme is really nice. However, I found one bug: When using the video section in the page, the accordion panel does not work properly anymore. Every item in the accordion panel is only clickable once, after that there is no response anymore. You can see the problem on http://complexity.urban-systems.net Could you please tell me how to fix this issue? Thanks for your help

Best, Domink


i’ve bought this theme some days ago. It’s a wonderfull theme for a client. Now i noticed, that the social icon from Vimeo is not showing.

How can i fix that?

Thanks and regards


Hi, Can we use Vimeo instaid of Youtube? Thanks. Please answer.

Hi Marc

I’m having the same problem as Poli5h, my video gets cut off a few seconds short when it loops, how do I fix this?

Also is it possible to start the video from start on the play button?

I would like to add 4 markers to the Google Map on the front page. How can i do that?

Dear Author,

I have a problem with this theme – maybe you can help me? I use the website as a single page and with a video header. At Apple Tablets and Phones the background Image (Section with parallex effet) and the video is nt scaled to the width but it shows a very large view of the image so that you cant recognize the image. Can I do anything? Thx and BR Günter