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Having Trouble With Outlook 2010

I really like the template and the template builder. Very nice job. I am having one issue though. When I use the HTML I have created for the template builder it shows up compressed, text is off, and stacking of elements does not look like the web version.

I noticed in a previous comment that someone else was having this same issue. I was wondering if a quick fix was found, or do I need to alter the CSS specifically for Outlook?

Thanks in advance for your reply.



Thank you for purchasing my template:)

Please send me you screen shot and html file via pakpum.investor@gmail.com I will check it what happen :)

Best Regards, Akedodee

Hi, I bought your template but not the magician set! how to install it! and another question how to change the text!


Thank you for purchasing my template :)

and sorry for reply late because comment not send an email to my email :) and Thank you for your patience. :)

You can use templateBuilder ( online ) at http://www.rookieapp.com/TemplateBuilder/ by drag and drop the layout that you want and export as Normal html , MailChimp file , CampaignMonitor file and then edit text and change image with editor program such as Adobe dreamweaver or upload it to MailChimp and CampaignMonitor follow this example :)

The video example (creating MailChimp file from templateBuilder and using MailChimp editor )

The video example (creating MailChimp file in package that you download for themeforest )

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I have a few pre-purchase questions: I’m using ExactTarget (not listed in your compatibilities) so I was trying to really understand how your product works. From what I see it’s an app that I would be downloading into my computer and building the emails from my own desktop from there I would copy and paste the HTML into my email marketing tool?

Please let me know if I’m way off or if there’s anything I need to know.



Thank you for purchasing my template

You can use TemplateBuilder on my web by drag and drop layout that you want and export as Normal HTML file therefrom open it with editor program such as dreamweaver and copy all code and paste it into ExactTarget :)

learn more http://help.exacttarget.com/en/documentation/exacttarget/getting_started/the_getting_started_guide/create_your_first_email/

However, I’m developing TemplateBuilder 2.0 for edit text and upload image and save template for editing later and more feature

Best Regards, Akedodee