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I am interested in your template. Do I need to purchase something more to design with the template builder? I don’t know if this template is a “full product” or a complement to another product. I know that I can use the template with a coding program (i.e: Dreamweaver) but I prefer to use the template builder only.

Thank you for your interesting in my template :-)

When you purchase this template you can access to MailBuild for creating your templates. with entering your purchase code just once and then enjoy it.

Best Regards, Akedode

The drag’n’drop is not working in MailChimp after I import the template. How to fix this?

Thank you for purchasing my template ????

If you used a template compatible with MailChimp in package that you downloaded from Themeforest.
you can be using Drag & Drop by following this video.

However, MailBuild allow you to select the modules that you prefer with Drag&Drop . So I took out the feature variation ( mc:variant ) in MailChimp. To avoid user confusion. and when you create a MailChimp template from MailBuild ( my template builder 2.0 ) and import to MailChimp.com and create a new campaign for editing your template. So you may need to duplicate the modules, so you can drag & drop within the boundary of the same modules.

Please follow this video.
( send directly the template to MailChimp ) and ( hide / add / delete / move the module on MailChimp )

Sorry for the inconvenience

Best Regards, Akedodee

Hai, How To Embed Youtube Video In the template?

i used the same method to implement this , i can see the video in my html file but after sending it is not visible inside the email

i am using ASP.net MVC (c#) to send the mail

Hello, there!

You probably use an image and insert link to your video by follow this video

Best Regards, Akedodee

how do i change the header/buttons colours in mail chimp!?

Thank you for purchasing my template :-)

I probably recommend you to use MailBuild for changing the color buttons. by You can access MailBuild ( my TemplateBuilder2.0 ) and enter your purchased template by going to at http://mailbuild.rookiewebstudio.com/ and follow

1 . signup and login

2. click template store button

3. click put purchase code

4. you will see popup and enter your purchase code

5. submit and and enjoy to create your template

This is a demo this template

How to build email template by MailBuilds

Sent Directly to MailChimp with MailBuilds Builder

MailChimp file included in package download from Themeforest and import to MailChimp web.

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Sooph Purchased

The templates are very nice and functional. Unfortunately, as often happens, there is full compatibility with Outlook on. You can do something to improve the visibility of outlook? Bob

Thank you for purchasing my template :-)

Please send me your screenshot and your name on MailBuild via pakpum.investor@gmail.com I’ll check it what happened.

Best Regards, Akedodee

Are these compatible with SendGrid?

Thank you for your question :-)

I guess it may be need to add something of SendGrid’s tags for using it However, SendGrid allows you to upload HTML code according this link

Best Regards, Akedodee

I just purchased this. Can I download the template builder from http://mailbuild.rookiewebstudio.com/ to work offline? thanks.

Thank you for purchasing my template :-)

Template builder only works online.

Best Regards, Akedodee