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Good work :)


Thank you vers much !

Nice work Dude :-)


Thank you very much :)

Nice item you got here, I’ll buy it. It might be my notebook and/or my browser but you may want to check the width of the page, I get a scrolling line at the bottom of the page when viewing the page with the latest Chrome on a 15” notebook.


Hello Yamon. Thank you for considering your purchase. We have already detected this bug and have pulled up Version 1.1 for this theme. The new Version will fix a few bugs, including the one you reported. Version 1.1 will be released within the next 24 hours.

yamon Purchased

Well done my friend, GLWS! Yamon.


Thanks so much for buying my theme. I appreciate feedback and bug reports :) If you have any questions, feel free to contact.

Nice theme! ;)


Thanks !

Hi There,

I have purchased and installed the theme, however, the installation failed with the following error being displayed “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” i checked the zip file and found that there is no style.css file. Please advise.

Thanks LrK


Hello SocialEngine,

we apologize for the long waiting time, we had no internet due to a technical problem over here. It seems that you are trying to install this theme on Wordpress. This theme does unfortunately not support WordPress at all, that’s why you got the error message.

Please contact the Envato Support to get a refund, if you keen on it.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but this kind of mistakes keeps happening. Tipp: Themes in the “Site Template” Category, just like this one are usually not compatible with Wordpress unless stated different.

Hiya, I made the mistake of thinking this was for Wordpress. What’s the work around for this? I’ve deleted wordpress from my site. Where do I need to upload the file in order for it to work? Many thanks. Dan


Hello dancalver13, thank you for purchasing this theme. I am very happy to advise on how to install this theme.

Inorder to change something designwise, please read through your documentation and feel free to come back if you have more questions.

Installing the theme is very easy. Please unzip the file first, so that you have a “User Version” folder somewhere where you want. Then, open the folder and go into the “HTML” folder. In there, copy all the files to your server via FTP.

Make sure the the contact form script sends all contact inquires to you. To do that, please open your documentation or click here

If we can assist you further, make sure you contact us again. Do not forget to rate, it would truly be great.


That is great thank you so much! I will definitely rate. Thanks again.


You are very welcome, make sure you come back if you have any trouble.

Hi, I would like to know where i need to go to change the word Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds to another language. I tried html but no luck. Thank you. :)


Mezagabe. We will pull up an update in the next few updates which will also fix your error. Please do download the new version, and only replace the “contactmail.php” file, and apply your changes. Then, your error should be gone.

Unfortunately, we were not able to contact you last night. I will make sure, you get notified as soon as the updated is out.

Thank you again.


Dear Mezagabe,

I am very happy to announce that we have now released an update. It can be downloaded directly from Themeforest the normal way.

In your case, please do only overwrite and replace the “contactmail.php” file in your “PHP” folder. There are a few changes which fixed the error.

Please make sure you contact me again, if you have more problems. It would be kind to tell us if it worked.

Thank you very much.


Thank you so much for all your help. I updated file, it fixed the problem. Once again. Thank you. Excellent support, amazing Theme…what else do you need?

eweber Purchased

Need help. Everything works great besides the contact form in the footer. I’ve updated the email in the php file, but when I submit the form, it shows:

Your Message has been sent. Please wait.The message was NOT sent



Dear eweber,

there are some possible things which could cause the Contact Form not to work. Please do answer to the following questions:

1. Have you read through the documentations “Contact” part and followed the instructions ? 2. Please tell us where you’re currently hosting your website (GoDaddy users are incredibly lost, if they want to use the php_mail function). 3. Have you correctly uploaded the files to your Web server and ensured that your running the latest version of PHP ? 4. Please tell us, which version of PHP your currently running at.

We’re very happy to assist you again, just reply to this comment, right here.

Thank you very much, GoliathTheme.

eweber Purchased

SMTP Service on Windows 2008 was not installed/configured. Issue resolved. It does send a duplicate message.


Thanks for your quick answer again. We understand that you have now solved the problem? As the normal user usually uses an Linux Apache server, we have not tested our theme on any Windows Server.

Thanks to you, in future we will take Windows Servers in account and start testing on those as well.

We thank you for your patience and are happy to assist you again, if you encounter further problems, related to our theme rather than server issue.

eweber Purchased

Your jquery 1.10.2 is breaking our website widget.

Our own widget is using jquery version 1.8.1.

Any ideas?


Hi eweber,

thanks for purchasing our theme. We apologize for the long waiting time. We’re more than happy to assist you and are sure that we’ll find a solution.

1: jQuery. We have fully tested the theme with jQuery 1.8.1 and are happy to assist you on what to do. Please head to the “js” folder of our theme and open the “jquery.js” file with your favorite text editor.

Then, simply click here jQuery 1.8.1 and copy all the code. Please do now paste the code you copied into the “jquery.js” file. This should resolve the problem you encountered.

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience. Feel free to contact us again if you have more problems.

Also, please don’t forget to rate the theme.

eweber Purchased

Overriding the jquery.js did not solve the issue, but we found the boostrap css was overriding our own css.

Issue is resolved. Thanks!


Thank you very much for giving feedback. We will come back to you to resolve the other issue, if still existing.

Hello, I am about to buy the theme plate but have some questions.

I need the theme for member registration + a bit of information about the site.

Is it possible to remove the header, or somehow remove the grey box around it, so it will be transparent?

Is it possible to get more information from people under a registration? Ex. Full name, Adress, email, mail etc.? And added that information directly to mail chimp?

Is it possible to get the registration in on the first page a users see?

Sorry for all the question, great theme


Ok thank you a lot for your help. Would it somehow be possible to get your help for the setup as freelance somehow?


Surely, we could talk about it, but this doesn’t belong in the comment section for sure :) Would you mind to email me personally at support@goliathdesign.net ?

Thank you very much again.


I mail has been sent to you

Hi, Great template! I’m adding a background photo which contains white color. I couldn’t find instructions on how to change the font color for the main text. Any guidance? Thank you, George


Hi George,

thanks for purchasing our theme. Changing the font-color is simple. Head to your “css” folder and open the “main.css” file with your favorite text editor.

In the general settings, locate the “body” tag where you will see body {color: #fff;}.

Simply change that hex value (#fff) to the color you want. To get your hex value, click here


Also, please make sure that you rate our theme, so taht we can keep our support fast and well managed. It helps a lot!

Thank you