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HI there. Is it possible to have a timeout on the youtube video? IE a network not allowing access to YouTube will show the static image after say 5 seconds

Is it possible to use Vimeo as the video preloader instead of YouTube?

Thanks for a great theme



Great theme! I have two questions.

1. Can you change the background colour of the Retina Ready, Responsive Layouts and 9 Header Variations?

2. I have seen a previous comment referring to the twitter feed and have followed your instructions. However, when I view the HTML file in Chrome, the twitter feed still does not appear. Also I have applied a background image to the feed which is also not showing :(

Thanks for the amazing theme, Alex! :)

Is there any way to play a Vimeo video as the background video?

Right now the only video I want to use is on Vimeo.

Thanks so much!

Would also love to be able to use Vimeo as bg video



i have sent you a couple emails and havent heard back.. having problems with the video not playing..

thank you

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Hey, how long till this is a Word Press theme?

I would be very interested!!

Prodo > Safari on regular Computer (not iPad!) -> Video not showing.

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Friend, do not know what happens the website is not opening in Chrome browser: See http://www.petitmaurice.com.br/

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Hello, The video background keeps repeating. How to turn off auto repeat? regards,


great work! i am interested in the prodo-template and have one question: is it possible that audio and video of the intro-screen start automatically? in the preview the video starts but you hav to click on the button to start audio. that is really not good for my project and it would be important that it starts with audio directly. thanks for the help. best,


Terrible customer service!

I was going to buy this, good thing I looked at the comments!! Looks like this guy hasn’t responded to anyones issues and is a horrible developer leaving all his customers out to dry.

Don’t buy this!

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How can I customize the background video?? Which file of template I have to modify? Anyone know what I have to write in the code??


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Hey, how long till this is a Word Press theme????

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Hi, can I change the way the preloader looks? Maybe put a gif instead? Thanks in advance L

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Also, can I put a vimeo video instead of a youtube one? Tnx.

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How can i change the color scheme of the theme

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Quick question: I would like to add a screen behind the navigation bar at the top of the page, since I have a lighter background that makes the white text more difficult to read. Can I add that in?

Hi, the homepage video stop working for me, is there a problem with the plugin? here is the link: http://www.toltech.it


Hi Video background is no longer operating. Your demo site-video background does not operating. Please tell me the solution strategy.