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Hi feeleep!

Once again, great theme, I’m enjoying working with it. :)

I was wondering if there’s a way to have two locations in the map (with two markers, of course), like “head office” and another office, with a different address. Thank you!


As you know, the contact page map is theme options related and excepts one address by default. Theoretically, you could create another set of options identical to existing one and let it accept an extra address with latitude, longitude, zoom level and marker upload field.
However, the map itself relies on “data” attribute into which all of the above mentioned gets stored. In order to understand it better, here’s the chunk of code taken from “header.php” (line #97):

<div id="g-map-1" class="map col-lg-12" data-gmaptitle="<?php echo $map_title; ?>" data-gmapzoom="<?php echo $map_zoom; ?>" data-gmaplon="<?php echo $map_lon; ?>" data-gmaplat="<?php echo $map_lat; ?>" data-gmapmarker="<?php echo $map_marker; ?>" data-cname="<?php echo $contact_name; ?>" data-caddress="<?php echo $contact_address; ?>" data-ccity="<?php echo $contact_city; ?>" data-cstate="<?php echo $contact_state; ?>" data-czip="<?php echo $contact_zip; ?>" data-ccountry="<?php echo $contact_country; ?>"></div>

Of course, there’s javascript function made to handle and process the data and convert it into the map, see “Producr/js/theme.js”, lines #48 thru #134.

So, what you should do is to find the way to pass multiple addresses, modify javascript to accept/handle it ( maybe this might help: http://goo.gl/kkObxX ) and create another set of theme options to grab the extra address.
You can see how these options were created if you open “Producr/admin/option/producr_options.php” and take a look at the code between #210 and #254. If you take to edit options code, be sure to assign unique name to each new option in order to avoid conflicts.

It’s not as easy as it seems but hopefully the above can help!

Hi, I cannot get the slider revolution plugin shortcode to work inside of a page blox. Nothing comes up not even an error message.

Also, is there a way to make a page blox in “Page Blox > Add New” and then include that page blox in either a page or another page blox?


Update: What I meant to say was that the slider revolution shortcode does work, just not inside of the [page_blox_container] shortcode which is a pain because I want to center the slider.

I’ve viewed the source code of the page and the slider code is inserted into the page but for some reason the slider never loads, it just remains a blank space. Maybe its a javascript issue?


I think I’ve figured it out whats wrong. Anything you put in the code editor on Page Blox > Add New, automatically gets paragraph tags inserted which breaks the javascript of the slider plugin.


Just wanted to ask you for the site URL to check the source code and javascript but you already got it resolved.
The truth is: anything you put into TinyMCE gets wrapped with the paragraphs. PageBlox use WordPress’ “native” text editor (without any modification) which behaves exactly the same as the one used on page/post edit.
However, all of the excess paragraphs get stripped down before PageBlock, page or post are published and I don’t think it caused the problem. Moreover, I tried to re-insert Revolution slider on theme’s demo site and didn’t encounter any issues.
Strange. If the problem persist feel free to let me know – I would love to take a look.


I’m having the following error in the projects http://awesomescreenshot.com/0f62nkoa97

Whenever I try to create a project category it simply disappears. http://awesomescreenshot.com/0132nkoz66 Can you help me? is it urgent.

thank you


Not sure what’s going on at your side, everything works fine over here so I’ll have to ask you to create a temp Admin account for me and send login credentials via PM. Otherwise I can only guess which doesn’t bring any solid explanation.

Hi Feleep!

When the viewer clicks on “Projects” we would like for:

• The first image to be a static image. Right now it takes 3 seconds to load and is jarring. We would prefer that the carousel only appear once a selection has been made from the sub menus below.

• That the selections (one made) cease from sliding up and down between content changes. Viewing area should remain static

Contact Page Is it possible to adjust the contact template to have a revslider in place of the Google Map?


OK, I think I understood what you are up to…
However, the changes you are about to take require coding coz there’s no magical switch capable of “wiping out” theme’s default functionality and get the new one.
As you know, theme’s demo site should demonstrate how things work with it by default.
On the other side, the volume of such changes can’t be written as a how-to guide because it is too complex. And if you ain’t a programmer – it won’t help even if takes the written form.
So, my friendly advice is to find a developer – there’s plenty at Envato Studio ( see http://studio.envato.com/explore/wordpress ), explain what you are up to and negotiate the price. I’m 100% positive that you’ll be satisfied with the service, estimate cost and time of completion.


Hello FeeLeep,

We contacted a developer at the Envato link that you provided but he insists that the remaining issues are something that must be fixed by you, the developer.

1) The oversized carousel image dominating the main page when it loads. Right now, when the landing page loads the first carousel item appears as enlarged for 1-2 seconds before the entire main page loads. It appears that there was an update to owl.carousel.js and owl.carousel.min.js made 8 days ago. We have updated these files in the theme but the problem persists. We need to know where access to this bug is so that we can fix it. Here is a link to a .swf example so that you can see what we are referring to: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4a179rxacg8m09v/Carousel%20Bug.swf

2) There are right margin gaps (apprx 30 pixels) between the carousel images that need to be tightened up so that they are flush with one another. We need to know where to access to this bit of the code so that we can adjust it. Here is a link to a .swf example so that you can see what we are referring to: https://www.dropbox.com/s/54wqo0wco2bbz2i/Spaces.swf

3) The lazy AJAX load time on the portfolio page. Right now it takes 2-4 seconds for the images to load and we must reduce that time in order for the client to approve the site. Here is a link to a .swf example so that you can see what we are referring to: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e3uxp894522lyfx/Lazy%20Ajax.swf

Here is a link to the test site so you can see it live as well: http://peterspiegel.com.s83996.gridserver.com

If you still cannot help us with these issues we would really appreciate it if you could please recommend a specific developer that is familiar with your theme who we can hire to help us. Your previous suggestion of finding someone through Envato has led us down a path of a great deal of back and forth with no resolve several days later. Stress is high, as the deadline to go live with the site is tomorrow evening for my client. We would really appreciate your help.

Looking forward to your response.

Thank you!


(1) It happens because image size is greater than the one used by Owl Carousel. In order to reduce flickering you may want to initialize Owl on window.load (when DOM is ready) instead of document.ready.

a) open “Producr/js/theme.js” for edit, line #627.
Comment line #627: // CHEF.owlCarousel();
Copy-paste the same code to the line #650.
Here’s how it should look like at the end: http://goo.gl/T9fWqI

b) save “theme.js” and re-upload to the server if edited on local machine

(2) It doesn’t happen on theme’s demo site so I’m not sure what is going on at your end. I can see that horizontal rule above Owl Carousel. Did you try to remove it?
I also have noticed that the height of a carousel should be 237px and the one at your client’s site shows 159px. Is it because of the HR (horizontal rule) element above the carousel?

(3) Please take a look at your server activity : http://goo.gl/bqYEM8
I think some improvements might be brought by installing WP Cache plugin. Image size (in KB) may also be reduced to speed up loading time.

Hopefully it helps!

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I was wondering how I can add a ‘Tabber’ to my website.

Kind regards,



There’s a shortcode made for that purpose. Tabed Content, Accordion, Carousel, Pricing Tables and FAQ Builder – all of these shortcodes require two steps to be added to the content.

Step 1 shall add a wrapper!

Any step beyond the first one will create one or more items belonging to the wrapper (Tabbed Content, Accordion, Carousel, etc.).
( screen grab: http://awesomescreenshot.com/06b2rb566f )

So, let’s add a wrapper first: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0aa2rb6489
Now let’s add a tab containers with text: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0302rb7ea1

Each time you want to add new tab and that very tab container hit Shortcodes button in text editor toolbar and repeat Step 2.
Hopefully it helps!

Pre-Buying-question: Can producr be easily switched (by css or backend) to boxed version. The demo shows only the wide layout…

Thank you Markus


No, there’s no “boxed” version mate. To be honest with you I was never able to figure out the point of having “boxed” and “non-boxed” version of the same theme design. It probably exists because the author was not sure which one looks better. No matter what, it won’t make any significant difference at 1280px (and lower) any more.


I am currently working on a website for a client, and they have this theme installed. However, they do not have access to the documentation. I am trying to activate a “projects” page (like in the demo), however I just cannot work out how to get the ajax post slider working on the achives page.

Is there any chance someone could send me the documentation? It would be VERY useful. Thanks a lot.


Well, that’s an embarrassing situation. Is your client’s theme up to date? What if I release new version of this theme, how do you or your client download it? What if there’s a major bug fix released?
I can provide theme manuals, no problem with that, however, I think that your client has a bigger problem. Anyway, just drop me a PM and I’ll send you theme manuals with the reply.


Yeah, tell me about it! I’ll ask the client to repurchase. Cheers :)


I’ve sent manuals to your email address yesterday!

Hi dear, just one little thing…where can I modify the “Drop us note” text in “Contact us” page? Thank you very much Best regards

p.s. WPML on that theme is a good choice for multi-language?


Owh, that was nice! Even my wife doesn’t call me “dear” any more :)
“Drop us Note” is a part of theme translation file – just like any other phrase used by this theme.
You can find it at the line #80 of “contact.php” file.

<h4 class="widget-title"><?php _e( 'Drop us Note', 'kazaz' ); ?></h4>

As for making this theme multilingual, I’m not sure. Can’t say much because I haven’t tried WPML, qTranslate nor any other similar plugin. But I guess WPML should be fine, everyone claims it’s the best.

Hi dear, just one little thing…where can I modify the “Drop us note” text in “Contact us” page? Thank you very much Best regards

p.s. WPML on that theme is a good choice for multi-language?


Just replied.

Feeleep! Thank you again for the great theme. How do I change the default default color of the links?


You welcome! As for changing the links color, it should be simple;
Appearance > Theme Options >> Basic Options
Then scroll down a bit to “Theme main/highlight color” option and use color picker. Am I missing the point of your question?

In case you want to have a highlight color differ from links color, check out “style.php” (yeap, it’s a dynamic css file), lines #19 thru #25. All of the elements you can see there are using that main/highlight color.
Exclude unwanted and assign new styles. You can do everything inside “style.php” file if you want.

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HI, We have 2 problems now, both in Admin.

1, For the Page Blox function, insert media/photo is no working, also there is no js error.

2, For the revolution slider, we got js error “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘replace’ of undefined ” when trying save new text style.

Please help us to fix it.


(1) How did you insert the video file? By default, WordPress should automatically recognize “share” link and embed it according to standards, however, with Page Blox you’ll need to actually use entire EMBED code (instead of Share link). Embeder shortcode can be found on the list of shortcodes, under
Content > Content Embedding
Beware, both Vimeo and YouTube embed code are missing “http:” in SRC attribute so you’ll have to add it manually. For example:

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/zgT3JxN_Gj8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Note that src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/zgT3JxN_Gj8”, “http:” is missing.

(2) What you can do here is to address the problem to Revolution slider author(s). I would love to advise or help but I’m the user of this product just as you are. Revolution slider support is awesome, maybe someone already faced the same issue so it’s good idea to search comments: http://codecanyon.net/item/slider-revolution-responsive-wordpress-plugin/2751380/comments

Hello. Thanks for a really nice theme.

I was just wondering if it might be possible to add a checkbox to enable a captcha system for the online contact form?

I’m getting a lot of spam via the online contact form and the option of turning on a captcha system should reduce the amount of spam I’m getting.

Many thanks.


I guess it is possible but not without modification of “contact.php” template file. There’s plenty of tutorials on how to implement CAPTCHA system all over the internet, just Google for it.

Another option would be to find a contact form plugin for WordPress that already has CAPTCHA built-in. In that case you won’t need “Contact Us” custom template any more.
It’s up to you to decide.

Hi Feeleep,

When someone drops us a message using the contact form, no email is coming through.

See, http://burodevelopment.nl/contact/

Note, I have installed a SMTP plugin to reroute the message directly to my own SMTP server instead of using the localhost (to keep the spammers away).

Thanks, Jeroen


That’s strange, it should be working especially if SMTP plugin installed. I have no other option but to ask you for a temp access to WP Admin. I’ll debug and see what’s going on at the server.
Please send login credentials to my PM and include brief description of a problem. It’ll be fine if you just copy-paste your message from above.

I noticed on the contact form submission there is not box that displays after form submission notifying the message was sent…similar to the error message. Is there on in place? If so how do I get it working again…thanks!


Not sure what’s going on at your side…
Open “contact.php” and check lines #93 thru #100, these lines should read the following:

// allrighty, form sent!
if( isset( $emailSent ) && $emailSent == true ) : ?>

<p class="text-danger"><?php _e( 'Thanks for contacting us!', 'kazaz' ); ?></p>
<p><?php _e( 'Your message was sent successfully. We will get in touch with you shortly.', 'kazaz' ); ?></p>

<?php else : ?>

The ELSE at the line #100 shows contact form in case there was an error by submission… otherwise success message gets displayed.
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Hi there, I’m having child theme issues too. It isn’t being called in the source, could you give an example of style.php? My style.css looks the same as you’ve posted in another comment, and I’ve tried blank style.php, first line (content-type) only in style.php and cloning style.php entirely, but none of these works. Any ideas helpful.


Just wondering whether your main theme “functions.php”, line #171 reads:
wp_enqueue_style( 'stylecss', get_stylesheet_uri(), false, null );
...or it still calls parent theme css:
wp_enqueue_style( 'stylecss', get_template_directory_uri() . '/style.css', false, null );
I think you’ll have to use get_stylesheet_uri()!

sy2j Purchased

Haha! Yes, that combination did it. Having stripped my child theme right back to just style.css and edited that line in the main theme’s functions.php, it’s working. I had changed that line earlier and it didn’t work, but now with the stripped back child folder, it works!

Thanks very much for the time and effort, feeleep, it’s been much appreciated and I was starting to go a bit mad!


It was my pleasure. Lemme know if you experience more issues!

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Hey, great theme, but i have 2 question.

1. On main menu, don’t work sub-menus. Screenshot here:

2. Section with id k-title got wrong top margin… Screenshot here:


But I just don’t understand what’s wrong mate, sorry! The screen shot doesn’t speak.

zoom-biz Purchased

I sent you a email.


I have replied!